L'Extraordinaire Voyage du fakir qui était resté coincé

L'Extraordinaire Voyage du fakir qui était resté coincé dans une armoire Ikea [Epub] ➛ L'Extraordinaire Voyage du fakir qui était resté coincé dans une armoire Ikea ➜ Romain Puértolas – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Räävitön satiiri ja kutkuttava seikkailu kasvaa humaaniksi kommentiksi länsimaisesta yhteiskunnasta joka kohtelee paremmin tavaroita kuin laittomia siirtolaisiaPariisiin saapuvan intialaisen fakii du fakir PDF/EPUB ã Räävitön du fakir qui était MOBI :º satiiri ja kutkuttava seikkailu kasvaa humaaniksi kommentiksi länsimaisesta yhteiskunnasta joka kohtelee paremmin tavaroita kuin laittomia siirtolaisiaPariisiin saapuvan intialaisen fakiiri Ajatuatrun tavoitteena on L'Extraordinaire Voyage PDF or hankkia Ikean mainostama edullinen piikkivuode Hän lähtee matkaan mukanaan vain väärennetty satasen seteliKoska vuode saapuu kauppaan vasta seuraavana päivänä fakiiri joutuu yöpymään Ikeassa Näin Voyage du fakir PDF/EPUB ½ hän päätyy vaatekaappiin piiloutuneena uskomattomaan seikkailuun jonka aikana hän muun muassa matkaa halki Euroopan löytää Voyage du fakir qui était PDF/EPUB ² ystävyyttä ja elämänsä rakkauden tekee parannuksen ja kirjoittaa kirjan Voyage du fakir qui était PDF/EPUB ² elämästään.

10 thoughts on “L'Extraordinaire Voyage du fakir qui était resté coincé dans une armoire Ikea

  1. Ell Eastwood Ell Eastwood says:

    FUCK THIS BOOK Like literally just FUCK IT I am tempted to fucking ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD IT just so I cant print that shit out and burn it so I get the satisfaction of destroying it while also not giving the author any money THAT'S HOW MUCH I HATE ITIt's racist transphobic and sexist but most of all RACIST all the fucking time And I wish I could say oh it's well written and funny such a shame with all the racism but NO it's NOT funny it's not well written it has nothing going for it AND ON TOP OF THAT IT'S FUCKING RACIST TOO? Fuck thatI get that it was written with good intention but as well know THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS AND THIS FUCKING BELONGS IN THE DEEPEST DARKEST CIRCLES OF HELL I get that the author wanted to portray the how horrible reality is for paperless immigrants and refugees but this is NOT the way to do it? The tone of the book is so fucking light you don't feel for these characters plotpoints at all because it's always so funny it's not funny and tongue in cheek it's not that either It just falls completely flatAnd even worse who are the bad guys in this book about the terrible conditions about the paperless immigrants? The immigration office? The police? The border agency? NO THE FUCKING ROMANI TAXI DRIVER THAT THE MAIN CHARACTER SCAMS OUT OF MONEY IN THE FIRST PAGES OF THE BOOK AND OF COURSE ALL OF HIS EXTENDED FAMILY?????? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK????? That's so fucking gross I can't even deal with itApart from that every name in the book is treated as a joke but ESPECIALLY the Hindu names We're always treated to funny pronounciation guides and the main character's family has made up names like Rizbasmati and Pakmaan pronounced like Pacman HAHHAHAH GET IT???? And this goes on and on and on and on through out the book If we're not treated to shit like Rizbasmati it's Tom Cruise Jesús Cortéz Santamaria a name the author can't even be bothered to write out halfway through reducing it to Tom Cruise Jesús blahblahblahI hear this was written in a month and I'm not surprised because it reads like an unedited NaNoWriMo novelAND I'M NOT DONE The female characters are either whores or madonnas and the most complex one the completely pointless love interest is both because a great female character is one you can describe as a fragile porcelain doll AND then turn around a slutshame The fact that the romani women are described as whores several times is too gross for wordsThe plot isn't much better it's so convoluted and makes no sense Suspension of disbelief is one thing but I fucking HATE when novels rely on everyone being completely stupid and useless all the time just so things can happen the way the author want them to Nothing makes sense or is even the least bit believeable Halfway through the MC starts writing a novel and we're treated to ten pages of his book it's literally the entire novel He then pitches this to a publisher and gets 100000 euro in advance ALL PAID IN FUCKING CASH THE SAME DAY AS THE PUBLISHER READ HIS FOUR PAGES LONG STORY This isn't even a little bit reasonable? It's seriously just done so that the MC can run around with a bag full of cash which is something that just HAS to happen in this HILARIOUS large than life middle age adventure stories Because of courseThen the fakir learns that friendship is magic and becomes Rarity representing the spirit of generosity and it makes him feel so good to give his money away to some random dude plot point he met earlier in the story The plot with the murderous romani man is resolved off page with an off handed remark in the last page It ends happily which sucks I was hoping the main character would die horribly when fearing for his life but there was 50 pages left of the book by then so I kinda new it wouldn't happenI could go on but this review might end up longer than the fucking book itself It's clear this is a first time writer the metaphors are very basic and falls flat and the language is pretty poor It doesn't help that the author is CONSTANTLY complimenting his own fucking writing IN the text??? I mean Stephen Moffat couldn't dream to achieve these levels of over confidence in his own fucking storytelling and that's saying a lotDon't read this book It's offensive to fucking everyone and I hope the movie never gets made

