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  1. K Nikki Waden K Nikki Waden says:

    Carlos is at the top of his game both legally and illegallyhe is married to the love of his life Nina and has a son Juliowho he hopes will follow in his footstepsJust when he thinks he is one step ahead of the lawthe walls come crashing inWill Carlos become a federal inmate for life?or Does his kingpin status allow him to avoid the trap that was set?Nina is unaware of the illegal side of her husband's Carlos careerwhen she learns the truth and is faced with having to run for her lifeDoes she separate herself from all of Carlos's dealings and leave him for dead?or Is she really that ride or die Carlos hoped for?Wow As usual June brought the dramasuspense twist and turnsFrom the beginning to the end nothing but jaw dropping entertainmentThe ending was climatic and unexpectedCan't wait to read the next 5 star from this gifted author

  2. Lisa G Lisa G says:

    Wow this book was awesome I haven't read a book by June in a while but he put it in on this one Nina showed she was just some domicle wife when push came to shove and see wanted her man out she showed what she an do to make it happen Pito allowed greeed and treachery come between him and Carlo He showed keep you family close and you friend closer I will be reading from this author in the very near future

  3. Shan Shan says:

    When I first read what this book was about I thought it would just another hood tale book Boy was I wrong This book grabbed my attention from the first page This book read like a movie It had so many twists and turns that I would have never guessed Carlos and Nina have the perfect wealthy life and marriage until their door is kicked in by the feds Nina is in for the shock of her life after her husband is behind bars Her life will never be the same and no one is to be trusted All of the characters were colorful well developed and this story flowed so well Every chance I got I was reading it on the edge of my seat This book was sooooo good The best book I've read all year I'm ready for part 2

  4. Mary Mary says:

    Carlos has it all until the day the Feds came kicking in the front door He is determined to get out of jail while keeping his life hidden from his wife Nina Nina can't seem to understand why the Feds would come after her husband After a plan to help her husband's case causes her to go on the run she must determine if she has what it takes to be her husband's ride or dieThis was another great book by June Miller I will be looking forward to from this author

  5. Mirrlees Mirrlees says:

    Thx u doll for suggestion such a good read I loved everything about this book You usually gives me books that stresses me out with these dizzy naive women but this one caught on real fast The flow was awesome the drama was on point the storyline was point blank just good to the last drop Excellent read Author June waiting on part two for some serious revengeJulio must be on itLol Thx

  6. Jazz Jazz says:

    Wow is all I can say I have not been a fan of June's early books but this was a banger I loved the way the characters was all connected at the end with a twist I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a 5 star read Thanks KW for making me read it

  7. laverne greene laverne greene says:

    FantasticFantasticI absolutely loved this book It was exciting from beginning to end It was great to read a book that actually had an ending and not have to wait for part two

  8. shekitta shekitta says:

    International RegimeInternational RegimeJune you really know how to tell a story Your book flowed just like a movie as a matter of fact maybe you should make it into a movie Bravo my friend

  9. Barbara Barbara says:

    This was a very good bookThe story flowed so well and the drama was on pointLooking forward to reading book 2

  10. Sarah Abbott Sarah Abbott says:

    I loved this book from begining to end This is one of the best urban books I have read yet

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International Regime ➽ [Reading] ➿ International Regime By Brooklyn June ➲ – Carlos Santana is a financially successful man who owns a slew of thriving businesses in the Bronx NY He is well respected in his community because of his financial power but also feared because he is Carlos Santana is a financially successful man who owns a slew of thriving businesses in the Bronx NY He is well respected in his community because of his financial power but also feared because he is a ruthless kingpin who is the sole drug distributor in the Bronx He loves the power and respect he has but not than his love for Nina Santana his wife who has no idea of his involvement in drugs Nina Santana' s picture perfect life comes to a crashing halt when DEA agents unexpectedly raid her home and arrest Carlos on multiple felony charges She is in complete shock and in a move of desperation to help she unwittingly gives up evidence against him that threatens to bury him in jail Nina reluctantly flees the country as a form of damage control and lands in the middle of a life she never imagined The luxury and extravagance doesn't compare to the death and destruction she faces Attempts on her life frozen bank accounts murder and betrayal plague Nina then she and her new friend Esmerelda form an alliance She goes back to the Bronx where she implements a tightly run international drug regime then immediately hits the ground running Nina makes enemies because of her unorthodox cut throat business practice but doesn't care because her only focus is her love for Carlos and making money uick enough to free him When he is finally released there will be mind blowing secrets revealed from love to betrayal and all unanswered uestions will be resolved in the explosive ending of the International Regime.