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Dead West Omnibus One [Epub] ➞ Dead West Omnibus One ➣ Tim Marquitz – Visceral and raw in a style similar to Chuck Wendig's There's action aplenty here furious gunplay and characters knee deep in the blood and guts of their eviscerated friends This is a high octane stor Visceral and raw in a style similar to Chuck Wendig's There's action aplenty here furious gunplay and characters knee deep in the blood and guts of their eviscerated friends This is a high octane story but what makes it stand out among the rest is the drama between the human characters—Ryan Lawler FantasyBookReviewcomCollecting Those Poor Poor Bastards and The Ten Thousand Things in a spectacular page omnibus edition of Weird Western supernatural horror with a strong female lead in the bleak 's American frontier Dead West ePUB ´ The DEAD WEST OMNIBUS vol takes Nina Weaver her father Lincoln and a motley crew of survivors through a gauntlet of magically animated undead and demonic forces from 'deaduns' to giant flying creatures to hellish steam engines to actual murders of crows Guns explosives bloodletting expletives faith based magic gore expletives and high emotion DEAD WEST takes elements of HBO's Deadwood and AMC's The Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels puts it all in a big cask full of monsters and TNT then watches it go BOOM.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Dead West Omnibus One
  • Tim Marquitz
  • English
  • 10 January 2015

About the Author: Tim Marquitz

Tim Maruitz is the author of the Demon Suad series The Enemy of My Enemy series Kurtherian Gambit along with Michael Anderle the Blood War Trilogy co author of the Dead West series as well as several standalone books and numerous anthology appearances alongside the biggest names in fantasy and horror Tim also collaborated on Memoirs of a MACHINE the story of MMA pioneer John Machine Lob.

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  1. Timothy Ward Timothy Ward says:

    Reviewed at Adventures in SciFi PublishingPodcast with Tim Maruitz and JM Martin about this seriesDead West Omnibus is the collected edition of two novels by Tim Maruitz JM Martin and Kenny Soward Those Poor Poor Bastards and The Ten Thousand Things published by Ragnarok Publications As I wrote in my review of the Those Poor Poor Bastards this zombie romp through the wild west is uniue fast paced and well written The Ten Thousand Things amps up the excitement in every wayDead West is the story of many conflicting characters but centers on Nina a young adult with mixed White and Native American heritage Her father is her only parent alive and as she strives to keep him that way when the zombie apocalypse happens she also must embrace a supernatural power blessed upon her by her Native American sideI’ve read uite a bit of zombie fiction but this is where Dead West is most uniue the powers that Nina must embrace in order to become an Old West kind of super hero are some I’ve never seen I don’t want to ruin the surprise but they are pretty awesome and chilling in exactly the kind of Old West Horror tone that I wantedI had Tim and JM on the AISFP Podcast to discuss grimdark characters and supernatural warfare and in that show I asked them how they balanced supernatural powers with weaknesses so that every time the characters get in trouble it isn’t as easy as pray and win I kept my eye on this element throughout Dead West and I’m happy to say that when the powers were used it was some of the best parts of the story and yet when it failed it was some of the best tension I’d say they did a great jobWhen I read zombie fiction I am really hoping for something that balances fear post apocalyptic survival and character conflict Dead West is best in that order The zombie encounters are written in ways that experienced readers will enjoy as fresh polished descriptions The action is full of suspense and unafraid to kill off anyone in the blink of an eye The survival aspect became exciting as both books moved on The train ride at the beginning of The Ten Thousand Things was entertaining but at the time I wanted interest through character conflict My favorite part was probably the cabin in the woods they find soon afterThe survival aspect of Dead West is based on relics and an evil entity that supernatural powers from Nina and a priest must use to win probably before the whole world becomes undead and the entity grows too powerful to stop The setting is about everything I could hope for in a Dead West story from a defending an old Army fort to a train race across bridges and down a mountain to a lonely cabin and on to a barren field void of natural protection I wonder what they’ll come up with next A “ghost” town Oh yeah they already kind of had thatI like the main character Nina She has a good heart to want to save her father and new friends but can also get nasty if the battle demands it I am enjoying the subtle ways in which she must learn to embrace her spirit people’s world and responsibilities As friendly as she is she has trouble letting people inside her emotional wall There is a romance with a gentleman who is kind of tightlipped about himself Adult content when it comes to that by the wayI would still like to feel about the characters While I was impressed with how they described side characters in ways that kept them distinct and if they died left an emotional impact I was not always as engaged as I’d like to be The interpersonal conflict was pretty much race or societal prejudice based between ex Confederate soldiers and womanizers and non white heroes and the prostitute I’m not sure how this will improve in the next book because this is pretty much the cast We can always meet new people but it’s just lacking the kind of deep relationship tension that we saw work so well in Walking Dead between Rick Shane and his wife Rick and Shane were best friends and spoiler alert Shane kind of stabbed him in the back As much as Season One of Walking Dead was cool because of the zombies that tri part relationship tension was what made it so engaging I just don’t see that level of tension between Dead West‘s cast Nina’s hatred of the railroad tycoon Strobridge is as simple as him being a greedy jerk and her being a do right kind of girl With Rick and Shane and Rick’s wife you can see how all three are doing what you might do in the same situation You want all three to be happy but someone must suffer and likely all will suffer in the end With Dead West I don’t empathize with the tycoon or the racist soldiers I just don’t like them I don’t see any big problems between Nina and her lover and while there is a surprise at the end that helps add future conflict I don’t know that it will be enough considering how it might affect the rest of the castI will still hop on board for the next installment but I’m a little concerned about the potential for the cast to surpass the level of tension I’ve seen so far These three are all talented authors whom I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt I just don’t know how they’ll up the character tension enough in the next book to make it a five star Regardless Dead West gets a strong recommendation because of the professional uality of action and creative zombie fighting adventure

