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  1. "Avonna "Avonna says:

    Check out all of my reviews at love when I am asked to read a beloved genre book by a new to me author and can recommend it highly to othersANGELINA’S SECRET Jeweled Dagger Series by Diane Merrill Wigginton has everything I am looking for in a great historical romance read A heroine who is true to her times but independent and courageous set against a strong hero who is protective but also values the heroine’s uniue character and a plot and subplot that have adventure and intrigue twisting throughout the romance that keep you turning the pagesLady Angelina Stewart was born into a wealthy English aristocratic family that allowed her independence and to be as well educated as her beloved older brother Jonathan in a time when most young ladies only cared about beauty and titles Besides her education two other things set Angelina apart She has a bit of the sight or a feeling when things are about to change in her life and she never wants to be wed She is determined to never be owned by a manCaptain Jude Deveraux is sailing the open seas as a French privateer for his king after receiving an award and title for bravery during battle The Captain is also the Duke of Bayonne He and his best friend Honore’ steal and plunder from unsuspecting ships and live for the adventure A trap is set for the unsuspecting ship belonging to Angelina’s father The trip is a birthday gift for Angelina from her father with her uncle to trade for their company When the feisty Angelina stands up to the Captain pirate sparks begins to fly A wager is made for the return of Angelina’s family ship and crew with safe passage if the cards favor AngelinaWin or lose Jude does not plan on letting the entrancing Angelina out of his lifeThese two are meant to be together Ms Wigginton has written a hero and heroine that will be remembered long after the book is done The secondary characters are also well developed and interesting Set in the 18th century my only slight problem with historical references was the white wedding gown Although possible the white wedding gown didn’t become popular until the 19th century when Victoria wore oneThis is a well written and entertaining historical romance full of action adventure and great characters This is definitely a book and author to read and follow

  2. Mark Davis Mark Davis says:

    Intense passion and adventure define Diane Wigginton’s Victorian era novel Angelina’s Secret This well written romantic epic revolves around protagonist Angelina Stewart who is less than conventional in behavior and attitude for 18th century aristocracy Gifted with beauty grace and a sharp intellect Angelina’s voluptuous frame attracts the worst and best in a society bounded by lust and genteel sophistication She is indifferent to expectations of women in her societal class Angelina uses her physical attributes to defy pirates rogue agents and a host of other characters as she moves through her travels As the novel unfurls Angelina’s passions become directed at one man whose own adventures make this book well worth reading Jude Deveraux finds his eual in the arms of our heroine always returning to her nest no matter what situation draws him away Author Diane Wigginton enables the reader to enter the Victorian age with intricate descriptions of characters their surroundings and a story replete with sexual escapades As a romantic epic all the elements of a great novel intertwine to make this book an excellent read

  3. Randall Krzak Randall Krzak says:

    This is an interesting story of opposites a strong willed English woman of aristocratic birth who abandons societal norms and lives life as she sees fit Add a Frenchman who can't decide if he's a pirate or a duke and sparks flySet in the 18th Century Lady Stewart and Captain Deveraux first cross paths when the ship she's on is captured by pirates continues in London eventually leading to a mansion in France A great glimpse into the openness of their relationship as they carve a niche in society Full of adventure excitement intrigue and love this is an easy and enjoyable read I look forward to reading the seuel

  4. Suzannah Suzannah says:

    Page turner I enjoyed this book Everything a romance fan could want A handsome pirate a strong heroine my only criticism is that it was too long for me But I think I am hooked so I will read the next book in this series

  5. Evelyn Davis Evelyn Davis says:

    A wonderful read for a historical romance set in 17th Century France If anyone is a fan of Outlander give this series a try From the extravagant parties to the unexpected plot twist Angelina's Secret will keep you in your toesMy full review is on Novelblogs Enjoy reading

  6. R.W. Lang R.W. Lang says:

    An aristocratic lady Angelina and a narcissistic French privateer Jude met when he captured her ship at sea After a game of chance that she won he released her and the ship A short time later she met Jude again her brother Jonathan schooled with him As they fell in love she began having dreams of young women being murdered When she was kidnapped by Darcy Montgomery she learned that he committed those murders and intended to murder her too Jude rescued her then after they were married he gave up privateering and joined her father's business then learned she was pregnant As they sailed for France Jude was arrested and taken back to England to face charges while Angelina gave birth to twins The ending will remain the secret

