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Evolution In Action [Download] ➵ Evolution In Action Author Julian Huxley – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Starting with the first one celled organisms a world famous biologist analyzes the broad processes of evolution the pattern of genetic structure; the formation adaptation and specialization of species Starting with the first one celled organisms a world famous biologist analyzes the broad processes of evolution the pattern of genetic structure; the formation adaptation and specialization of species; heredity; mutations; and natural selection in short the mechanisms and principles common to all lifePassing from the general to the specific he Evolution In Epub / lucidly explains how in advancement toward general efficiency new capacities appear such as the ability to fly or to learn by experience capacities that may lead a species to a blind alley of specialization or to further progress or even uniuely with man to a point where the species may learn how to control the course of its own development.

About the Author: Julian Huxley

Aldous Huxley and the grandson of agnostic biologist.

4 thoughts on “Evolution In Action

  1. Carlos Carlos says:

    While I was a little doubtful of the current validity of a scientific book published than sixty years ago I am uite glad I read it Huxley gives the reader a beautiful account of the process of evolution in action and the way it can point us in the right direction for the future of humankind He makes a nuanced but essential difference between biological improvements numerous and biological progress rare This allows him to focus on the way in which without falling into teleology biological life has been following a course of progress and that while humankind is certainly not its pinnacle it is perfectly poised to continue the trend Similarly while I was afraid of the conclusions that Huxley might reach given that the book was written in the 1950s I was pleasantly surprised to find Huxley disavow any racial or eugenic outlooks opting instead for an advocacy of the fulfillment of all human beings In short I found this book illuminating thought provoking and uite uplifting

  2. Elliott Bignell Elliott Bignell says:

    Having done a lot of reading about evolution from authors that were popular in recent decades it was interesting to cover this short collection of six pieces by Julian Huxley a hereditary peer of evolutionary science and one of those who was an experienced player at the time the Modern Synthesis emerged The pieces are all written accessibly and in layman's terms representing as they do popular lectures which Huxley conducted for the general publicUnfortunately for this writing evolutionary science has burgeoned in the intervening decades and some of Huxley's ideas look decidedly dated and in a couple of cases outright mistaken The KT impactor thesis was not aired at this time and he attributes the disappearance of the dinosaurs and rise of mammals to adaptational advantages which became relevant due to a period of mountain building We are now as sure as is probably possible that this was not the case and that the survival of mammals and birds was a contingency due to the cataclysmic impact off ChicxulubAgain with lungfish Huxley lived in a world that had not yet discovered that swim bladders derive from lungs rather than lungs from swim bladders so he mischaracterises their role in the evolution of amphibians He also cleaves to ideas of a scale or ladder of evolution that is simply incoherent in terms of modern evolutionary theory and in my opinion owes to the persistence of Christian great chain of being thinkingHuxley's grandfather was the bulldog that chomped down on the clerical nose at the time when natural selection was first fighting for acceptance Any modern author enjoys decades of new work to illustrate the science with depth and richness a depth and richness which extend almost by the day Huxley through no fault of his own finds himself between these two stools from the perspective of the early 21st Century reader This work is therefore historically interesting and very well written but it is necessarily neither pivotal nor contemporary I would recommend reading it but not before covering modern textbooks Darwin Dawkins and a number of others

  3. Justin Justin says:

    It was good

  4. TR TR says:

    Not likely to be encountered much now but for a short work it explains the basics of Neo Darwinism rather well

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