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My Sweet Temptation [PDF / Epub] ☉ My Sweet Temptation ❤ S.N. Garza – Tempting me to sin and sinning never tasted so sweetMy name is Axel and this is my story of how I became his Only his And how I desperately wanted himHe walked in when I least expected it and turned e Tempting me to sin and sinning never tasted so sweetMy name is Axel and this is my story of how I became his Only his And how I desperately wanted himHe walked in when I least expected it and turned every one of my doubts to ash He made me burn He made me ache He made my body surrender to his every commandNow I have to decide To stay his or to stay in the gilded cage I’ve lived in my whole lifecontemporary romance around My Sweet eBook Ò k due to graphic language graphic sexual content this book is not suitable for Young Adult Readers .

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  1. Cassie Cassie says:

    ARC REVIEW FROM ABIBLIOPHOBIA ANONYMOUS BOOK REVIEWS BLOGAxel Marie hasn't had the greatest life going in and out of foster homes since she was a child Now on her own she's doing whatever she has to do while working as a waitress One late night will have her whole life changing and it shifting off its axes and his name is Rhett Rhys Rhett has everything you could ever imagine along with the looks Seeing Axel has him chasing after herActually you're the first girl I've chased So be good and ill show you exactly how you'd love to be rewarded RhettNot wanting to be Rhett's new notch on his expensive bedpost Axle tries to divert him but he's a man on a missionWill excepting the expensive gifts saying yes be a downfall for Axel? Or will Rhett be everything she's been dreaming of She'll never know unless she takes a leap of faith and who knows he could be there to catch herA true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other UnknownMy Sweet Temptation had me going back and forth as I was reading Rhett seemed kind of stalkerish to me and his pet names he gives Axle made me uiver and not in a good way Now don't get me wrong I enjoyed their story and Rhett He's a girls dream come true alpha male you're mine and I will take care of you kind of way Just those pet names Axel is a strong willed character she doesn't want anything given to her she wants to get it on her own and she has Their story is a fast paced put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride kind of read The cover finally makes sense to me lol And it will you to That was a hot scene and there is a lot of them I was getting really into it at the end the drama was flowing and bam PLOT TWIST CLIFFHANGER merge ahead We are left with uestions that need to be answered Now my only uestion is whens the next one coming out? I got shit I need to know Give this book 4 stars

  2. Laura White Laura White says:

    I received My Sweet Temptation from Stephanie Garza for an honest review I freaking loved it Axel and Rhett the main characters meet at Axels place of work and very uickly fall head over heels in love Axel is very skeptical of the love though as she has a past of self hatred being let down and guilt and she's always waiting for the minute it all turns sour And then it does Can this couple come back from such a heart stopping ending? I'll have to wait for the next book and I cannot wait The writing in this story is excellent I felt every emotion written and the hot scenes are brilliant More than worth a huge 5

  3. Heidi R. Heidi R. says:

    Warning18 years and up only Also not a book for people who do not get into erotica romanceMy Sweet Temptation by Stephanie Nicole Garza has all the hotness you can want plus an agonizing twist Although the name Axel for a girl is a bit unconventional I totally could see this girl having this name Rhett was a fascinating guyI couldn't stop reading once I got started I am patiently waiting for book 2

  4. Margaret Margaret says:

    This was such a raw emotional read with some really hot and steamy scenes readers be warned – if you don’t enjoy erotica then this book probably isn't for you The characters are real and at times unrefined the story is for lack of a better word heavy and the heat level is really hotWe have Axel our heroine great name right? who is struggling just to get by She’s had a pretty shitty life and carries some pretty heavy emotional baggage brought on not only from the accident that claimed her mother’s life when she was a small child but also from the emotional detachment she experienced as she was shuffled from one foster home to another But she’s a survivor which is something I loved about her She’s worked to provide and take care of herself and never let her situation get her downThen we have Rhett – billionaire brought up on the “right side of the tracks” and knows what he wants and goes after it After seeing Axel he knows he wants her and will do whatever he needs to have her He doesn't come without his own emotional baggage though – his mother and father aren't up for any parent of the year awards and they think nothing of meddling and manipulatingThe pacing of the book was fast which I think was a result of this starting out as a stand alone novella so the focus of the story was solely on Rhett and Axel and their relationship It was interesting watching Axel try to reconcile the fact that someone “like Rhett” would want her and I loved how she stood up for herself My only complaint would be his term of endearment for her – “Little Girl” – just a personal dislike I have of that one Otherwise I really enjoyed Rhett and Axel’s storyat least until the end where I was yelling at my kindle “Where is the rest?” I can’t wait to see what life brings for both of them in the next part of their story – please hurryI was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review

  5. Sherry Haynes Sherry Haynes says:

    My Sweet Temptation is billionaire meets waitress type story Axel the waitress has had a rough life from the death of mom when she is 6 moving from foster family to foster family until she is 18 and even dealt with the bullies all her life Each tragedy has made her a stronger person even though her self esteem is really low The story line is about her struggles after meeting her billionaire when she is 24 Rhett billionaire on the other hand has had a silver spoon all his life and primarily raised by his nanny and grandparents He is VP to his families company Self esteem has never been his problem but being happy has never been something he has achieved until he sees Axel When you mix the two lifestyles together you know you will find drama This book is no different Expect family issues and betrayal

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