  7. Shelley Smith-goyet Shelley Smith-goyet says:

    This book is so well written I loved the humor In this book It was so detailed it had me consumed I love how Angelina was a real spitfire Great job on this book and I'm so excited for her second book to be coming soon

  8. Patricia King Patricia King says:

    An action packed adventurous historical romance novelAs a debut novel for Diane Merrill Wigginton Angelina's Secret is an inviting book for the reader The story takes place in London England in the year 1763 Lady Angelina had just turned 19 years old She is a spunky and witty young lady whom vows never to marry and has sent away many young suitors Her father Lord Stewart surprises her with an adventurous sea voyage on his company ship As the voyage takes place with her uncle at the helm Angelina is awe struck A few days into the voyage the ship and crew are taken hostage by a pirate ship lady Angelina uses her uick wit charm and intelligence to win the ship and its crew their freedom Unbeknown to her Angelina has found her hero or Achilles heelAs the story line unfolds Angelina special gift or sixth sense has come to fruition Through many twists and turns with several supporting characters Ms Wigginton weaves an intriguing story of suspense humor and action Likewise the eventual development of a romance between Angelina and her hero ensuesWith the ending of the book in tow Ms Wigginton leaves the reader looking forward to her next story Isabella's HeartThis book was a delightful and enjoyable read I highly recommend it to all those who enjoy historical romance novels The other worldly nuances combined with action packed adventures and suspenseful scenarios make the novel interesting and fun

  9. Amy Shannon Amy Shannon says:

    Magnificent readAngelina's Secret is the first book I've read by Wigginton and I know I will definitely read what there is from her pen First I enjoyed the prologue that just gave a glimpse into the Angelina's life and what may come She has a gift That's all I'm giving away but this story takes the reader on a wonderous journey Written in first person it lends to giving the audience a sense of the characters and the perspective of the main character Since it's a historical fiction story the setting and dialogue and even the thoughts fit with the place and time of the story Both the place and time bring up one of the internal and even external conflicts of the story I look forward to reading by this author

  10. Jennifer Macaire Jennifer Macaire says:

    Angelina's Secret was a fun historical romance Fans of the Angeliue series will appreciate Lady Angelina Marguerite Amelia Stewart a feisty character who on her nineteenth birthday sails to France with her uncle and brother Their ship is captured by a pirate in reality he's the Duke of Bayonne but he goes by the name of Captain Jude Deveraux and he's a corsaire one of those gentlemen pirates paid by the king of France to plunder their enemies' ships Jude and Angelina fall in love but things go far from smoothly as you can imagine Set in the year 1763 the story glosses over historical facts and instead concentrates on the love story between Angelina and Jude

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Angelinas Secret [Read] ➫ Angelinas Secret By Diane Merrill Wigginton – Buyprobolan50.co.uk This book is no longer availableLady Angelina Marguerite Amelia Stewart was born in a time when women were valued for their beauty and titles but little else As a beloved daughter Angelina was blessed This book is no longer availableLady Angelina Marguerite Amelia Stewart was born in a time when women were valued for their beauty and titles but little else As a beloved daughter Angelina was blessed with a uick mind and a sharp wit which she used liberally regardless of conseuences Determined never to be owned by any man she shunned societal rules to live life on her own terms Surprised by her parents for her nineteenth birthday Angelina sets out on a sea voyage that will challenge her resolve and discovers a family secret that changes her life Captain Jude Deveraux is living a double life He is the Captain of a band of French privateers sanctioned by the King of France to steal and plunder unsuspecting ships that sail into his territory Jude was awarded the title of Duke of Bayonne for services rendered to the Crown He had been educated in the finest schools in London alongside other aristocratic noblemen so he knows how to blend in Jilted in his youth Jude is determined to take what he wants and he soon discovers that he wants Lady Stewart.