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  1. Akanksha❤ Søren♰ Akanksha❤ Søren♰ says:

    ARC provided by the author for an honest reviewMeh DNF Writing is an art and only a few people are artistsRANT REVIEWI didn't enjoy this book one bit further from enjoying myself I would say I was annoyed with the book and the charactersI wanted to STAB Audra's best friend and her other friends too BUT I'll get to that later And I would have done it without an ounce of guild I mean shut your mouth weird best friend its like you open it and I wanted to just beat something Worst best friend ever; and I usually love best friends Especially the loud ones But she was loud and so annoying AGRHNow the other best friends Wayh too over the top stop talking like freaking teens you are in your thirties BehaveThere was just soo much going on in this book Too much drama that kept getting piled onto the pages It felt like a roller coaster The dialogues were too forced which is one thing I hate about booksEven the kids in the books couldn't save it for me Firstly they were hardly there and when they were they didn't talk or behave like kids It didn't connect or click and it just felt blahI couldn't continue reading this book It felt very forced both the pace and dialogue wiseThe guy was hot but the script of this book was sooo bad Bracken all of sudden calling Audra all types of endearments 'honey' 'baby' 'sweetheart' irritated me to no extent YOU WORK TO REMODEL HER HOUSE NOT TO BECOME THE FATHER OF HER TWINS

  2. Jessi Jessi says:

    4 Gut Wrenching Happy StarsDebut novel by Kennedy KellyAudra loses her husband in a horrible accident she is left alone to raise their two young children Her heart is shattered and she doesn't think that she will ever love again After grieving for over a year she decides she needs some changes and wants to remodel her house She finally starts to go out with her friends again when she by chance meets Brecken in a bar when he orders her a drink She is completely shocked when Brecken turns up at her house the next day as one of the contractors she contacted to remodel her home He winked at me I totally want to grab his wink and beat him over the it at this point Audra is not ready to open her heart again but reluctantly starts a friendship with Brecken Brecken brings his own heartache having lost a close family member as well Audra finally beings to realize that is ok to move on and love again and thus starts a beautiful romance Things between them progress really fast thoughout the book but it doesn't seem to rushed They experience a lot of ups and downs and the downs will leave you crying along with them This book was amazing I went through every emotion reading it I cried I laughed I did happy dances The supporting characters are amazing and really feed into the story line perfectly I love Audra's best friend uinn she made me laugh thought the whole book And Brecken's daughter Katie Ray my heart totally broke for her being raised by an horrible abuse mother So happy when Brecken took her away to stay with him This is the only place I ever want to be Audra With you in my arms and our bodies claiming one another while our souls capture one another The only thing that bothered in the story line was a fight Audra and Brecken had that seem to come up out of nowhere and progressed to a break up that left my head spinning thinking what the hell just happened Brecken at that point of the story seemed extremely immature and it felt out of place to meOther than that this book was extremely good and I would recommend it to everyone to read ARC generously provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review

  3. Jamie Jamie says:

    Fabulous debut novel by Kennedy Kelly I was looking forward to Kennedy's first book for uite a while and it certainly did not disappoint a story of 2 people falling love fast and navigating through some drama and mild angst to make it to their HEA Audra Cole lost her husband about a year ago she's raising two young twin boys on her own but she has a circle of great friends to help her through her sadness She's a teacher at the local college and hangs out with her friends but she's still a shell of the woman she once was After a year of going through the paces her bestie uinn has had enough she lets Audra know that it's time to shake the cobwebs off and get back in the game and meet her a man Audra isn't ready for anything like that at allShe's still a little heartbroken and doesn't know how to get her groove backbut uinn is not taking no for an answer Looking at myself in the mirror I looked sad I didn’t mean to but I could never really master the craft of covering it up even with all the makeup I had on tonight Audra Brecken Michaels knows about loss toohe lost his twin brother not to long ago and is still grieving losing his second half He's got an adorable little girl from a total bitch ex He's an all around good guy and hot too Brecken Brecken spots Audra in the local bar one night the night her friends have made her go out to start getting her groove back Audra thinks he's all kinds of hot but not interested at the moment or so she thinks She can't get the sexy guy out of her mind and then what a coincidence when he turns up on her doorstep as a potential home renovator Audra made an appointment with three separate companies to take their bids for the remodeling she needs done Brecken's company happens to be her first appt The sparks of course fly the blurb may sound like there is a big age difference but it's not There is only a 5 year gap between them so no biggie there It's not long before Brecken is digging his way under Audra's walls and knocking down her defenses They fell for each other pretty uick Audra tried to fight it thinking she wasn't ready but the Brecken was around and he was around a lot the she felt like she needed him True to his word he had been very patient with me I know when our kisses lingered and he was excited he wanted but he never once pressured meI’d vowed never to get involved with a man again but Brecken was persistent and earned his place in my heart Brecken and Audra connected pretty uickly both parents with young children and both knowing deep loss I did feel like they moved things a little too fast from barely knowing each other to being each other's worldbut they were both people that needed someone so I was able to eventually get on board with the insta everything they felt for each other The road to their HEA however was not without some major obstacles that brought a few drama filled moments some extra sadness and major changes to their lives There was never a dull moment in this story there was always something going on It was borderline almost too much going on but Kennedy managed to make everything that was happening flow together nicely I did feel one thing that happened that was a major deal wasn't really necessary to the story and could have been left out completely There was enough going on without this happening and I felt the drama it caused would have been better off used in other areas of the story Still this was a great debut novel and I look forward to reading of what Kennedy put's out there I see great things for her Advanced copy kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

