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The Rock Harbor Collection (Rock Harbor #1-5) [PDF] ❤ The Rock Harbor Collection (Rock Harbor #1-5) Author Colleen Coble – USA Today best selling author Colleen Coble's Rock Harbor series now available in one volume Without a TraceBree thinks a plane crash took the lives of her husband and young son but her son Davy survi USA Today best selling author Colleen Coble's Rock Harbor series now available in one volume Without a TraceBree thinks a plane crash took the lives of her husband The Rock eBook × and young son but her son Davy survived the accident Can she find him before it's too late Beyond a DoubtEvidence of a violent crime in Bree's basement causes police to re open a cold case Can she and her K search dog Samson stop the killer before he strikes again Into the DeepWhen Bree's dog Samson goes missing it's just the beginning of her life turning upside down Cry in the NightBree and Samson discover a crying infant in the snowy Rock Harbor forest But where are the baby's parents And how did she get there Silent NightAs Christmas day nears Bree and her faithful search and rescue dog Samson follow the trail of a troubling mystery into the snowy forests of Rock Harbor.

About the Author: Colleen Coble

USAToday bestselling author Colleen Coble lives with her husband Dave in Indiana She is the author of dozens of novels including the Rock Harbor Series the Aloha Reef The Rock eBook × Series the Mercy Falls Series the Hope Beach Series the Lonestar Series and two Women of Faith fiction selections Alaska Twilight and Midnight Sea She has than million books in print.

10 thoughts on “The Rock Harbor Collection (Rock Harbor #1-5)

  1. Esther Esther says:

    This book is fantastic I really loved Bree especially how she finds missing people and solves crimes together with her dog Samson I alsof liked the way each person grows in God Really well written But the person I liked most is Lauri She is so much like most people Self centered and causing a lot of problems not allways on purpose She has a small part in the books but a big part of my heartI would recommand to read alle five books It really is a complete story

  2. Elizabeth Johnson Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I got this 5 book series by Colleen Coble for a dollar or two on Kindle and thought it might be similar to my favorite Dee Henderson novels It had the crime and suspense but I was disappointed in the “spiritual” aspects In the first book a major character gets saved; but after that the only Christian influence was a few mentions of prayer and an occasional discussion about faith or forgiveness — unlike Dee Henderson’s books where character wrestle with very real spiritual struggles throughout the whole story Additionally after the first two books the events started getting weirder and unrealistic and most of the characters didn’t continue to develop in a believable manner I don’t mind that in science fiction but I prefer my mysteries to be believable and the characters to feel real I give the author props for creativity and a good writing style but this is not a series I’d generally recommend

  3. Laureen K. Verrill Laureen K. Verrill says:

    Love the suspenseI love the suspense and twists throughout each book Written from a respect for God and God being in their daily lives A good wholesome novels

  4. Shellie Shellie says:

    Loved this series

  5. Joy Lokey Joy Lokey says:

    Frigid reading for a South Texas girlAs each of these Rock Harbor stories unfolded I found myself picturing the snow and ice so foreign to my neck of the woods and shivering on the inside Too bad it was only imaginary chill as I sweat in the 100 degree temps down here in South Texas I enjoyed the opportunity to imagine what living and working in the UP might be like so different from this hot arid climate where AC is a must 34ths if the Year Colleen is a great suspenseful story teller who kept me on the edge of my seat through this seuel series I fell in love with Bree' s brave dog and strong mother in law Anu I might have to look up the recipe for pulla Thank you Colleen for drawing me into one if your inspiring heroine's adventures once again I enjoyed this series immensly

  6. Delinda Mauney Delinda Mauney says:

    I have read all 5 of the Rock Harbor series I love them all I love Bree and Samson It makes me want to have a rescue dog You can read the author's words and descriptions of the area in the Upper Pennisula and you feel as cold as they are in the snow I love the author for that fact You feel like you are really there The story lines are good in that you never know what is going to happen next There is always an interesting turn in the storyI love Samson and hearing her talk about the rescue dogs and how they work It is a series well worth reading I have just started the Aloha Reef series Can't wait to see what is in store in Hawaii

  7. NancyDrew NancyDrew says:

    Great five booksshould have been sixLoved the collectioneverything flowed good in books 1 3being months and a year apart in the story continued timelinebut then there was a huge gap in book fourI mean come on with a three year jump that we really don't get to find out what exactly happened over those three yearswith very few things explained book four was goodbut seemed like so much was missingas in book five was shortand didn't like how the ending just came up and was explained as a epilogue


    Nice seriesThis was a good series Although they were understandable as individual stand alone books There were a variety of subjects in addition to the search and rescue to keep it interesting animal conservation Finnish culture autism to name a few Parts were predictable and parts were ridiculous spoilerundiagnosed twins but Bree deserved her happy ending right

  9. Chelsa Wiarda Chelsa Wiarda says:

    A wonderful seriesI loved these books College Coble truly knows how to write I was drawn the the characters of Rock Harbor from the beginning I was so invested in their lives and adventures I read the whole series in less than a week The whole series has the perfect mixture of faith and learning to lean on God romance adventure mystery and the importance of family Following along with Bree Samson and Kade was a treat I wish they didn't have to end

  10. Lena Smith Lena Smith says:

    Rock Harbor SeriesThe characters in these books are so interesting and engaging I love Colleen's ways of interweaving moral messages throughout all her books These books genuinely help you search your own mind and heart for expeiences in your own life where you need to evaluate your own character I loved this series and can't wait to start another saga of Colleen Coble's characters

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