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Last One Home [Reading] ➸ Last One Home By Debbie Macomber – NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERDebbie Macomber author of the Blossom Street and Cedar Cove series delivers an inspiring new stand alone novel about the enduring bond between sisters the power of forgiveness NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERDebbie Macomber author of the Blossom Street and Cedar Cove series delivers an inspiring new stand alone novel about the enduring bond between sisters the power of forgiveness and a second chance at love   Growing up Cassie Carter and her sisters Karen and Last One MOBI :º Nichole were incredibly close—until one fateful event drove them apart After high school Cassie ran away from home to marry the wrong man throwing away a college scholarship and breaking her parents’ hearts To make matters worse Cassie had always been their father’s favorite—a sentiment that weighed heavily on her sisters and made Cassie’s actions even harder to bear   Now thirty one Cassie is back in Washington living in Seattle with her daughter and hoping to leave her past behind After ending a difficult marriage Cassie is back on her own two feet the pieces of her life slowly but surely coming together Despite the strides Cassie’s made she hasn’t been able to make peace with her sisters Karen the oldest is a busy wife and mother balancing her career with raising her two children And Nichole the youngest is a stay at home mom whose husband indulges her every whim Then one day Cassie receives a letter from Karen offering what Cassie thinks may be a chance to reconcile And as Cassie opens herself up to new possibilities—making amends with her sisters finding love once —she realizes the power of compassion and the promise of a fresh start   A wonderful novel of perseverance and trust and an exciting journey through life’s challenges and joys Last One Home is Debbie Macomber at the height of her talentsPraise for Last One Home   “Fans of bestselling author Macomber will not be disappointed by this compelling stand alone novel”— Library Journal   “Family forgiveness and second chances are the themes in Macomber’s latest stand alone novel No one writes better women’s contemporary fiction and Last One Home is another wonderful example Always inspiring and heartwarming this is a read you will cherish”— RT Book Reviews   “Tender real and full of hope”— Heroes and Heartbreakers   “Once again Ms Macomber has woven a charming tale dealing with facing life’s hard knocks begging forgiveness and gaining self confidence”— Reader to Reader   “Macomber never disappoints me She always manages to leave me with a warming of the soul and fuzzy feelings that stays for days”— Fresh Fiction   “A very heartwarming novel of healing and reconciliation that touches on life’s serious moments and will leave readers hoping to revisit these flawed but lovable characters in the future”—Book Reviews More by Kathy.

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  1. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    I only read this book because of a Goodreads challenge to get my badge So I went and read the audio because I didn't think I would like it WRONG I loved this book Now I will have to buy a physical copy and do a proper review one day You all know I can read a book for the first time without following a long in the book to give a proper review The narrator was awesome too I can say that I loved the characters and the story line And look at that cover I want to jump right in the scene Happy Reading Mel ♥

  2. Denise Denise says:

    The cover of this book is beautiful and I wanted to be in that gazebo Unfortunately for me that was the best part of this book The plot had promise but between the characters and the slow progress in the plot line I lost interest many times The author kept repeating many facts throughout this book Cassie's daughter is immature and annoying and I did not become engaged with Cassie her sisters or Steve This book left me wondering if there is a part two On a positive point I liked the parts about Habitat for Humanity 25 stars

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    This was a bit of a Debbie downer Not our usual light and heart warming Debbie It wasn't a bad story but I think I prefer the series to the stand alones And the topic of domestic violence though handled gracefully made for a bit of a heavy topic I like to listen to Debbie Macomber books the narrators are usually fantastic and the stories are light and easy to follow with characters that I enjoy getting to know However this particular book had a terrible narration Her voice is so draggy and lethargic I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they slowed the narration down I had to listen to it on a 15 speed even sometimes a 2 just to make her sound normal On regular speed her voice sounded so strange and forced So this one was just okay for me I might have had a successful experience if I read this opposed to listening but then I would have to freeze time and I've yet to figure out how to do that touching my two index fingers together only seems to work for Evie I've tried a million times