  4. Andrea Smith Andrea Smith says:

    What a refreshing debut novel Kennedy Kelly has given us One could think that poor Audra has no one to turn to after the devastating loss she suffered a year before In walks her BFF and uite the little spitfire uinn This is a BFF like no other uinn isn't one to take no for an answer and drags Audra out for a girl's night out just what the LOVE doctor prescribed right? And right it is when Audra meets Brecken who just so happens to be the contractor that is to uote the work she needs done No spoilers here but it is one of those WTF is happening that you and me are getting tossed together again and again like this?Audra is tentative about pursuing a relationship because she has her boys to think about and because it hasn't been that long and she hasn't finished her grieving process But guess what? Brecken is there to see that she does Not without his own baggage he is the ultimate boyfriend who is out to make it all betterBut Brecken soon learns that he needs the strength of his woman to help him through the rough times and trust me there are a couple of themThese two end up working it out but it is a long and winding road for sureKudos to Kennedy Kelly on her fantastic debut novelARC was provided to an honest review of this book

  5. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ says:

    ARC provided by author in exchange for a honest review35 4 ★'s Audra lost her husband in a sky diving accident and is finally ready to get back out in the dating world She meets Brecken and is immediately attracted to him but she's scared to take things further Fortunately Brecken doesn't give up easily Audra is easy to like She's gone through something devastating and is trying to move on Thankfully she has some wonderful friends and family to help her alongBrecken has also suffered a lost but he's had longer to deal with things He's working on a successful business and helping raise his daughter However when he meets Audra all bets are off Brecken and Audra take a while for things to get steamy There's some dramas and just basically having to get passed that point where they are comfortable with each other Once they do Hellothings are uite steamy and intense and you won't be disappointed There are a lot of secondary characters that we get to knowsome very well Audra's best friend uinn is uite the characterOne of the problems for me was there was too much going on Too many dramas that got handled too uickly and they were some pretty intense situations I think they were handled well but it sort of felt like a roller coaster The narrative is also uite detailed and descriptive It took me a bit to get used to it but I think KK did a good job for her first book One thing I really loved was the cover and the chapter headings They were beautiful I even loved the little heart icon that popped up now and then Overall I enjoyed the story and I loved the ending although it killed me what happened I think having both POVs really made the story that enjoyable Favorite uotes ♥ “Audra don’t forget to tell him you want the sex swing installed in the corner and the mirrors above the bed”♥ At this point age doesn’t really matter Plus I think you would make one hell of a cougar”♥ “We should never be any further apart than this”

  6. Vieira Vieira says:

    First of all I would like to thank the Author for giving me an ARCThis book was sooo good It has it all the sweet sexy funny and heartbreak that I love in the books I readBrecken oh where to start He was uber HOT I love his dimple This man can charm the panties off a Nun He was so sweet and took such good care of AudraI loved Audra's strength she's been through so much She was stubborn as hell in the beginning but I think she was protecting her self and her children She's a great mother and a great friend And speaking of friends her crew reminded me of mine they were a hoot Though uinn could be a little much and what a slut lolview spoilerWhy was she so pissed at Rafe when she herself was fucking Mitch? hide spoiler

