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Breaking to Breathe (Charistown, #3) ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Breaking to Breathe (Charistown, #3) By Lisa N. Paul ✎ – Two people so bent they can no longer stand tall With his sexy looks his seductive dirty talk and his resident bad boy reputationKyle Marx was the thrill ride every woman wanted to experienceat least Two people so bent they can no longer stand tall With his sexy looks his seductive dirty talk and his resident bad boy reputationKyle Marx was the thrill ride every woman wanted to experienceat least onceAnd once is Breaking to MOBI :º all he’d ever offer Suffocating in his own personal hell Kyle thought sex booze and drugs could numb the pain of his past Until an angel challenged him to fightto feelAfter living through a childhood that left her vulnerable and exposed Cate Lockton mastered the art of blending in instead of standing out She locked herself away to prevent damage to her already fractured heart She never imagined a man with a past broken than her own would crash into her world and force her to let him inTheir lives first collided on a stormy night But Danny’s on Main is where they finally connected A neighborhood bar where strangers become friends friends become family and some become lovers and where the strong learn that while you can bend to exist sometimes you’ve gotta Break so you can Breathe.

About the Author: Lisa N. Paul

I am a wife a mother a daughter a sister a frienda reader a writer and a self proclaimed comedian Just not always in that order I have loved reading ever since I was a little girl in Breaking to MOBI :º fact one of the first series I remember falling in love with was the Sweet Valley High series by Francine Pascal Those books started my obsession with seriesrelated booksWriting has always been a passio.

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  1. Amy Amy says:

    HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS Lisa you have out done yourself I honestly didn't know how anything would top storm front but breaking to breathe is AMAZING I have become very attached to this group of people and I love seeing the story go on First Ill just tell you guys if you haven't read this series you definitely should its a must even though you can read Thursday nights storm front and breaking to breathe as standalones I highly recommend you start from the beginning with Thursday nights Cate and Kyle are electric Cate gave Kyle the smack in the ass that he needed She took his world and turned him upside down Turned him into the person that he should be It was nice seeing Kyle in a different light In the other two books Kyle was just the ass the mean trouble spirited one I was excited to learn as to why Kyle is Kyle and I have to say I love him a little now This epic duo was definitely made for each other One of my favorite things in this without giving to much away is the way the sound of Kyles Lighter was incorporated into the story Nice Touch Ohhh and then there is Elliot Elliot stole my heart just as much as Cate did I am crossing my fingers that Elliot and Nixon end up together hint hint Lisa Elliot is the loyal stand by your side no matter what type of best friend That is the kind of person that is hard to find I can relate to her bc I'm lucky enough to have someone like her If you don't know who Danny Julie Kyle Janie Lyla Ashley Ryan Max Gage and now cate and Elliot are then you must get started cause you'll never be the same after experiencing this group

  2. Kelly Mccurdy Kelly Mccurdy says:

    I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewHOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD WHERE DO I BEGIN??? This book had me all over the place I was pissed angry upset happy sad overcome with joy etc What this book didn't do is let me down This was the first book that I have ever read by Lisa and this isn't going to be the last I have to know what happens in the next bookLisa has a way of writing so the reader actually feels like they are right there with the characters You get a sense of what they are feeling and what they are going through throughout their day to day lives I love it Not to mention the sex is HOT HOT There is one line in the book that is the BEST LINE EVER take off your drama drawers and yank up the action thong That my reader friends is the best line ever It is so on point with everything I read this book in a day I know that is not a shock to most of my readers but when a book is good it is worth staying up and finishing Please check this book out if not because I asked you nicely but because of the awesome comebacks that are in this book

