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The Doorway (Sacrifice Me #6) ➹ [Read] ➵ The Doorway (Sacrifice Me #6) By Sarra Cannon ➼ – Franki has been through hell since the day she walked into Venom but she wouldn’t trade her experience for the world And she’s not about to become someone’s blood sacrifice now Not when things a Franki has been through hell since the day she walked into Venom but she wouldn’t trade her experience for the world And she’s not about to become someone’s blood sacrifice now Not when things are looking up for her and Rend Will a betrayal of the worst kind take it all away from her in the blink of an eye Sacrifice Me is a serial new adult paranormal romance with twists and turns that will pull you in and keep you guessing until the last installment This is the final episode but it’s not the end of Franki’s story Look out for news on Season Two coming later this year.

10 thoughts on “The Doorway (Sacrifice Me #6)

  1. Sharon Stevenson Sharon Stevenson says:

    This was a great ending to an excellent serial Franki is an awesome character The pacing was perfect in the first few parts and then some things started to feel a bit rushed as the story progressed which lowered believability a bit in places this is my only complaint It's a great story overall very thrilling suspenseful and a little bit steamy on the romantic side and I would recommend it wholeheartedly to urban fantasy and PNR fans who like an action packed storyline Also there's going to be a second serial in Franki's story so there will be to look forward to from these characters

  2. LPJ LPJ says:

    Just as I suspected the end while a nice wrap up leaves a lot open for the next season But there are a great many things that just didn't uite add up for me There are female demons? I didn't think this was possible according to the earlier witchdemon explanation but someone mentions one Huh? What was Franki's fake mom doing for the past 3 years? Why not lead the Devil to her a long time ago? Was that Franki's Real Mom in Venom talking with the 3 demons? Or was that Fake Mom? If it was Real Mom why was she talking to demons? What was the Mother Crow's plan? Why shut Franki away and not teach her to use magic? Why not just kill her like she did with all the boy babies if she was such a threat? Why couldn't Real Mom be a little bit helpful than just leading her to a random demonwitch club if she'd been watching out for her all this time? When Rend first dances with Franki in book 1 to save her from the dark gaze of whoever it was I don't even know my uestion for that it just doesn't really make sense Rend says that he received a note from that person too presumably the Devil and it was bad juju but wasn't the note from Real Mom? And why would the Devil or his minions have been looking for Franki at Venom all of a sudden if it was Real Mom that led her there in the first place? etcSo I guess as long as you don't look too hard or pay too much attention to the man behind the curtain everything is super cool I'm being snarky but overall I did enjoy this series for what it was However as someone who hadn't read any of the Peachville High Demons series before starting this I was a little disappointed that there were so many spoilers for that which I'm just starting now Still Sacrifice Me held my attention I think the world has potential and is intriguing The writing is fine and if the plot elements were a bit tightly woven and thought through this could rise above the pack

  3. Jennifer Rux Jennifer Rux says:

    I can not rave enough about this book or this author She just oozes talent and I am so glad that I started reading her booksAnywaythis book is highly recommended by this reader It has passion and danger It had thrills and chills but most of all it had well rounded characters that I felt something for I gripped the sides of my kindle when Franki was in trouble and I felt her angst when she didn't know how Rend truly felt about her I loved that Cannon wrote The Doorway in both Franki and Rends POV I found it gave the book that much depth and it was great to hear Rend instead of just feel Franki's need for him It was innovative and I see a bright future for this writer if she keeps giving us fun and fresh stuff to consume I love the Peachville tie but I won’t say any about that for those who haven't read this book yet and I can't wait to follow Franki and Rend in their future storiesIf you like the supernatural great characters a wonderful story line and some mature adult romance this is the book for youyes youthe one reading this

  4. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Franki's comment at the end of this book summed up my feelings regarding this book pretty perfectlyThere were so many uestions still left unanswered It was a pretty big let down though honestly I was not expecting much from this series anyways Though I had gotten my hopes up after the vast improvement of the last book and the minor one of the fourth Oh well You get what you're given no and no less Suffice it to say though I was far from satisfied and that is all I am going to say about that This book was fast paced and highly unimpressive with the weak 'villains' I was also not at all impressed with what Franki referred to as 'torture' A darkness that tried to invoke her inner demon that otherwise left her basically unharmed? WEAK And all it took to bring her badass self down was a puny dagger?? PATHETIC Not amazing or terrifying in the least What a waste of time this entire freaking series has been

  5. Sonia Ortiz Sonia Ortiz says:

    Great ending to serialWhat a great ending to this serial I love how the serial is a stand alone yet a part of shadow demons I loved every book and all the characters Can't wait for the next installments Great job Sarra You are now my favorite author