  7. Avid Reader Avid Reader says:

    I think that this book would have been great if the author had chosen just one crisis moment and allowed the story to center around that But with 8 separate crises it just became a roller coaster that never ended The storyline didn't need filler The concept was great I was really excited to read it The idea of losing your husband and having to learn to date trust and love again? That intrigued me I wanted to read that story but it got lost along the way I do think that Kennedy Kelly is than capable of writing a great story like that This was her debut and it got a little off track but the idea behind the book was greatI really liked the opening of the book when Audra's friends drag her out for the night forcing her to live again after a horrible tragedy They really did seem super supportiveI liked Brecken He was kind and considerate and helpful to a fault Audra was ok I could have used some development on her We are told she was a professor but I never read what she taught or what her PhD was in And I was surprised how she acted considering her time in academia I hated uinn I don't care how devoted she was to Audra; her one tracked mind was sophomoric and unnecessary The girlfriends seemed supportive but a bit juvenile for their ages and professions It seemed like every occasion was a bachelorette party I had a hard time relating to any of the characters I think if Audra had been developed I would have liked herThe only character I really had a problem with was uinn I don’t want to spend this review bashing her; she just wasn't my kind of friend She was awesome to Audra but obviously had some serious daddy issues to deal withThe POV while in Audra's head was fine but I did not connect with Brecken's POV He seemed one dimensional during those parts which was a shame because his character had interesting back storyI was a bit confused as to when their relationship began I got the KA vibe when she was ignoring his advancements and he was ignoring her declining him That was cute but it still all seemed a bit rushed especially when she turned to him for help with her children That is a serious step to take I wouldn’t have been able to turn my kids over to a man I didn’t knowThe one thing that did bother me was that it felt to me that in order for Audra to fall for Brecken she had to find fault in her deceased husband I didn't like that It felt ugly She loved him enough to not leave her home for a year the fact that she started discovering all his faults as she got to know Brecken saddened meI think that all and all the story told proved that Kennedy Kelly is uite creative and as she finds her footing her books will only get better and better This book was an excellent example of an author whose mind is filled with stories just begging to be told I will read her next book as I believe it will be a great 25 stars and a chocolate port as I know Audra would approve ;ARC kindly offered in exchange for an honest reviewNEW TEASER

  8. Sandy ღCoffee Addict Booksღ Sandy ღCoffee Addict Booksღ says:

    Dnf at 40% I wouldn't mind finishing it but I have too little time and lot of books in my raderNot to sound rude but I didn't have problem with the story but I sure as hell didn't like the writing It was too cheesy Dialogues were direct very formal and too easy Usually conversation involving kids will be cute but here it was unusual like kids were handed a bad scriptBracken all of sudden calling Audra 'honey' 'sweetheart' and 'baby' irritated the hell out of me and I mean one day he's assigned the job to remodel her house next thing he says he wouldn't mind getting involved with widow with twins and don't mind being a father for them then the sudden rush in story where she is hospitalized and Brecken happen to rescue heras her best friend is not well and parents are not in townher friends are busy with their kids How convenient is that?? and look after her and her kids and she is OK with that? I mean she knows nothing about this guy and how can she trust him with her kids?? oh ya HE IS THE NICE GUY it was said they were attracted towards each other but I didn't see the connection at all except he's sexy and good looking and she's gorgeous the characters were 30 plus but sounded like bunch of silly teenagers I love romance but there were no heart fluttering moment nor did I swoon didn't see any magic in this one

  9. Emily Emily says:

    This was just too chessy for me The group of girlfriends were too over the topHow many times can you call someone a Hooker as an endearment until it gets annoying?The confusion in names ummm sure how many Audra's do you know?The slut best friend who all of a sudden has the right to call her fuck buddy a dick because he didn't want to get serious That's your fault you're all about the sex and then get mad when a guy does it to you GTHOThere was just too much for me that didn't work

  10. Patrycja Patrycja says:

    35 stars Review to follow

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Fearless Love [PDF] ✅ Fearless Love By Kennedy Kelly – Buyprobolan50.co.uk After tragic loss walls aren't easily destroyedProfessor Audra Cole lives a life of heartache after losing her husband in a tragic accident She simply goes through the motions of caring for her 5 year After tragic loss walls aren't easily destroyedProfessor Audra Cole lives a life of heartache after losing her husband in a tragic accident She simply goes through the motions of caring for her year old sons and puts on a brave act for her close friends and family When she hires a young man to remodel her home in hopes of helping her move on from memories of her husband she is unprepared for who walks in The sexy contractor with his swagger single dimple and caring ways shows Audra that her heart needs a little work tooBrecken Michaels has closed himself off after a devastating loss When a beautiful new client turns his head and makes his heart skip a beat with her uirkiness brilliant mind and loving ways Brecken may have to re evaluate the blueprints of his heartJust as Audra and Brecken discover friendship and trust a life altering tragedy threatens the new foundation they are building Will these two crumble under the pressure or become FEARLESS and blend together to make one solid unit built on LOVE.