  3. Kim Kim says:

    He was hollow inside just a shadow of a man moving through time using sex as a bandage to temporarily cover the hole where his heart once beat He didn't share his demons He ran from them Kyle Marx has been on a destructive path with self hate alcohol and behavior that eventually nearly killed him He plays the cocky arrogant womanizer who numbs his pain with substances and one night stands His best friendspseudo family have tried to be there for him love him support him and push him to make changes But they could not save him from his own dangerous path and nearly lost him During his darkest hour he finds his Angel She comes to him when needs it most giving him the will to fight back This book begins several months after the end of Storm Front but also takes us back to pertinent events in Kyle's and Cate's points of view Kyle is a broken man crippled by his past fears insecurities and unable to move on He has hidden his emotional pain away under a facade that eventually broke down His views on women and relationships are skewed and negative He takes what he wants needs control and avoids attachments The proverbial bad boy with that the good girls wanted to fix but he smart women stayed clear of Stunningly beautiful to a fault on the outside but to anyone who spent than a few hours with him between the sheets they knew that underneath all of the beauty was an uninviting dark cave of blacknessAs Danny's on Main is rebuilt we see that Kyle has made some recovery physically but is still in need of change in his personal life and dealing with his issues But he is angry guilt ridden and fearful of facing his past issues and present problems He is resistant and keeps falling into the same unhealthy behaviors But his friends will not give up on him that easily Kyle is one of those characters that appears to be an arrogant cocky jerk fairly often And sometimes I wanted to shake him so he could see what he was doing But then he could also be sweet tender and vulnerable And he had potential to change and be a better man he just needed a reason He'd spent his whole life bending Conforming to everyone's needs he bent to be who they wanted or needed him to bebut he failed at everything He failed everyone He bent so far he could not longer hold himself tallHe was a disaster of a person and a mess of a man He was broken and wanted to finally find peace And when he comes face to face to his Angel it just might be the catalyst he did not realize he needed She ends up being a woman named Cate She has her own dark hurtful secretive past She has learned to stay in the background and not gather attention She is as guarded and not interested in a relationship as he is She is a girl who does not make male connections and is happy to be a one time deal And she is even strong willed and stubborn than Kyle She had no doubt this man could understand her Maybe that was part of the attraction Maybe that was why she felt safe in his presence She knew he'd never hurt her because he was just as bent as she was So they both agree that one time should be enough But their usual preferences and personal rules are in conflict to the other one's rule book But their chemistry is explosive and they have an underlying connection that neither can deny But for the first time one night might not be enough for either of them But that does not mean that there will not be resistanceThese two bent people are close to breaking But will their meeting be the thing that breaks them free or breaks them completely? Peeling away their layers exposes their vulnerability but also their inner strength They have lived through pain and disappointment felt unworthy and unloved But that same pain also bonds them and allows them to see the good they have been missing out on and see the possibility hope if they are just willing to take the risk Their past stories are gradually revealed throughout the book in little pieces to the puzzle But all the pieces eventually come together make a clear picture and allow us to see all that they have endured and what has made them the people they became But we also see that facing their demons is the only way to ever begin to move on Don't look at me like that Cate We all have our demons You fought yours with solitude I fought mine with a bottle My way didn't work Did yours?I admit that sometimes Cate frustrated me She was good at avoidance and running and really challenged Kyle But overall she was a likable woman that had been dealt a bad hand but did her best to overcome it But Kyle really burrowed into my heart There were times in the other books and even he beginning of this book that I was not sure that I could get over some of his behavior and actions But as I saw of the man underneath I admit that I totally fell for his charms and heart that he kept buried under walls This series is very well written There is humor sexual tension and steam romance heart break emotion and hope The characters all have complicated painful back stories They are damaged people trying to survive with the help of their friends who have become family But they also all have secrets fears and issues not addressed In each story we come to learn about each character and eventually see their past that they are hiding from The stories are not insta love They build on lust connections and turn into some thing deeper but there are mistakes miscommunication denial drama and resistance along the way And the timelines are realistic to the point they are sometimes frustrating to see how much time they waste But all the characters suffer through growing pains and growth processes that are challenging and intense At Danny's on Main friends come together and create bonds that can't be broken I loved seeing with characters from Thursday Nights and Storm Front Max Janie Ryan Ashley Lyla Gage and their parental figures Danny and Julie And there were some wonderful additions to the group with Cate's vivacious friend Elliot Kyle's eually broken brother Nix and a new hot bartender Ando I love that these characters are there for each other for support and ass kicking when needed I look forward to in the series I have been not so patiently waiting for Lyla and Gage's book since the beginning Even though they have been teased in the other books we have barely scratched the surface of their personal issues This can be read as a stand alone and you will still be given enough information to fully enjoy the story but I recommend reading Thursday Nights and Storm Front because they are engaging heartfelt reads that will make you fall in love with this whole group and the couples that end up together I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review Will be posted at Reviews by Tammy and Kim

