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Waking Jake [Download] ➻ Waking Jake By Penelope Smith – “Touch me” Jake whispered Was that really a command from comatose movie star Jake Chisholm Or was it merely Shotsy Brandt’s overactive imagination Shotsy is shy overweight and romantically depri “Touch me” Jake whispered Was that really a command from comatose movie star Jake Chisholm Or was it merely Shotsy Brandt’s overactive imagination Shotsy is shy overweight and romantically deprived She lives with her dominating mother and works the night shift in the coma ward At her life already seems at a dead end and she feels like a total slacker And then one night she reports to work to find that Jake Chisholm the movie star she has idolized for years has become one of her patients Whether his voice in her head is real or imagined she now has an urgent mission to awaken Jake As she and Jake embark on a wild telepathic journey reliving his memories of scorching hot sex Shotsy experiences her own awakening A love story both sweet and sizzling with scorching hot interludes This tale contains graphic sexual content and is not meant for readers under the age of .

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  1. Ally Cakes Ally Cakes says:

    This is one of a few books that has left me speechless Im truly perplexed as to what I just read I'll admit i read the synopsis when I downloaded this book but by the time I read it I didn't really remember everything that it entailed I just remember thinking the cover was nice and that it was an interesting concept Your hot dream guy in a coma I mean what girl wouldn't want to be a part of that recovery process It be nice to dream that when your super hot love of your life wakes up he'll be thankful for all you did for his recovery RIGHT? BUT how far are you willing to go to make sure you do everything in your power to wake him from his coma?This book is about Shosty's a 19 yr old virgin's uest at making her comatose love of her life fall in love with her while she brings him back to the real world I was really torn as to how to rate this book 2 3 stars? I settled with 25 stars This is NOT your typical kind of romance or book for that matter I'd say a good 60 70% I read while thinking What on god's green earth is this? YET I could not make myself stop reading Couldn't Stop Some of the situations are so out of this world that you can't help but laugh at all the outrageousness of it all Like Seriously Sticking your tongue down the guy's throat and describing his lips leathery? After reading this gem I didn't know whether to throw up cry or have a full blow belly laugh followed by a series of Ewwwwww moments I did the latter I can't even say I recommend this book because if I did and you did read it you'd probably want to have me committed I want to commit myselfI'd have to say even through all the CRAZY UNbelievable moments in this book the thing that I disliked the most was the ending I didn't really like Jake After All that hard work on Shosty's part I thought Jake was meh I just can't even say This story was CRAZY and i'm probably crazier for reading it Humor 4 starsCringe Factor 5 StarsLikeable Characters 2 StarsPlot 3 StarsEnding 1 StarAvg 3 stars

  2. Liz Liz says:

    One of the strangest books I've ever read The story focuses on a girl with a crush on a movie star the movie star turns up in a coma on the ward where the girl works Girl finds she can communicate with the movie star with her mind Very strange techniues are tried by the girl to revive the movie star mostly illegal and mostly creepySo illegal acts obsessive details about fluids and huge amount of sex basically sum up this book I don't think I liked any of the characters really and the pairing between Shotsy and Jake was not a comfortable oneNot my cup of tea but it kept me interested enough to read to the end

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