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Junior [Reading] ➷ Junior Author Leonore Fleischer – Where no man has gone before Dr Alex Hesse is a gifted scientist in the field of genetic research He is precise He is disciplined He has less than one per cent body fat All that is about to change Bec Where no man has gone before Dr Alex Hesse is a gifted scientist in the field of genetic research He is precise He is disciplined He has less than one per cent body fat All that is about to change Because the Biotechnology Center has pulled the plug on his most brilliant project the development of a drug that will help expectant mothers carry their babies to full term Dr Hesse and his associates refuse to give up their research So they’ve stolen a female egg fertilised and implanted it in the last place anyone would think of looking Inside the body of Dr Alex Hesse.

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  1. Realini Realini says:

    Junior by Kevin Wade74 out of 10Danny DeVito is charming as always Emma Thompson is not out for one of her best performances this is not Sense and Sensibility or Remains of the Day but she has a solid presentation while Arnold Schwarzenegger wooden and amateurish as ever in the view of the undersigned can deliver some smilesThe premise of the film could have been perceived as preposterous absurd some decades ago but although it is still and may forever be impossible the idea of a pregnant man or a multitude can't be excluded for the future'Nothing's impossible'Arnold Schwarzenegger is such a baffling figure he seems to have had so little talent not enough anyway to place it where among the stars and yet he became such a household name in cinemaAs if that was not enough he has been the governor of CaliforniaOn the other hand he is perhaps one hundred times better than the present presidentIn Junior he is Doctor Alex Hesse the man who is willing to experiment on himself revolutionary concepts in the manner of the one who has invented vaccination named in the filmHe works with Doctor Larry Arbogast aka the formidable Danny DeVitoOne of the best comedy actors DeVito seems to be at his best when acting as amusing crooksIn our circle we have all learned uite a few of the lines from The Jewel of the Nile and some of his other comedies'We need to get the JewelThe jewelYesWhat Jewel?The Jewel of the NileOh that jewel'Doctor Arbogast is the one who makes Doctor Hesse pregnantThey use a new discovery and what seemed impossible becomes realityTherefore a number of situations that are supposed to be funny and sometimes they areAlas not that oftenWhen Hesse talks to expecting women as they all wait for a consultation some may enjoy the lines but others will just find the dialogue ridiculousDanny DeVito is most often the one who brings the show back to lifeWhen Hesse is waiting at his cabinet his mimic gestures and acting resurcitate the comedyIt is a one man show for the undersigned for large parts of the motion pictureI can't understand how they could nominate Schwarzenegger for a Golden Globe for his part

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    He's Having My BabyJunior was one of my favourite films when I was younger during my Arnie phase Having rewatched it recently I found it was still the same as I remembered and I was delighted to see that there was a novelization as well Leonore Fleischer who also wrote the novelization of Rain Man has stuck close to the script and brought a well rounded bookThere are a few minor differences between the book and the film The book doesn't start off with the baby in the library dream seuence it starts off with some omnipresent being talking about babies I initially interpreted this to be Alex just due to how technical it was being however it soon brings the reader into the storyline and it gets told normally The omnipresent being disappears for most of the book only popping up again towards the end Alice Alex's rather droll assistant doesn't get expanded upon as much as I would like although she does pop up a little The dance scene is different Alex has to get pushed through the window at the top of the fire escape when he is trying to get to the hospital and there are a couple of insignificant changes with dialogue Diana's character comes across as a bit stern in her first few scenes sadly missing the characteristic scatterbrained ness that Emma Thompson brought to the role particularly in the scene where Larry is liberating JuniorAngela Larry's wife also has an additional scene which solves the mystery of where they were able to pick up some of the feminine items for Alexandra's escape to Casitas Madres although it doesn't necessarily clear up that they managed to get items that were the same sizeI wouldn't say there's much additional background to the characters as much as possible has already been included on screen It is only 186 pages compared to the 1hr 49 minutes of screentime so it is a relatively uick and easy read and can be read as a standalone book if you have not seen the movie Although why you would buy a novelization if you haven't seen the movie I don't know Overall I think this is an excellent novelization that sticks closely to the script but is lacking on providing any additional background to the characters Still a great read though

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