  4. Knock Your Books Off Knock Your Books Off says:

    Just when I think Lisa N Paul cannot go any further with this wonderful complicated bunch of Charistown Characters she just blows me away againI couldn’t wait for Kyles story he’s been such an ass for the past two books you just knew there was something going on there and when I read what’s moulded him into the man he’s become my heart broke for him I might have even she a tear his childhood was truly the stuff of nightmares yes he’s been a womanising asshole but when it mattered growing up he was everything that everybody around him needed he took a lot on his young shoulders and burdened the demons that haunt him today When he wakes from the fog of alcohol drugs he’s smart loyal honest HAWT The come to Jesus he has with his younger brother started me bawling again Kyle is so much than he has ever let on and he deserves every bit of happiness he can getWe know in Storm Front Kyle’s had a car accident and is recovering but Lisa takes us back to that night and we get to hear exactly what Kyle was feeling and it’s another heartbreaking moment we also meet Cate who happened across the accident and stayed with Kyle until help came neither expected to see the other again Cate is such a sweetheart she too has demons but has strived to overcome them and set herself aside from her past she’s developed an amazing armour to keep everything bad out but what she didn’t realise that she wasn’t allowing any good in Her best friend Elliot is a hoot and is the ying to her yang they were childhood neighbours so there are very few secrets between them but even Elliot struggles to hold Cate together when she reaches an all time lowCate is used to being fiercely independent she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go for it as long as it’s on her terms it was hysterical to see Kyle figure out how the hell he’s going to deal with this firecracker who’s barrelled into his lifeThis is an amazing story of two broken souls who over come all the odds to find happiness a story of how family doesn’t need to mean blood I love this crazy bunch every last one of them and we have a newbie Ando I’m intrigued to see what’ll happen with him is he a threat to Gage? Lyla has added another few layers to her already greatly protected heart it’s going to take a strong man to get that girl on side and I for one cannot wait

  5. Traci Traci says:

    This is book three in the Charistown series I give this a thousand Stars I Loved Thursday NightsMax is yummy I loved x10 Storm Front Ryan oh my god I want Ryan I love love love love x 1000 Breaking to Breathe KYLE IS DEFINITELY MINE This book is amazing They get better with each story This series is a group of friends that have a commonplace the place they met the place they became family Danny's on MainKyle is definitely your completely messed up bad boy and nothing anyone does can reach him He is beyond fixable Or so he thinks Cate makes her way into his bar into his bed and into his heart and the girl is an emotional mess but together they reach each other and its an explosion of hot as hell flirting some off the charts bedroom antics and eventually figuring out they need each other to breatheI cant say enough how much i loved this book When I first met Kyle in book 1 my first thought was that he was a complete ahole but as he starts to show a little of whats happening as book 2 is making its way into my heart Kyle kinda sorta did two and by the time i got into his mind and heard what was really going on i was a goner completely in love with him both Kyle and Cate had a rough childhood Rougher than you would expect and were leery of accepting or giving any kind of love to anyone Both thinking they werent worthy of it or capable of giving it Until they meet each other Sparks fly The book is very well written the characters are amazing and the side characters are off the charts i was actually sad when i was done reading it I wanted their story to go on forever i really cant wait for the next book hint hint to the authorI started this series on the word of a friend and had no idea who this new author was I DO NOT REGRET IT Im hooked I'll read whatever she writes She has a knack for keeping me glued to the book I cant put them down My husband thanks you for having no laundry done while im with my book boyfriend as he says I would absolutely recommend this book and i really recommend you start with book 1 and 2 and then 3 you dont have too but i think you should to get the full effect of the friends the place they met and their lives before and after they met the loves of their lives

  6. Joanne Joanne says:

    If I could give than 5 stars I wouldI was very fortunate to receive an early copy of Breaking To Breathe and I loved it Let me begin by saying that I love the books in the Charistown Series The characters are connected but the books can be read as standalones However you really shouldn't miss Thursday Nights or Storm Front All of these books have angst humor love happiness sadness steamy scenes and totally hot guys don't miss outNow back to Breaking To Breathe and the hottness of Mr Kyle Marx SWOON I love this character He has depth he's complex he's scarred but beautiful he's sexy as all hell and knows what he wants in bed and how to get it He spends his time at Danny's on Main which he co owns with his friends These friends are like his family and I love the way they guide and protect each other Cate is a strong woman who has been through hell and back Her family sucks but she has her BFF Ells and I love her When Cate and Kyle's paths cross there is an immediate connection but it's their second meeting that gets their hearts pumpingI don't want to spoil anything so do yourself a favor and read Breaking To Breathe