  2. Frank Errington Frank Errington says:

    Nina Weaver and her Pa have come to Coburn Station to trade for supplies They barely leave town with their lives Dead West Book One Those Poor Poor Bastards opens with a bit of a ruckus that uickly erupts into full blown chaosI've read a lot of Zombie tales over the years but none has ever begun as strangely as this one There are some genre bending twists right at the start which I really enjoyed and then we were uickly on familiar ground albeit dusty ground this is the old west in the 1800's after allThe language is as raw as the times and that's pretty rough I can't even post the uote I want to here or would be editing me when I post the review there Let's just say it's rough enough to have ladies of the evening tossing liuid waste from second story windows In addition to the language there is plenty of offensive stereotyping complete with the slang that thanks to modern political correctness has all but been elimited from polite conversation However in the post Civil War 1800's it's still commonplaceFor the most part Dead West Book One Those Poor Poor Bastards Is fast paced and entertaining as all get out The writers certainly managed to come up with a diverse group of characters who played well off one another creating both friction and friendships leading to plenty of internal conflict as well as having to fend off the deaduns I did think things got a bit bogged down in the second half but overall I found Dead West Book One Those Poor Poor Bastards to be a very uick and enjoyable read that left me wanting Fortunately this is the omnibus edition and you can jump right into book 2Much like it's predecessor The Ten Thousand Things gets right to the action with an attack on their mode of transportation by thousands of crows as their nemesis gets closer by the minute The nightmare train chugged beneath the uncovered moonlight rounding a bend and charging between two hills red furnace glow beneath as though it ran on the fires of Hell itself Nina swore the cylindrical body and frame twisted on the tracks bulging as if something inside strained against its mechanical confinesIt takes than half the book for the deaduns to show up but believe me it's worth the wait Plus The Ten Thousand Things is much than zombies in the old west It's a battle of good versus evil on a grand scaleAlthough The Ten Thousand Things is a totally enjoyable tale where we meet new characters and lose a few along the way there is no resolution What does the evil Liao Xu have in store for our weary travelers will they be able to continue to defend against all the things he throws their way will Nina Weaver be able to call upon the strength of her ancestors to finally defeat the powerful Liao Xu Looks like we will have to wait for book 3 The Devils In Reno due later this year in order to get those answersDead West Omnibus Edition is published by Ragnarok Publications and is available now for the Kindle through com

  3. Seth Skorkowsky Seth Skorkowsky says:

    An original take on the zombie genre adding a uniue twist as to what the undead are and the evil that powers them Full of gore and surprises The action starts right out of the gate in ‘Those Poor Poor Bastards’ as Nina Weaver and her companions hole up against the growing undead plague But the zombies are not the worst of the horrors they face‘The Ten Thousand Things’ picks back up right where 'Those Poor Poor Bastards' ends this time they're not barricaded against it but crossing a horrorscape It starts off fast and keeps the pace going It's graphic gory funny and everything else you could want in a Horror Western