  2. Tea Jovanović Tea Jovanović says:

    Funny and entertaining One of those books that are either loved or hated Serbian rights sold translation expected next year

  3. Becky Becky says:

    On the face of it this is a light hearted and slightly silly book in the same style as the Hundred Year Old Man We have a semi Swedish setting OK so it's a French Ikea but I did say semi Swedish we have an insanely long title and we have an unlikely tale that spans continents and draws in a wide range of characters The Fakir of the title cons his village into getting him a ticket to Paris so he can visit an Ikea and buy a new bed of nails having conned a Parisian taxi driver and holed away overnight in the store he becomes trapped in a wardrobe that is being shipped out and his adventure begins All rather silly and rather funny If that is what you want to take from this story then it is all there It is amusing and just ridiculous enough to keep you entertained the whole way through However there are some serious undertones to this story the Fakir is not in Europe illegally yet circumstances end up forcing him into the position of illegal immigrant in this role he is able to meet others who are looking for a new life in one of the 'good countries'These meetings allow these secondary characters to explain why they have decided to endure such hardship in order to reach a new life in the West as well as allowing the author room to discuss some of the cruel treatment inflicted upon these individuals by traffickers and by the authorities The examination of British immigration seems to be particularly scathing although Lampedusa in Italy also comes in for some stickI'm sure that most people will pick this up as I did looking for some light comic relief; I just hope that they will all appreciate the serious moments that add depth to a fun lighthearted story

  4. Kirt Callahan Kirt Callahan says:

    What a huge disappointment this was Jonas Jonasson should be insulted by the comparisons to his work It is poorly written or poorly translated I suspect a bit of both and it is certainly poorly edited On top of all of that it is profoundly unfunny The French are famous for their how do you say different sense of humour Jerry Lewis? so a French person might find this novel hilarious I did not It was full of obvious winking elbow in the ribs attempts at humour that never uite worked And if all of that wasn't enough it was also vaguely racist A cutesy charming sort of racism that perhaps the French appreciate but racism nonetheless I have no idea how this is a bestselling novel

  5. Gail Gail says:

    Light but so funny Good antedote after a big read like luminairies or gold finch So if you wanted a bed of nails for your fakir act and you lived in Jaipur Rajasathan where would you go? Clue? Same place you go if you want a normal bed Of course And so starts the unbelievable trip of the Indian with the unpronouceable name translated through multiple hysterical illiterations to Paris and then elsewhere some of the time in an Ikea armoir A good laugh and a nice fairy tale for grown ups on the same vein as the 100 year old man who clmbed out the window and disapppeared

