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  1. Lee Klein Lee Klein says:

    Teleportive WWII novel top notch dramatization of the complexity of humanity formal and thematic excellence throughout It's about a German soldier who leaves the Russian front during WWII as the tide is turning for the Nazis and goes on furlough to his home city for a few weeks He can't find his parents in the bombed out ruins and runs into an old classmate a comely young woman and falls in love as every few days air raid sirens sound and buildings rise into the air as all hell breaks loose A completely absorbing reading experience couldn't put it down woke up early to read with coffee that sort of book Few reviews on here in English many in Arabic Russian and maybe Romanian My third novel by this author and I have another coming tomorrowSuper conventional form perfectly done always patiently pushing ahead therefore it feels like an organicnaturalreal ie not imposed by the author plot the procession of days as a solider's on leave for a few weeks between death and death the first bloom of love as everything around the lovers not so much withers as it explodes and incinerates; everything super charged by the potential arrival of devastation from above the inevitability of horror a howl arose increasing until it became maddening and unbearable as though a huge steel planet were plunging straight at the cellar and gruesome scenes of for example a five year old girl impaled on a shattered staircase Streaks of gnarly description always utilitarian and accessible prose never clipped or degraded or showy the tone is perfectly centrist flowing poetic at times but best of all it disappears and yields to visions of this shattered German city its inhabitants trying to survive everyone living not so much under the thumb of the Nazis but so under the rule of Luck As with his famous WWI novel and every other WWII and Holocaust related novel or memoir I've read survival always depends on luck But this earns the full five stars so because it so naturally detonates Literature's primary payload it dramatizes the complexity of humanity clearly than most novels I've read Not all Germans are anti Semitic monsters intent on taking over the world and eradicating their racial inferiors The novel depicts arch evil types superhuman thoughtless automaton murderers in the SS as well as devastated philosophical citizens who hide Jews — and other well characterized characters most concerned with self preservation during the worst of times Toward the end it's impossible not to root for the hero Ernst even though he's fighting with the Nazis he's an absolutely 3D sympathetic free thinking human being in an extraordinarily difficult situation trying to stay focused and survive even as the guts of a new recruit splatter all over him after catching a flung grenade in the stomach Everyone's read All uiet on the Western Front but it seems like few have read the author's other novels most of which were semi recently re published in attractive modern paperback form The title of this one probably in part accounts for it being previously totally unknown to me it seems like an Ian FlemingJames Bond ripoff by way of The Byrds' appropriation of biblical verses Alternate titles could have been Switzerland not reduced to rubble and therefore often mentioned as an ideal place to escape to although it seems impossible to get to An Eden in Hell good assonance bad pun suggests a few of the spots where Ernst and Elisabeth take mental spiritual physical refuge and just live a normal life for a few moments Shelter from the Storm novel was published in 1957 pre dates Dylan's song by almost two decades the actual title seems a little too sentimental and monumental a little too B movieHere's a fantastic passage where our hero Ernst and his future wife Elisabeth are sitting on a hill in a wooded area where the trees are covered in strips of tin foil that fall before air raids to jam and distort radio transmissions The trees around the clearing were covered with strips that fluttered from their twigs twisting and sparkling in the breeze The sun broke through the mountainous clouds and transformed the woods into a glittering fairyland What once had fluttered down in the midst of ravening death and the shrill noise of destruction now hung silent and shiny on the trees and had become silver and a shimmering and the memory of childhood stories and the great festival of peace Oh man I said as I finished it but I don't want to spoil the end for anyone

  2. Sonia Reppe Sonia Reppe says:

    Why is this not as popular as All uiet on the Western Front Like All uiet it's about a young German soldier in WWII but this one has a great love story and was three times pleasurable for me note Don't read this if you're a recovering alcoholic because on every page someone is drinking somethingupdate Oops I mean WWI

  3. Dennis Eoffe Dennis Eoffe says:

    This book was uite amazing It is from the viewpoint of a Nazi soldier who gets to go home from war He finds out that things home are terrible everything is turned upside down He falls in love and among the chaos there are moments of peace and beauty There is amazing social commentary on concepts such as collective guilt our responsibility to standing up to evil and war The ending of the book is uite haunting and i cant wait to read of his books

  4. nastyako nastyako says:

    I loved his “All uiet on western front” But it was written by a younger Erich pacifist and sad but also boyish This is older Remarue’s writing the writer who lived in exile and whose sister was beheaded by Nazis because they could not get to him it has such an all encompassing feeling of melancholy that punches me in the gut This is such a beautiful but also uiet book filled with desperation desire to live and a beautiful love story “Sometimes when you see how we are destroying Russia you could get scared What do you think they would do to us if they got across our border Have you ever thought about that”“What else might happen to you” “Nothing much At most a couple of weeks’ arrest That would be a couple of weeks of rest Almost like a furlough When you have to be back at the front in about two weeks there’s not much that can scare you”You were young and they poisoned you with lies before you had learned to judge But we—we saw it and let it happen What caused it Hardness of heart Indifference Poverty Egoism Despair And how could it become such a plague Do you suppose that I don’t think about it every day”Pohlmann smiled “You are right But there has never been a tyranny that lasted Humanity has not advanced in an even course It has always been only by thrusts jerks relapses and spasms