  4. Sveto Manev Sveto Manev says:

    Dead West is the collaboration project between authors Tim Maruitz J M Martin and Kenny Soward The recently released Omnibus edition combines the first two novels of the saga Those Poor Poor Bastards and the subseuent The Ten Thousand Things The combined novel can best be described as a Weird Western supernatural horror with a “strong” female lead and a gritty setting I must confess that when I first read the synopsis of Dead West I immediately thought of a crossover between AMC’s The Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels Mind you this is not a criticism I'm a big fan of both shows as well as of smart resourceful heroines so the premise intrigued me Moreover there was the excellent artwork of the Dead West Omnibus which gripped my attention like a vice Not very profound but if you don’t tell I won’tNow if you’re familiar with the works of Maruitz Martin and Soward you’ll probably guess that the novel is a fast paced action packed adventure with colourful protagonists and a fully realized world The central character is Nina Weaver a tough independent woman who manages to win the reader over despite her somewhat rough manners If I'm allowed another reference to The Walking Dead I’d compare her to Andrea or Michonne which is a big plus since they’re my favourites on the show The rest of the cast is just as colourful and vivid as Nina creating a nice dynamic between the various personagesThe story itself is not your average “zombie apocalypse” tale – there are twists at every corner a lot of mystery and magic and the type of big mythology that brings to mind H P Lovecraft’s edge of your seat horror The writing’s witty and flows seamlessly from page to page and there’s plenty of blood and gore to go around One thing I have to point out though is the use some pretty rough language It works within the concept of the story and the time frame – the post Civil War 1800’s – but it definitely takes some getting used to Or at least it took me some getting used to Then again what do I know I've been reading a lot of Austen these days so my sensibilities are a bit rawAll in all the Dead West saga offers a fun brutal graphic and gory roller coaster of a story which would definitely appeal to fans of Zombie novels as well as to lovers of gritty Horror in general The two novels in the omnibus Those Poor Poor Bastards and The Ten Thousand Things easily blend together the latter picking back up right where the former ends The pace is relentless and the atmosphere highly evocative so if you’re on the lookout for a story that would raise your adrenaline you should look no further Nina Weaver and her gang are right here waiting for youDead West Omnibus is another fine release by Ragnarok Publications and a stellar addition to their growing catalogue of dark thrilling and genre bending novels and anthologies

  5. Clay Sanger Clay Sanger says:

    The Dead West Omnibus a collection of Dead West I Those Poor Poor Bastards and Dead West II The Ten Thousand Things was my introduction to the monster infested grim west hellscape of Maruitz Martin and Soward I cracked the cover on this book expecting to slide into a Wild West version of 'The Walking Dead' I couldn't have been surprised with what awaited me sending me chewing through the pages at break neck speed 'Dead West' overflows with magic mystery and mythology so much than a period zombie apocalypse piece Undead hordes monstrous abominations ancient artifacts and a dark taste of Lovecraftian magic and madness makes for one hell of a ride The deterioration of the American West into an undead vile magic riddled wasteland is palpable Hell itself bubbles up through the cracks on each page as a great cast of characters first fights to survive the onslaught of the rising tide in 'Part 1 Those Poor Poor Bastards' and then journeys across the brutalized wasteland in 'Part II The Ten Thousand Things' The 'Dead West' saga is a great blend of wit gallows humor action and horror gore mixed with vivid and engaging characters and good old fashioned adventure story tellingZinger lines abound some serious some comical some callous and some downright dark and hair raising Fleshed out by characters you'll love and love to hate 'Dead West' is a winnerAn Old West period black magic rollercoaster hell ride on steroids 'Dead West' ain't your grandmama's zompoc A fast fun brutal read hitting all the buttons you'd expect from the genre and much much

