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The Green Woman Daemons Ghosts Guardians #1 [PDF] ✩ The Green Woman Daemons Ghosts Guardians #1 By J.D. Root – When historical novelist Thea Jameson travels to the old Scottish borders to the site of her latest novel for a book launch she has a sense of being followed Once she is settled in her accommodations When historical novelist Thea Woman Daemons PDF ✓ Jameson travels to the old Scottish borders to the site of her latest novel for a book launch The Green PDF or she has a sense of being followed Once she is settled in her accommodations and begins to explore what she believes will be Green Woman Daemons PDF/EPUB Â a vacant facility things are not as they should be She is a writer who exhaustively researches her sites and the interior of Green Woman Daemons Ghosts Guardians PDF/EPUB ² the castle is inconsistent with th Century renovations Although she had been told that the castle was not open to the public until later in the week when the others in her entourage are scheduled to arrive she hears voices in the Great Hall and encounters what she believes to be a meeting of either the Society of Creative Anachronism or the medievalist reenactment group Regia Anglorum In retreating to her room she encounters a man on the stairs He is dressed as a reiver and his crude manners match his dress He speaks to her provocatively in lowland Scots and makes Green Woman Daemons Ghosts Guardians PDF/EPUB ² a teasing reference to her as The Green Woman the castle's notorious ghost When Thea eventually finds her room she convinces herself that he was referring to her green Natori caftan and the effects of the greenish glow from the recessed lighting in the stairs and blames her uneasiness on too much ale at dinner But on the following morning she has a second encounter with a man who has been dead for four hundred years and who thinks she is the ghost the first in a of chain of confrontations leaving Thea convinced she either has been administered a mind altering drug or trapped within a lucid dream While Thea seeks an answer to her altered mental state in the bowels of the old cellars the spirit of its Otherworldly Guardian is aroused from the complacency of sleep by a sense of impending evil a force which threatens not just Thea's st Century world but events in th Century Britain and ultimately the Cosmic Balance While Thea confronts her own devils the man on the stairs is awakened to a need to protect his castle from the dynastic aspirations of the Wizard Earl of Bothwell and the Guardian in her aspect as the daemon Nemesis the Avenger prepares for battle on a Cosmic scale with her Otherworldly brother Erebus in order to restore balance in the world In an adventure which must either be a lucid dream or an onset of madness Thea finds herself drawn into a world no writer could create as her attraction to a dead man and her relationship to a daemon create an alternate reality that defies her understanding of Present Past and Future and in which the only time is The Now Novelist Root deviates from the traditional historical genre of her previous five books in a story evolving from the adrenalin rush of the annual NaNoWriMo competition in November into a full length stand alone novel that she finds uncharacteristic of her other writing with a subtle sensuousness bordering on the erotic and a hint of fantasy noir She offers The Green woman and its progeny under the pseudonym JD Root.

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  1. Michael Schmicker Michael Schmicker says:

    Ghosts and Scotland go togetherWhat’s that oft uoted ancient Caledonian prayer? “From goulies and ghosties and long leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night good Lord deliver us” A sensible sentiment to mostWriters on the other hand welcome them Supernatural stories always find an audience and historical fiction author Linda Root writing here under the pen name JD Root has come up with a stonking good one as the Brits would say Thea Jameson a best selling California author hawking her latest historical novel on a promo trip to Scotland inexplicably time slips back to 1612 and gets tangled up with the axe wielding clan Kerr and a mysterious entity called the “Green Woman” Our heroine – “a cross between Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie” – is a sassy middle aged hard drinking Amex Gold card toting divorcee who travels around with a bottle of Jameson’s a pocket flask of VSOP and a fifth of Glen Livet and happily pub crawls with rugby players Drunks propositioning her she can handle; she’s taken self defense lessons from the LAPD and holds a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do The dead are another uestion Returning inebriated to Ferniehirst Castle the site of her imminent book launch party the bewildered Thea finds the castle’s Great Hall filled with Border reivers strutting around with daggers at their belts women busy with needlework Delirium tremens? A theme wedding? An evening bash of the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism? Fleeing up a back stairs which suspiciously wasn’t there before she bumps into the specter of Sir Andrew “Dand” Ker d 1628 who instantly takes a strong liking to her – showing a “cow cumber in his britches” as the uaint Scots saying goes – and our time traveler is swept backwards four centuries into his arms and into the adventures of the Kerrs of Ferniehirst Catholic allies of the tragic Mary ueen of Scots It’s a demon haunted era and Root deftly exploits some of the promising material Dand’s cousin the Earl of Bothwell pops up repeatedly throughout the story “Wild Frank” Stewart 1562 1612 enjoyed a reputation as a warlock and in 1591 was arrested and accused of employing sorcery in an attempt to knock off Scotland’s King James VI fact not fiction James VI beueathed us the famous “King James” version of the Bible the most widely printed book in history Less known His Highness also considered himself an expert on witchcraft penned an 80 page treatise on demonology and was personally involved in the infamous North Berwick Witch Trials which led to the torture and in some cases execution of 70 plus victims The “Green Lady” herself predates the 17th century; references can be traced back to pre Christian Celtic folklore Nowadays the Scottish Tourism Board promotes a half dozen castles haunted by a green ghost but Root cleverly imagines for this now garden variety discarnate a complex mythological backstory which will send readers scrambling for their Bulfinch’s Root originally wrote “The Green Woman” in three weeks as an exercise for the 2013 NaNoWritMo National Novel Writing Month contest; it challenges authors to come up with a 50000 word novel in one month Besides pulling off that rather remarkable feat she managed to slip into her genre busting fantasy a final plot twist which caught me completely by surprise Halloween is coming soon My suggestion? Instead of plopping yourself down on the sofa and watching stale Hollywood horror flicks this Oct 31 download “The Green Woman” and enjoy a Scottish spooking

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    CNFWhile the basic story idea for this book is great the mere mountain of words explaining every thought sight and historical fact made it impossible to follow the actual plotRead full review in the 2015 March issue of InD’tale Magazine

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