  5. Cassio Queiros Cassio Queiros says:

    a novel that does for World War II and the German soldier what 'All uiet on the Western Front' did for the World War I Remarue's best book profoundly moving without every slopping over into sentimentality ; an angry book accepting the responsibility of the canker at the heart of Germany for Germans at all levels; at times an ugly and at times a beautiful book penetrating the surface of attitudes and acceptances of man's inhumanity to man and of the spark that occasionally lights the darkest corners Kirkus ReviewsCongratulations to the Kirkus reviewer Brilliant analysis of this powerful and memorable anti war novel by Erich Maria RemarueBut it is also a beautiful and poignant love storyAnd in the end with tears in my eyes I remembered Virgil's words Aeneid vi86 Bella horrida bella Wars terrible wars

  6. Walter Walter says:

    I have always been a fan of Erich Maria Remarue's novel All uiet on the Western Front which I consider to be one of the best war novels ever written So when I saw A Time to Love and a Time to Die at a used book store I was excited to read it I had hoped that A Time would live up to the high standards of All uiet I was not disappointedA Time is arguably an even better novel than All uiet Set in World War II it is the story of Ernst Grueber a soldier in the German Army on the Russian Front who after two years of constant combat is suddenly granted a three week leave He goes home excited to put the devastation and privation of war behind him and enjoy the luxuries of home But when he gets to his hometown he finds the same blown up buildings the same human misery the same piles of bodies that he saw in Russia and Africa and France and other places where he had served with the Wehrmacht The Nazis had brought the horrors of war to so many other countries since 1939 Now the allies had taken to bombing the town and the bombing raids brought the horror of war home to Germany But even worse than the bombing raids the Nazi party had turned neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother until nobody could speak openly about anything It seems that the Nazis destroyed Germany once and the allies destroyed the country a second timeErnst returns home to find his family home destroyed and his family missing While he's in town he runs into Elizabeth a young woman whom he had known in school but had never given a thought to before Elizabeth lost her father because a Nazi had denounced him and her father was sent to the concentration camp So here are two disillusioned young people who have lost their families and wonder what it is all about Why should the German people continue to suffer for the Nazis Why can't the war endRemarue is an amazing author who brings the awful reality of war home to the reader His prose is very vivid and his characters are likeable He captures the silly banter of soldiers while also describing the horrors that soldiers have to live with every day He reminds us that wars are not about ideologies or patriotism or even about national interests They are about soldiers human beings who long to end the suffering and return to civilian life German soldiers hated the Nazis as much as the Allied soldiers did perhaps even so because they saw the Nazis who were naked opportunists who denounced their fellow citizens in order to improve their standing with the party But like all men of honor they fought for their country and were willing to lay down their lives for the fatherlandThis is an amazing novel and I highly recommend it to everyone especially to anyone who is interested in the Second World War

  7. Veleka Georgieva Veleka Georgieva says:

    A Time to Love and a Time to Die is a marvelous book which despite being very dark and hard to read at times turned out to be my sweet escape from the real world It issues World War II but it can really refer to any everyday routine which seems to suck the life out of us Because despite there being a very clear story and storyline this book is above everything else a search for peace for love for hope What I was left with in the end was not the image of the cold muddy Russian fields – I was left with that beautiful small house which resembled paradise in the middle of hell I was left with a beautiful love story which started so suddenly and lasted so short but which never really ended I was left with so many uestions when I turned the last page I was sad I was surprised I was angry and I was crushed having finally understood the damn title Why couldn’t it have been A Time to Love and a Time to Fight Why did he have to die And why did that happen just when he finally stood up for himself for what he believed was right and for those ungrateful wolves undercover who he thought to be innocent This book is the very example of how cruel life sometimes can be but also of how genius an average man can be I marvel at the change in the main character from the beginning until the end of the book And the most horrible thing after all was the fact that only he and his wife were changed and everything else remained the same It didn’t matter what he believed in; it didn’t matter what he knew or didn’t know; it didn’t matter if there was someone he loved or not – there was war and he was a soldier and that was all that mattered The devastating truth is that Graeber was no one in the face of war and he was no one in the face of history And perhaps there was than one Graeber in the battlefield

  8. Ângela Ângela says:

    The other side of the war a german soldier visionThe loss of the illusion the awakening the discovery of love in the middle of destruction loss pain fear and deathSimply amazing “He’s afraid Graber saidYes naturally But he’s a good dogAnd a man eaterWe’re all thatWhyWe are And we think just like that dog that we are still good And just like him we are looking for a bit of warmth and light and friendship”

  9. Jane Jane says:

    I had no idea This book belonged to my father I believe And has sat on my book shelf for years I remember reading All uiet on the Western Front ages and ages ago In high school I remember it being heavy about war and I remember beautiful writing Maybe I needed to grow up to understand that a book about tragedy and love and being hopeful about the ache of the precarious world is actually the stuff of great literature since it's what life is about I am savoring this book I think my book club will love it This time of uarantine of living without libraries once I read the 17 books I checked out has been a gift I am reading through my own books and discovering so many treasures Some I'm rereading but this book was a first time read I can't recommend it highly enough Don't let the dreariness of the first chapters which take place in Russia as German soldiers try to hold off the Russian advance discourage you The time is terrifying but brings with it the possibility for love and connectionI love this book I'll read it again

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