  6. Amanda Amanda says:

    These books are amazing from start to finish with real sounding dialogue Each character is their own person and Nina's character development is superb In the second book the characters stay true to what was established in the first book and the new characters that are introduced are distinct in their own ways Nina Weaver continues to grow and develop and Rachel becomes important in her own right I'm curious to see how Nina's abilities will play out in the next book but until then I'll probably reread the first twoThe action scenes are impeccably paced with the right amount of tension in just the right places This book is perfect for anyone that likes zombies or westerns or bothThe Dead West series is action packed from start to finish and I cannot wait for the next book There is a nice set up for the third installment and I hope it lives up to what has already been published

  7. C.T. Phipps C.T. Phipps says:

    The Weird Weird West You know it's kind of strange but the Pirates of the Caribbean movies successfully grafted ghost stories and pirates together into a massive franchise but the Weird Western has never really gotten its niche despite the 20th century being utterly drenched in the genre's father Deadlands Cowboys vs Aliens Jonah Hex and a few others exist but they've never gotten the kind of signature piece they deserve I suspect this is because the Weird Western reuires creators who are willing to confront the inherent contradictions in the genre It's a period lionized by the American psyche but with a dark underbelly we're only beginning to confront even a century later There's a reason Django Unchained was made in the 21st century despite the fact a black man shooting up Confederates is something I was a 1st day moviegoer for I don't think Dead West is going to reach the millions of readers necessary to turn the genre's expectations the way Sergio Leone's movies did for the idea Hey maybe cowboys weren't a bunch of really moral nice guys but I do think it's a piece which nicely combines a zombie novel with the ugliness of the Wild West It's a novel which sometimes too much shows just how ugly a current of racism there was in the Wild West albeit I've yet to see any media novel or otherwise which illustrated just how many minorities worked alongside whites as historically The Dead West Omnibus collects the novels Those Poor Poor Bastards and The Ten Thousand Things It collects the adventures of Nina Weaver a half Native American woman and her father Lincoln After narrowly avoiding being assaulted for her heritage in a nearby town she's ironically saved by the arrival of a zombie cattle horde Escaping with a group of survivors which can barely contain their loathing for each other they arrive at a fort protected by a Jesuit priest with miraculous powers From there it becomes a siege where each of the survivors' personalities threatens to turn them against each other While they eventually escape the horror behind the zombie horde pursues right into the largest city in the West Much of the narrative thrust is about how even in the face of supernatural evil and with supernatural good at their side most of the humans can't resist falling on their own prejudices Nina's life is endangered simply because of her Native heritage Jasmine the prostitute is subject to constant sexual harassment and money is important to the majority of them than helping each other It's a common theme in zombie apocalypse stories the real enemy is man but Dead West transplants this to the Old West and the struggles then There's some areas I feel could have been handled better like the fact everyone continues to hold the priest in disdain despite not only his verifiable miraculous powers but also the fact they are holding the zombie army at bay I found myself thinking Richard Dawkins would re evaluate his position on Christianity if it could hold back the living dead Still I enjoyed Nina's own antagonistic relationship with the faith which makes sense given her heritage I enjoyed all of the supporting cast and give credit to the authors for representing the diversity of the Wild West in real life My favorite characters in addition to Jasmine and Lincoln was Strobridge The railroad baron is responsible for ninety percent of the problems in the story but everyone keeps siding with him because he's charismatic and rich While I think the Omnibus focuses a bit too much on the conflicts among them versus the supernatural threat I really enjoyed the characters' interaction I particularly enjoyed Nina's relationship with Jasmine even though that didn't end up going anywhere I also felt the final resolution was a bit of an anticlimax which left a lot of unanswered uestions Still it was a fun crazy adventure from beginning to end In conclusion if you like Weird Westerns and zombie apocalypse stories then you'll probably like this I do so I did910

  8. Leviatheninutero Leviatheninutero says:

    I received this book this book with the First Reads Giveaway Try as I might I just could not get into this book That isn't to say it is in anyway poorly written indeed it is very well written with interesting and almost period dialogue I can fully understand why someone would want to read this book It is simply a case of a good book targeting a different audience than yourself I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested but as for myself it just isn't for me Perhaps if I pick it up again some other time I will enjoy it

  9. Philip Berghan-Whyman Philip Berghan-Whyman says:

    I gave up on this because I simply wasn't enjoying it It wasn't awful it just wasn't for me

  10. Erin Penn Erin Penn says:

    Received as part of the Weird Wild West anthology Kickstarter from eSpec Books

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