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Lonely Traveller ➽ [Download] ✤ Lonely Traveller By Sereno Sky ➲ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk This story will take you right back to the exciting hippie days of the 70’s in Europe Bernardo was 14 years old when Woodstock took place Follow his spiritual development from an early age to becomi This story will take you right back to the exciting hippie days of the ’s in Europe Bernardo was years old when Woodstock took place Follow his spiritual development from an early age to becoming a full fledged hippie His travels will take you to former famous hippie hangouts like Amsterdam Ibiza Formentera and La Gomera Somewhere along his way he meets Anne another hippie drop out From that point on the story takes you on a very intensive spiritual journey as they struggle to find their way in search of a better world The story focuses on the idealism of many young people in those days and their uest to find inner peace and what to do with their lives in a world they don’t understand This novel is not only of historical value but also addresses a lot of problems that humanity is still facing today such as the ongoing destruction of mother earth and its resources the way people treat each other and animals and the pursuit of inner peace The message contained in this book promotes tolerance understanding love and peace in the world.

10 thoughts on “Lonely Traveller

  1. Alexandria Guasco Alexandria Guasco says:

    Light easy read but I wouldn't recommend it It was sweet but the writing I wasn't a fan of Sad really because the uotes that I came across is what drew me to buy this book Sometimes I felt the dialogue was very robotic they called each other by their first names way too often and it just didn't let me explore character development much Many of the places and feelings were 'amazing' or 'beautiful' not colorful vocab overall However being able to relate to many of the spiritual aspects the author speaks of it's a good intro to anyone who is interested in delving a bit deeper to begin asking uestions and finding answers for what truly matters in ones life Love and tolerance of others is the basis of humanity The time has come to start exploring that a bit within ourselves

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    This is one of my favorite all time books and really puts things into perspective This is a true story about someone who considers himself to be a hippie and the story revolves around his spiritual journey This book almost makes you feel as if you are traveling all the places the main character is and experiencing all the things he is I think that today the definition of a hippie is sometimes very misunderstood and I think a lot of people would consider themselves one if they knew what it actually meant to be a hippie This book contains such powerful and important information on how we should be living and it points out a lot of problems in society that are often overlooked The book touches on the idea of greed a lot and how humans take so much for the earth and are always wanting I agreed with pretty much everything in this book and I think this is a book that every single person living today should read because I think it has the potential to change the world

  3. Lauren Dowding Lauren Dowding says:

    The lonely traveller was a uick little read that i ordered online after i saw a post shared about it via my facebook Being a Hippie myself and having struggled with the idea of not fitting into society it was really refreshing to read about people who lived with some of the exact same feelings and emotions that i doNo the writing isn't the best and i'm not sure if that because it's been translated into English or not but to be honest the story is so engulfing that you sort of brush it off by the time you've got into it The storyline and people were really entrancing and it kept me hooked all of the way through it sure is a great little book I'm going to be keeping my eyes open for anything else Sereno Sky writes and hopefully he'll produce another extraction of this novel so we can let our minds wonder back into his world He left us on a cliff hanger and his life was too interesting to just be left like that

  4. Connor Ashcraft Connor Ashcraft says:

    This is the piece to read if you wish to change your life to fit the hippie vibe You follow the upbringing story of Sereno and how he went about changing his life to be much mindful of this surrounding You learn his though process his philosophy and his dreams as he searches for his purpose in the world while also breaking it down in the current moment and appreciating everything there is to be grateful for

  5. Hoshyar Hoshyar says:

    I was familiar with some uotes from “Lonely Traveller” that I found on Tumblr They inspired me to read the book I still found some of the uotes that came from dialog very wise and inspiring That is maybe the best part of Sereno’s books It’s not a literary book the structure is super rudimentary not so well constructed but apart from that is easy to be read I did like the good moments of reading the first book

  6. Nate Nate says:

    Great and wonderful Very well written and a wonderful book that everyone should read Full of love and peace that extends from the past to the now

  7. Stephanie Gillespie Stephanie Gillespie says:

    I finally splurged and bought this book I have been longing to read for a little over a year now I’ve finished this book and it’s by far the most beautiful inspiring and heartwarming books I have ever read I've seen uotes all over Tumblr and the ones I recognizedI highlighted Its not something I normally do with my books but the uotes are so amazing I wanted to be able to find them again“Sometimes something happens to people at a certain time in life and they suddenly become deep interested in spiritual things Nature and the clouds suddenly have a whole new meaning”

  8. emily smith emily smith says:

    found myself constantly underlining important and thought provoking ideas not a bad plot line but the enlightenment while reading this was the greatest

  9. Norelle Morris Norelle Morris says:

    This was a very good book A fast read I very much enjoyed this book and felt very connected with the characters

  10. Ivy Ivy says:

    Hippie paradise inspiring I Ioved this The hippie inside of everyone will connect with this book and feel inspired by the stories of travel both literally and figuratively

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