  7. Sandy Sandy says:

    Lisa Paul Continues to Delight 5 STARS I am a big fan of the Charistown Series by Lisa Paul and just love the folks at Dannys on Main Breaking to Breathe Book #3 can be read as a stand alone but please do yourself a favor and check out Thursday Nights Book #1 and Storm Front Book #2 Ultimately it will enhance your reading experience and knowledge of these characters that have captured my heart Each book takes us a little deeper and revealing an additional layer taking us into how this assorted cast of characters has ended up at Danny’sKyle is a jerk We got that message from Thursday Nights A gorgeous sexy one but a mean SOB just the same Everything he knows about treating women he learned from his father and let me tell you he learned his lessons well Women are receptacles to be used and discarded by Kyle Just another way to drown his demons other than alcohol Too bad for him his demons have learned how to swim The alcohol the women the self hate the anger – none of it is working any He’s hit rock bottom Now what?Cate is sweet nice beautiful a good person who has managed to retain her humanity despite the hand that life has dealt her Cate has made it her priority to blend into the paint The last thing she wants is entanglements and one night stands are just how she likes it Fortunately for her she has a spunky BFF named Elliot who refuses to continue to let Cate “hide” from life One dark and stormy night I know it’s cheezy but go with it Kyle and Cate’s lives collide Little did they know that the hands of fate aka Elliot would conspire to bring them back together again Little did they know that once they each had a “taste” neither one would be able to forget itKyle is used to the women throwing themselves at him He’s not used to one who wants exactly what he says he wants Cate is that woman She knows what she wants and she’s not shy about saying so Yes BTB is hot steamy and sexy – which I expected Let me tell you what I didn’t expect The depth of the emotional roller coaster that I was taken on in the pages of this story There is no doubt that these two people are broken Each one a different way but broken nonetheless Victims of their past kept prisoners by their inability to move forward Then something in each of their souls recognizes and touches something in the other and then the choice needs to be made whether to fight for what could be Or just let each other go and continue into the void that has ruled their livesThank God for the love of friends The gang at Danny’s is there to guide advise protect and give a good swift kick in the pants when needed just like family should This book made me laugh made me cry and made me wanna smack the hell out of Kyle’s parents It also made me adore the gang at Danny’s even than I did before At the end I closed my Kindle with a big sigh and a smile A definite 5 STAR read for mePS I’ll share with you what I’ve been wanting needing waiting for since Book #1 – I need me some GAGE Lisa Paul hear this that man curls my toes I can’t wait to read his story

  8. Em The Em The says:

    I have just finished reading this book and seriously feel like I've been through the emotional wringer I seriously think I've gone through every emotion when reading this This is the first book by Lisa N Paul i have read and although it is part 3 in the Charistown series I didn't feel I was missing out on anything as each book is written to be a standalone Fantastic book and I am eagerly awaiting the next in the series already And whilst I'm waiting i will be devouring books 12 Kyle and Cate are both damaged in their own ways and neither has had it easy at all They meet under dreadful circumstances and by a calculated chance they meet again Kyle believes Cate saved him and Cate is so damaged she doesn't believe she deserves to be happyIn the beginning it is hard to like Kyle but his journey of self re discovery is a real treat to be part of I also warmed to Cate too and her sassy attitude seriously gives Kyle a run for his playboy money Loved their first few scenes together and you really feel that he has well and truly et his match ALthough she is sassy and strong in many ways for the best part of the book you are left wondering what on earth her past held Its not until a long way in to the book that we finally see what she has had to deal with and what has made and shaped her into the person she was before Kyle stepped back into her lifeKyle soon becomes likeable and pretty swoon worthy too He isn't the stereotypical hot rich book boy friend but someone aside from his dreadful past that you can actually imagine in real lifeOne of the most heartwarming sides to this story for me is the inclusion of the many side characters in the book who form part of a wider family for both of our main characters Each of them is special in their own way and I particularly love the dymanic between Cate and Elliott It makes for some heartwarming moments but Elliott and her flashbacks also add different spin on the story tooI loved this book and I will definitely be reading form this author very soon5 super stars

  9. Tia Thomas-Blakey Tia Thomas-Blakey says:

    I was very lucky to receive an ARC of this book and let me tell you it's amazing Lisa always outshines in each book I wish that I could give this book than 5 stars because it's just a beautiful story with love pain and healing I couldn't put this book down because it is that good I finished it today and the last of my snacks If you have the chance to read this series please do because the characters are so cool and Lisa's books are captivating and they just grab you and don't let go

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    I loved this book In the last two books we didn't get much insight into Kyle I didn't know much about him Once I started this book I couldn't put it down I was hooked Also The first sex scene fans self was smoking And Cate is great as well All together it's an awesome book I love Lisa and she is getting better and better with each book Can't wait for the next book You keep on growing

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