  4. Beth Beth says:

    What a stunningly realistic and heartfelt story of three sisters finding their way back into each other’s livesCassie is the main focal point of this story She left home young pregnant and with an abusive boyfriendhusband Running for her life to save herself and her daughter Cassie’s family turns their back on her in her time of need In their defense the family didn’t know Cassie circumstances but that she didn’t return home when her father passed away causing deep hurt and resentmentCassie is finally getting her life back together She has an opportunity with Habitat for Humanity which will finally give her and her daughter a real home A difficult job foreman immediately thinks the worst of Cassie but she’s been through enough to let him get in the way of her goal As Cassie deals with the difficult foreman they realize there is something between them that can heal each other’s heartYears of life ups and downs as well as a lack of communication has torn Cassie Karen and Nicole apart When Cassie is unexpectedly contacted about her parents furniture left in estate she jumps at the chance to claim some of her history which leads to reopening the doors of communication between the siblingsEach sibling story is revealed and all is not what it seems The sisters discover strength in one another while they rebuild tenuous sibling bondA few of the storylines felt incomplete but overall it was a wonderful read Last One Home is a sweet and tender story of life love and family born and family chosen I received this ARC copy of Last One Home from Random House Ballantine Books in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication March 10 2015Written by Debbie MacomberPage Count 336 pagesPublisher Ballantine Books Publication Date; March 10 2015Rating 4 StarsISBN 10 0553391887ISBN 13 978 0553391886Genre Woman's Lit | SuspenseFind this book on | Barnes NobleReviewed for

  5. Rachel Aranda Rachel Aranda says:

    Full disclosure I listened to this one as an audiobook and it took me over a month to finish it I don't know if it was the narrator or the book but I found myself rolling my eyes and generally bored or annoyed with this whole book I was not expecting this outcome at all Audiobooks are supposed to be easier after allI uite enjoyed the second story in this series Honestly that was one of my favorite audiobooks of that year I'm so glad that I found the second story in this series BEFORE I read this book because I wouldn't have continued and missed a book I truly enjoyed The characters in this story were flat and the major plot points incredibly predictable The story line was good along with the strong main woman character becoming her own independent self and I'm all for that However she started changing a little once a good looking widower appeared and the hate to love troupe was pretty cringe worthy The writing however had too many fake sappy conversations by ALL the characters When I finished this book I was left with the same feeling when I have watched a bad Lifetime movieI've been stressed recently so during this time I'm all for a good mindless story Hate to say this but I'd suggest you'd read this only read this at times when I had nothing else to read or are looking for an extremely corny read I only read this to fill a spot in a readathon

  6. Carol Carol says:

    An excellent story not part of any of her series although I would be happy to read about these three sisters and their families A hopeful yet realistic look at one woman putting her life back together and reconnecting with her family and the rest of the world I learned about Habitat for Humanity and the work that they do

  7. Ashley Ashley says:

    A lot of the ladies in one of the Facebook reading groups I am in love Debbie Macomber which made me want to give one of her books a shot Last One Home is the first book by this author I have read and it was kind of so so for me not really great but not bad either The story revolves around three sisters who have grown apart over the years one so than the other two Cassie ran away from home when she was only 18 to marry the supposed love of her life but Cassie didn't get to have the fairy tale ending and soon found herself fighting for her life against an abusive husband who kept her completely separated from her family She is eventually able to escape with her daughter and make her way across the country to the home she left She desperately wants to reconnect with her family and perhaps eventually find love but can she ever trust again?Pros• This is a very easy read to throw yourself into after finishing something heavy• I really appreciated the Christian faith of the main characterview spoiler• I also really appreciated that Cassie did not have sex with the man she fell in love with Too often in stories that involve love today sex before marriage is the norm hide spoiler

  8. Christine Christine says:

    I always love reading Debbie Macomber books her books are filled with pain family love growth forgiveness and happy endings This book was a GOODREADS win for me so thank you Goodreads I liked the characters in this book Cassie Nichole and Karen Cassie moved away from her entire family and stayed away for several years due mostly to a huge misunderstanding all of the sisters learned a good lesson all humans make mistakes and forgiving is a huge part of everyone lives Thank you Goodreads and thank you Debbie Macomber

  9. Amy Vida Amy Vida says:

    I was so grateful for receiving a copy of this book This had a a great story which I finished in one day The characters were easy to relate too and I really liked how Debbie Macomber ended the book I am hoping there will be additional books to finish the sister's stories

  10. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    Oh my Debbie Macomber is certainly a very careful writer She writes like she is a teacher trying to explain something to a class Oh so patient so organized so so didactic Yet she is very easy to read and I finished this book in half a day The romance was blah and kind of sacharine and predictable Skipped through most of the formulaic stuff between the heroine and her love interest But the interaction between the 3 sisters was very realistic and interesting The happenings to the sisters were actually engaging and wished for a bit with the youngest sister Would have loved to see the final ? confrontation between her and her husband Instead of just a footnote of Oh yeah and this happened

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