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How to Build Chicken Coops [Download] ➵ How to Build Chicken Coops By Samantha Johnson – Plan customize and build the perfect home for your flock brood or clutch Licensed by the National FFA Organization our acclaimed series of How to Raise guides has helped countless first time animal ow Plan customize and build the perfect home for Build Chicken Kindle Õ your flock brood or clutch Licensed by the National FFA Organization our acclaimed series of How to Raise guides has helped countless first time animal owners confidently care for their new companions How to Build Chicken Coops provides complete thorough and easy to follow instructions on building a coop More importantly it provides answers so chicken owners don't have to waste time searching online for advice If you are How to ePUB ´ involved in the FFA interested in starting an urban or suburban hobby farm at home or just curious about the country living or urban farming lifestyle raising chickens is a great way to get started without a substantial investment of time or money Building your own coop allows you to customize it to meet your needs—and it will save you money too How to Build Chicken Coops is not just a collection of plans but a compendium of to Build Chicken PDF/EPUB ë the background and insider information for chicken owners How much space will you need What is dust bathing How many nest boxes and windows will your coop need How much will it cost What steps do you need to take to keep your chickens safe from predators All of these uestions and many are answered in How to Build Chicken Coops This book takes the guesswork out of building a coop that's just right for your flock of chickens.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • How to Build Chicken Coops
  • Samantha Johnson
  • 28 February 2016
  • 9780760347331

About the Author: Samantha Johnson

SAMANTHA JOHNSON writes about the happy things in Build Chicken Kindle Õ life—pets home family food and gardening—and thinks Mondays are the most wonderful day of the week She fills her rare spare moments by crafting to do lists and fulfilling the commands and demands of her bossy Corgi She's the author or co author of ten books including The Rabbit Book The Field Guide to Rabbits The Beginner's Guide to Beekee.

10 thoughts on “How to Build Chicken Coops

  1. Laura Laura says:

    First this is a book on how to build one chicken coop really There is only one pattern here and instructions for one coop Now granted you can diviate but if you are looking for plans for building than the one coop you should go elsewhere However having said that the instructions are very good and you should be able to build a dang good coop with the instructions givenAnd there is lots than just the instrictions in here In fact the instructions don't start until the 5th chapter on page 102 The book is 192 pages longSo what is the rest of the book for then? Well Chapter 4 tells you what tools you will need which is important to know Chapter 3 is what to think about in the design Chapter 2 is what to consider and Chapter 1 is the most logical one why you need a coopThis book is good for what it does It is very informative There are other books that have designs but for what it says it does this is a good step by step to teach you how to build the one coop on the coverThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

  2. Maggie Henry Maggie Henry says:

    Thumbing through the book in the store it looked awesome and for a beginner I guess it is but I was specifically looking for nest box instructions which I thought I had found because there are several pictures of exactly what I was looking to build A uick glance at the index showed many nest box listing so I thought I was good to go No way Jose The coop they build has an internal nest box not an external one like in many of the pictures Beyond disappointed Anyone want a 20 book?

  3. Joe Vess Joe Vess says:

    Great book very thorough I'm excited to get started building

  4. Linda Johnson Linda Johnson says:

    I received this book from Goodreads Fist Reads Thinking of building your own chicken coop? Whether you have your own farm or are a urban farmer this is your go to book In addition to the step by step directions on building your own chicken coop this book also provides a great amount of general information such as identifying different chicken breeds identifying predators basic chicken care etc The color pictures throughout the book were great and this book really didn't seem to leave anything out Perfect for a 4 H kid or really anyone who raises chickens I am now passing this very informative book along to my good friend Denise who will actually be building a chicken coop in the near future I know this book will become a valuable resource to her

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    I received this book from Goodreads First Reads We were on the fence about getting chickens but after reading this book I don't know why we waited so long Our chicken coop is not nearly as fancy as some in the book but it gave us great ideas for what we wanted and needed

  6. Annie Annie says:

    Originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader How to Build Chicken Coops Everything You Need to Know is a book in the FFA series of publications Originally published in 2015 this re release on uarto's Voyageur imprint released 8th Jan 2019 is 192 pages and available in ebook and spiral bound formatsThis book is slanted toward young people and provides a lot of good step by step advice on why to build a shelter for your flock how to site your coop choice of materials and designing and building the structureThe book is not oversimplified With only the instructions provided one could certainly build a suitable coop The text is lively and the photographs are numerous full color and well done It's peppered with trivia and entertaining notes in sidebars throughout The information provided is mostly slanted toward readers in North America but can be adapted for other locales There's a useful resource index again mostly for readers in NA and a cross referenced index at the back Well written and entertaining bad chicken trivia jokes included it's a fun read with practical useFour starsDisclosure I received an ARC at no cost from the authorpublisher for review purposes

  7. Patch405 (Shannon Barghols) Patch405 (Shannon Barghols) says:

    Okay I know you can go onto Pinterest and download dozens of instructions for building chicken coops What I like about this book is that it tells you what you should consider before building choosing the location close or far from the house maybe close to the garden the ground conditions sun shade and wind Also – instead of building a new coop there are suggestions for converting sheds playhouses even doghouses There are time saving ideas for chores a solar powered door timer and automatic waterers and feeders This review is part of a blog post on chickens received an advance copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own

  8. Nickolas Nickolas says:

    Lots of twists and turns in this one Just when I thought the story was going in one direction BAM The Johnsons throw you a curve ball and you find yourself attaching a chicken ladder one minute then all of a sudden renovating and old wood shed the next The photographs are great The real M Night Shyamalan twist at the end though is that I don’t have the carpentry skills or the money to complete anything in here It’s a dark comedy in the end

  9. Ligaya Ligaya says:

    I've read several books on keeping chickens and building coops and this one falls in the middle Certainly not everything you need to know but it covers a bunch There is only one plan to build though but many photos of other coops This book seems to be gears towards being kidyoung adult friendly but one will need further references to help with keeping your chickens healthy and happy

  10. Jean Hamer Jean Hamer says:

    Good basic info for 1st time chicken owners including a plans for a diy coop

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