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Tears of Blood ➹ [Reading] ➻ Tears of Blood By Simone Beaudelaire ➮ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Since ancient times the semi angelic beings known as the Nephilim have protected the children of men These chaste eternal warriors stand between humanity and the Succubae daughters of Lilith who drain Since ancient times the semi angelic beings known as the Nephilim have protected the children of men These chaste eternal warriors stand between humanity and the Succubae daughters of Lilith who drain men of their will through seduction Until the day one Naphil Lucien first encounters the succubus Sarahi That day a creature of darkness sick of the shadows dares lift Tears of Kindle - her face towards heaven and discovers something she never dreamed she would find love But their love is overshadowed as the long foretold war between angels and demons threatens to break over the land For prophecy states that from the mingling of these races will come a warrior who holds the key to victory or utter destruction Caution contains graphic sex scenes Author's excerpt from The Naphil's Kiss “My name is Lucien” She smiled “How apt Well Lucien I haven’t fed in ages If I don’t eat soon I’m likely to lose control Do you wish to slay me light bearer” “No Succubus I do not” “I am called Sarahi” “I will remember” “Please go elsewhere I don’t want to waste my strength trying to do the impossible” “Which would be what” “Feed on you” He scoffed “You couldn’t” “Only if I could seduce you But if I could” “Then” His challenging tone was contradicted by the visible movement of his Adam’s apple “Then I think you’d make the tastiest meal I’ve ever eaten”.

About the Author: Simone Beaudelaire

Hello I am Simone Beaudelaire romance enthusiast freelance proofreader and novice author In real life I'm a wife mother and full time high school French teacher which doesn't leave me a lot of time for my hobby Of course that hasn't stopped me yetI hope I can connect with other readers of romance and other genres I love to read and Tears of Kindle - through my beta reading group I have recommendatio.

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  1. K.T. McColl K.T. McColl says:

    The Naphil's Kiss previously Tears of Blood presents an interesting twist on the incubussuccubus story where even the agents of sin and corruption are ultimately capable of redemption The writing is top notch and the story is well constructed and moves at an enjoyable pace The book nicely balances action with romance and erotic elements Highly recommended

  2. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  3. Karina Gioertz Karina Gioertz says:

    I had no idea what to expect when I sat down to read Tears of Blood this afternoon but was immediately intrigued by the coupling of Sarahi and Lucien and didn't get up from the couch again until I finished the entire bookThe initial attraction between Sahari and Lucien soon grew into a beautiful love story which only seemed to grow stronger and deeper as the book went on Naturally a love that spans over several centuries doesn't come without a few obstaclesnever mind the fact that the lovers were born to be sworn enemies In the midst of this passionate romance we encounter action adventure and heart wrenching drama all of which are neatly strung together by several interesting plot twistsAside from being extremely entertaining the subject matter was incredibly interesting I wasn't very familiar with Nephilim or Succubae before reading this book and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about them as well as the uniue way the author was able to spin the story tying together good and evil human and immortal and binding them all through their ultimate common connection Love

  4. Gabby Hillier Gabby Hillier says:

    OH MY LORD This book was absolutely amazing I have read a few of Simone's books before and have enjoy them all and this one was no different I love her style of writing and how uickly she makes you fall in love with the characters in her story and a book that probably should have took me at least a day to read well didn't I get so consumed with her writing This is an story about not only love but hate as well For two creatures that are suppose to hate each other and have such an instant connection its just wow The love and the action in this story was incredible I wish I could give it than a 5 star rating because it sure does deserve one

  5. Jacquelyn Smith Jacquelyn Smith says:

    The Naphil's Kiss by Simone BeaudelaireA dream of love Very few story surprise me but this story kept me wondering and reading This story is a mixture of love tears heartache laughter and betrayal Tears of Blood was captivating with angels demons that had us uestioning who was good and who was bad We are talking blurred lines when Lucian and Sarahi got together A love that crossed all bounties this is a story that you want to read and feel you must haveI would recommend it to anyone that want to believe in something

  6. The Good Fairy Nicci The Good Fairy Nicci says:

    I have yet to read a novel with these kinds of characters that didn't dwindle down a scary path that fails to explain why these supernatural beings are even capable of being together  I end up feeling like this because nothing at all makes sense or feels as if it were done for any reason other than the author wanting some hot and sexy characters to get together despite their very different upbringings I wasn't disappointed by this particular tale of angelic romance Usually these kinds of stories feel preachy  I was worried that I would become inundated with enough religious ideals and references to fill a church sermonAnd wonder what the hell I'm reading  I loved every bit of it The Naphil's Kiss starts off with the love affair between a succubus and a half breed angel and follows their love lust at first sight whirlwind affair centuries later  Simone is talented with her words and I could see the love and attention put into this polished work The sensual scenes between the characters were hot and exciting In fact there is an additional surprise romance brewing within the pages that was so well put together that I giddily clapped when I realized what was happening I felt like I got double my money's worthAlso Lucien is damned hot  A chocolate brown sexy angel with a six pack?  God yes  Pun intendedIt takes a lot of creativity to make up such a world and these organizations factions and supernatural creatures  Succubae?  Nephilim?  There's enough action that this would have made one hell of a good movie to watch if it was scripted for the big screen The action is tight with an amazing flow the characters are fully developed and I was rather sad that it had to come to an end

  7. Book Junky Girls Book Junky Girls says:

    Sarahi has always been different from the other Succubi not wanting to take too much of her lovers and draining them and after an encounter in ancient Rome with the Naphil Lucian she is determined to be as good as she can be There is something special about Lucian and over the centuries the two come close to becoming lovers but never uite because of his celebacy vows When there's one intense encounter too many he can no longer deny himself and their love creates something wars are started over They are denied each other for years but once their secret is out can the good in the world prevail over evil?Sarahi is a seductress with a conscience far noble than that of her sisters and because of it she is different It is that difference that makes her special and that holds Lucian's heart captive Lucian is strong willed but knows when something is worth fighting for He may not always understand a problem but he listens to others that do They bring out the best in each other and it made this story all the interesting because of itThe sory has an interesting take on the supernatural and I enjoyed how the differences were portrayed It was pretty well explained and very enjoyable all in one great package

  8. Ch& Ch& says:

    This story has everything Love hate betrayal AngelsNehalem Demons good versus evil war It brings laughter joy tears and heartacheIt is also a powerful love story between Lucien and Nephelim and Sarahi a SuccubusIt is the fight between good versus evil and when the lines become blurred when Lucian a Nephelim and Sarahi a Succubus come together their worlds are changed foreverI think it teaches us that anything is possible That you can be anything you want to be That with love all things are possible

  9. Evan Evan says:

    This is a uniue story of love a love between a succubus and an angel It is also a tale of the battle between good and evil written in a way that clearly illustrates these sorts of conflicts are not cut and dried but ripe with gray areas The Naphil's Kiss is a well written book that contains some very interesting and clever concepts The author has a lot of imagination and the ability to carry the reader along The sex scenes sizzle but are tastefully done and the characters are well developed and believable

  10. Barbara Willis Barbara Willis says:

    I really enjoyed Naphil's Kiss and looked forward to picking it up each time I was drawn to the main characters and liked how the story moved to the struggles of the next generation There's love action romance and raunchiness mixed with the age old fight of good versus evil A great story to escape into

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