  6. Michael Michael says:

    “A heart is a little bit like a large wardrobe” — Ajatashatru Oghash RathodThe Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe or L’extraordinaire voyage du fakir ui était resté coincé dans une armoire Ikea is the debut novel by Romain Puértolas that has been marketed to fans of The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared or Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann by Jonas Jonasson For the purpose of making things easier and to avoid the insanely long titles I’ll refer to these two books as The Fakir and The Hundred Year Old Man I hope you can work out which is which I picked up The Fakir simply because I need to read translated fiction with that logic I probably should read The Hundred Year Old Man While the writing styles might not be similar if you enjoyed The Hundred Year Old Man because it was a uirky fun novel then The Fakir is a book you’ll need to go out and buyThe novel reminds me of something David Niven The Pink Panther or The Marx Brothers would adapt to screen You know the type of movies I’m talking about; the comedies full of misfortunes and stupidity but everything somehow works out in the end The novel tells the story of a fakir named Ajatashatru Oghash Rathod flown to Paris for the purpose of visiting Ikea and buying a new bed of nails Dressed in a fine silk suit to pass himself off as a wealthy Indian business man the con man had nothing but a counterfeit 100 Euro note printed on one side only in his pocket This trip to Paris sends him off on an adventure that finds him in places like London Barcelona and Rome and not one sight was seen No Eiffel Tower Big Ben Sagrada Família unfortunately or ColosseumI’m not sure if it is a problem with the translation but I expected a little from The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe and I can’t tell if it didn’t translate or a deep seeded desire for something complex I enjoy that light read but found nothing funny about the novel and thought it was too inconseuential; I wanted meat to the story There were opportunities to explore themes of immigration friendships celebrities travel and Europe but all these were just background and the focus remained on trying to write a uirky comedy I’m not saying this is a bad thing sometimes a light palate cleanser is all you need and I was just ready for something with substance It doesn’t take much effort to read The Fakir and the book did explore the concept of a culture clash but this was to the extent of something like The Gods Must Be CrazySam Taylor was the translator for this novel and he has worked on a number of great French novels that are all still sitting on my TBR pile He has translations include A Meal in Winter by Hubert Mingarelli The Truth About the Harry uebert Affair by Joël Dicker and HHhH by Laurent Binet This leads me to believe that my issues with The Fakir are not with the translation but with the book itself One other concern I have is not with this book per say but with this need to add real people into the story I’m not entirely comfortable with basing a novel around a person who is deceased so it feels a little weird when you have a character named Sophie Marceau in this novel The Fakir actually refers to Sophie Marceau as the French actress from the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough so we know the author is referring to the celebrity I often wonder how these people feel about being put into a novel and if they are being portrayed accurately It doesn’t sit right with me and I’m not sure if I’m the only one that wonders about something as small as using celebrities in a novel; I am sure some novels call for it but it this one didn’tI know it sounds like I didn’t enjoy this novel but I tend to pick out the parts of a book that didn’t work for me I think it is freeing to express all my problems with a book and it may come across as a little negative but in all honesty this was a fun short read I normally gravitate to books with substance but something light is a nice change In all honesty I would have liked the novel to explore at least one of the issues that it presented rather than use them as plot points Even going deeper into the concept of culture clash could have improved my enjoyment of the novel but I have come to expect that not everyone likes to read complex novels I suspect The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe to be a runaway success and to be adapted into a film; I wonder who they would get to play Sophie MarceauThis review originally appeared on my blog;

  7. LaFleurBleue LaFleurBleue says:

    This book came highly recommended described as an hilarious fantasy I did not smile once while reading it and only managed not to grind down my teeth thanks to the other passengers sharing the train wagon with me that dayA few days after reading that awful book whose only merit lies in its shortness I finally understood what the humour reminded me of and why I hated it so much There's a very strong taste in this book of Borat the supposedly hilariously funny movie about that Uzbek moustache wearing and cliché ridden character from the eponymous film I recognized the same type of racism against anyone different the same kind of disrespect and contempt for any and all characters main or secondary poor writing skills etc Needless to say that I hated that movie too and only barely managed to see it through like I barely managed to finish that bookPeople who enjoyed it might try giving a chance to that book People who did not should definitely steer clear of itSide note I read the book in the original French I can't see how it could have been improved by being translated in any other languages though the number of puns everywhere probably made that work even painful

  8. Emna Emna says:

    Not badThe author got a lot of imagination and a good sense of humor that makes reading the novel enjoyable Easy and uick read for a little funny and crazy novel of an Indian fakir travelling to the Ikea store in Paris

  9. Mizuki Mizuki says:

    The ideas of this story is interesting and highly unusual but I lost interest in the middle of the book I don't mean to say it is a badly written book it just doesn't hold my interest much

  10. Bob H Bob H says:

    NOTE This is a review of the English language edition due out in print in January 2015The first word spoken by the Indian man Ajatashatru Oghash Rathod upon his arrival in France was oddly enough a Swedish word Ikea That was what he said in a uiet voiceThus spoken to a taxi driver at the airport and thus begins an astonishing debut novel and the start of a madcap journey across several countries Oghash has come to Paris with only a counterfeit 100 euro note printed on only one side as cash He wants to buy a bed of nails from Ikea Hertsyorbak fakir special in real Swedish pine with 15000 stainless steel nails of adjustable length in Puma Red to take back to his home village in Rajasthan Then he ends up locked in an Ikea wardrobe crated and in a truck bound for England and no spoiler it gets weirder after that beginning Much weirderThis little book has bizarre plot turns vivid characters witty observations on society and hilarious word plays as Oghash continues his journey The prose a translation from the original French is concise amusing and a fast read and the story well the reader will just have to go along for a wild ride a highly entertaining oneUniue and unforgettable Highest recommendation

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