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Java Cookbook ❴EPUB❵ ✰ Java Cookbook Author Ian F. Darwin – Buyprobolan50.co.uk From lambda expressions and JavaFX 8 to new support for network programming and mobile development Java 8 brings a wealth of changes This cookbook helps you get up to speed right away with hundreds of From lambda expressions and JavaFX to new support for network programming and mobile development Java brings a wealth of changes This cookbook helps you get up to speed right away with hundreds of hands on recipes across a broad range of Java topics You'll learn useful techniues for everything from debugging and data structures to GUI development and functional programmingEach recipe includes self contained code solutions that you can freely use along with a discussion of how and why they work If you are familiar with Java basics this cookbook will bolster your knowledge of the language in general and Java 's main APIs in particularRecipes includeMethods for compiling running and debuggingManipulating comparing and rearranging textRegular expressions for string and pattern matchingHandling numbers dates and timesStructuring data with collections arrays and other typesObject oriented and functional programming techniuesDirectory and filesystem operationsWorking with graphics audio and videoGUI development including JavaFX and handlersNetwork programming on both client and serverDatabase access using JPA Hibernate and JDBCProcessing JSON and XML for data storageMultithreading and concurrency.

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  1. Dmitry Dmitry says:

    The book is pretty big but for a first iteration over this book it can be just looked through I suppose just indexing the book into your mind would be enough for further use of the solutions suggested

  2. Louis Louis says:

    What you want from a programming language cookbook is instruction on the basic tasks that are needed to form the scaffolding that you build around your application Language teaching and references can teach you syntax and good practices Topical books can demonstrate how to tasks in the large But the cookbook is for the small but necessary tasks And for me who does not spend much time in the JavaVM ecosystem the Java Cookbook is a very welcome addition to my bookshelfI spend most of my time doing scientific programming in Python and R but I am starting to return to the JVM because of the need to deploy what I develop But while other languages like Jython Groovy Scala and Clojure exist on the JVM to use them well means you need grounding in Java certainly most of the instructional material assumes than passing understanding of the JVM and the Java standard library I've been building a prototype application using Java as my means of re learning Java Where this cookbook has helped me already is in understanding better how to configure projects effective use of the Java data structures and IO and some utilities While I know what I need to do through my experiences in other languages and Java tutorials and references can identify the libraries and functions that I need the Java Cookbook provides well written examples that I can use to guide me through the JVMThere are some warts This book like most JVM books seems to be written with the understanding that the readers are web programmers and I think that the discussion of the options available are filtered with that in mind But this is a very good reference for those times when you know what you need to do and it is not the type of thing that gets put into a tutorialDisclaimer I received a free electronic copy of this book through the OReilly Blogger program

  3. Rob Rob says:

    Ian Darwin's Java Cookbook is out and it's a great resource for developers working in Java that are out there and scratching their heads asking How would I go about?The thing that makes Java Cookbook stand out is its comprehensive scope Darwin has done an excellent job of gathering a wide array of common problems faced by Java developers and presenting solutions to those problems that are decipherable using just the language's standard library features Which isn't to say ignore libraries just that there are few any? recipes in this cookbook that reuire external dependencies By and large the recipes are practical and are organized into sensible categories This isn't a book that I'd recommend you read front to back but if you're programming in Java it's worth having it handy to help kickstart your thought process on a number of different problems Plus 3rd edition has been updated to include solutions that highlight Java 8 featuresIn addition to the above it's worth noting that while Java Cookbook isn't a great book to learn from that if you have stumbled your way into Java with an otherwise solid software engineering background that you could use it as a leg up or crutch while you're otherwise getting up to speed

  4. Chris Chris says:

    I read this as a cookbook which seemed weird but I did learn a fair amount I found some of the examples in the e book to be appropriate for texts offline examples and wonder what the point was of including them was I'm looking forward to reading the advanced cookbook

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