  6. Jennifer Kaser Jennifer Kaser says:

    Happily ever after maybe The perfect ending of season one The right people died and the right people lived The mother part was the best twist I’ve read in a while

  7. Bookphile Bookphile says:

    Though this serial can be read as a standalone I think you'd benefit the most if you've read the Peachville YA series and the Emerald Darkness series I haven't so I wasn't familiar with a bunch of characters that were introduced in this episode and the previous episode It didn't totally destroy the episodes for me or anything but the other characters coming in gave the book a class reunion kind of feeling so I felt like the spouse of the person attending the reunion smiling and nodding and feeling pretty cluelessSome spoilers aheadI like the world of this serial but I would have liked to see Franki's powers be developed I'm not the biggest fan of books where characters don't know they have magical powers but can reach deep inside tap into them and use them effectively without training It's not as if the magical powers in this book don't take a toll on Franki because they do But they're also something of a deus ex machina since she can tap into them right when she most needs to be able to I would have preferred to watch her struggle with learning how to use themThe romance in this book just plain bothers me The thing is I like Rend okay as a character but I cannot get past the pseudo domestic violence of their relationship Rend's being a vampire just feels too much to me like code for the kind of man who abuses his partner and then insists that he couldn't help it he can't control himself he'll never do it again etc I guess my problem is with the whole idea that dangerous men are sexy While that may be true on a superficial level would Rend be the sexy beast that he is if he weren't so hot? What if he was flabby instead of muscular? Would Franki still be willing to risk him sucking her dry of blood in that scenario?Even if I try to put all that aside I can't get into the romance By the time the events of this episode happen Franki and Rend have known one another for all of one week One week and he's ready to throw away centuries of pain and suffering over something important that he's built Yes I can see why the Devil needed to be stopped but I could not buy that he and Franki were so deeply in love by that point they would have thrown everything away for one another Love does mean sacrifice but I believe that true love takes time to build and grow and I'm not talking seven days in which they barely spend any time alone together except for when they're making out and then Rend's running off because he can't control himselfAll in all this was so uneven for me because I did like the whole witchcraft side of things but I could not get behind the romance I wanted all the page space taken up by it to go away so I could learn about the magical world and what Franki was capable of doing

  8. Marsha Marsha says:

    The Doorwayis the perfect ending to season one of Sacrifice Me I have truly grown to love the relationship between Rend and Franki I also like the way this series crosses over nicely with the YA Beautiful Demons series which I lovedRend and Franki's romantic time has been interrupted by none other than someone from her past No I won't tell you who This person manages to make Franki believe she is in danger and must leave However when they attempt to enter a portal Rend is left behind and Franki is now in the custody of the devilFranki cannot believe the betrayal and sees first hand just how evil her captor is However she does get the answers to some important uestions including who her father is As Franki is prepared for a sacrifice that will unleash even evilness and devastation upon the world she will truly learn about herself and her abilities Additionally she will receive assistance in ways she never thought possibleThe ending of the book wraps up all of my former uestions nicely but leaves the plot open for expansion I cannot wait for season two which is supposed to be out later this year Oh Ms Cannon you are a genius and one evil woman for making us wait For those of you who have not read this series yet all of the episodes are now included in a box set for 499 You might want to buy them in this condensed form rather than book by book You will also save some money

  9. J.D. Robinson J.D. Robinson says:

    I loved this serial Do you know those books that just devour you? Where you look at the page and instead of seeing words and descriptions the entire story plays in your mind like a movie? That’s how reading Sarra Cannon’s work is for me and Sacrifice Me was no exception Each episode was a uick read and took me about an hour to get through each one a perfect length for someone constantly on the go I LOVED the inclusion of the characters from Sarra’s previous series Peachville High Demons but as she states in the description you don’t have to have read any of that series to get the most of this one That being said I also had a great time guessing and figuring out how Franki’s story was connected the PHD seriesThis last book of Sacrifice Me Season One doesn’t disappoint I enjoyed it as much as the others and couldn’t put it down It’s filled with conclusions and an action pack confrontation with the Devil while leaving one or two uestions open to continue in a future series I’m already missing the characters in Franki’s story and I’m hoping they’ll make an appearance in Sarra’s next series in this world Emerald Darkness

  10. Kayla Kayla says:

    Season one of this series is now over What the hell am I supposed to do with my life until season two comes out? For people that have been following my reviews for a while you already know that Sarra Cannon is on my list of my favorite authors If she releases a new book it's an automatic one click This series was a great series For those of you that have asked me no I don't like it than Peachville I love them both eually Both series bring something new to the table of this wonderful world she has created This book answered so many uestions but left me with I would love to tell you my theories but they are full of spoilers and I don't post spoilers in my reviews

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