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10 thoughts on “Remember Me This Way

  1. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    Lizzie meets her husband Zach on the internet He seems like that perfect man He is good looking talented and completely loves herThen Zach is killed in an auto accident and Lizzie does her year of grieving at the anniversary of his death she goes to the spot of his accident Someone else had gotten there before her and left flowers Lizzie begins to wonder about the relationship she had with ZachThe book switches points of view throughout the story you have Lizzie's present day and Zach's pages from his diary We find out that Lizzie had finally planned on leaving Zach but would she have gone through with it?The truth is I would never have left him Zach could be funny and confident and clever but it was his darkness that drew me I wondered about Lizzie too She spent most of the marriage convincing him that she wanted only him Then you have Zach's passages Zach was a tad bit psycho But one slip and she knows I won't be responsible for the conseuences It's a game we play I think she likes it Lizzie then realizes she is being followed and she starts looking into Zach's history Nothing he told her was the truth She didn't know him at all This book starts off slowly but once I got into the story I did not want to stop reading Perfectly creepy and stalkerish This is what I wanted that damn Gone Girl book to be

  2. Aestas Book Blog Aestas Book Blog says:

    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 35 4 stars Ok I wasn't planning to do a full review of this but then I started writing a few thoughts down and now it's a full review So here you go This book is a psychological thriller I'll be honest I very rarely read this genre as you know I'm a hardcore romance fan but I was just in the mood for something different today and this blurb grabbed me A year after her husband Zach's death Lizzie goes to lay flowers where his fatal accident took place As she makes her way along the motorway she thinks about their life together She wonders whether she has changed since Zach died She wonders if she will ever feel whole again At last she reaches the spot And there tied to a tree is a bunch of lilies The flowers are addressed to her husband Someone has been there before her Lizzie loved Zach She really did But she's starting to realise she didn't really know him Or what he was capable of The story kept me guessing the whole way through and there was this surprising reveal at the end that was totally twisted and uite disturbing buuuuuut I do think that fans of Gone Girl would probably really enjoy this book The writing was very good and it actually kind of felt like I was reading a movie if that makes sense The scenes and the way it came together very much had the feeling of a thriller type movieEven though it did keep my attention I'll admit that it wasn't uite as 'gripping' as I'd hoped it would be and even though I did find some of the twists surprising I felt a little unsatisfied in the end There were no loose ends but still yeah It's actually an issue I tend to have with a lot of thrillers movies too I get drawn in by the mystery of the storyline and the set up of the plot but it's like I want the twists and the reveals to be kinda epic y'know? I want them to make me go WOAHHHH It's like I'm drawn to the potential of the mysterious 'unknown' factor and I want to be blown away by the twists but I rarely amOh just a heads up for anyone outside the UK This is written by a British author and it's full of Britishisms as I like to call them Normally I wouldn't bother mentioning this but one in particular was a little shocking to me since I wasn't familiar with it There's a scene where someone calls her a slut and I was all like OO but then I looked it up and I guess it means slob so very different meaning there HehThe writing though was uite strong overall The mood was almost uiet and chilling but in a way where it just messed with your mind getting you to keep looking for hidden clues everywhere I have to say this would make an awesome movie But the story itself is actually uite hard to talk about it without spoilers It's not a graphic or gory book it really is accurately described as a psychological thriller So instead of describing it  I thought I'd just share some of the thoughts I had while readingJeeezzzzzz that prologue though OOI have so many uestionsOk hating him right from the start AssholeIs he really dead?Who the hell is that woman?Did I mention I hate him?Sooooo many secretsMore hateThe books Omg How?? Are they his? OoThe blood OO   Ummm??Yes keep digging into his past I want answersWhat's the end game here?Is she crazy? Or is she the only sane person?I hate himSecrets Lies Half truths everything is coming outI HATE HIMOk that's creepyIs this paranormal?? it's notHolyyyyyy Appearances can be so misleadingCreepy concept YikesIt's always the uiet ones huhWait whaaaaaat?? OH MY GOD gagsGlurk That is so wrongObsessionLiesRevengeSo yeah hopefully that should give you a bit of an idea of what to expect Like I said I ended the story feeling a bit unsettled But I do think that fans of Gone Girl will like this So if that's what you're looking for check this outRating 35 4 stars Psychological thriller standalone For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter ✦ Subscribe by email

  3. Claudia Putnam Claudia Putnam says:

    Meh Just another sniveling woman who married a sociopath

  4. Esil Esil says:

    Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy of Remember Me This Way I expect there are plenty of people who will really enjoy this book It fits in the thriller genre touted as another Gone Girl type book The narrative alternates between Lizzie and Zach a couple married for three years until Zach's death in a car accident or did he die Lizzie's narrative starts a year after Zach's death and Zach's narrative starts around the time they meet Decent concept but it felt a bit flat until halfway through the book and then it took a really creepy turn a bit too creepy for me So did I like it? I kept reading at times compulsively so it had me interested But I can't say that I loved this book I like the odd thriller but it has to be really good and preferably not fall into the subgenre of the many thrillers with couples who may or may not have done or intend to do terrible things to each other But again for those who are than fairweather friends to the thriller genre and judging from other reviews on GR Remember Me This Way will likely be good read indeed for many people

  5. ☼♄Jülie  ☼♄Jülie  says:

    Exactly one year after the fatal car crash that claimed her husband Zach's life Lizzie feels she has finally found the courage to visit the crash site to place some flowers there and hopefully get some closureIt has taken all of the courage she can muster to come to the decision to make this long drive into the country and after to drive on to meet an agent at the secluded bungalow which Zach used as his country painting studio Her plan is to sell it as isand as soon as possibleso that she can finally close that doorThe exact place on the country road where Zach's car swerved off and exploded on impact with a tree is a bit tricky to access but Lizzie is determined Leaving her car parked on an area beside the busy roadway she walks several metres before crossing to the place she knows instinctively is the right spot She climbs over the metal guard rail at the side of the road and negotiates the now overgrowing tracks of the cars' fatal trajectory into the tree that stopped its further descent into the depths of the dense bushAs she places her flowers beneath the tree on this one year anniversary Lizzie's eye is caught by something nearby On closer inspection she discovers that the object is a nicely wrapped bunch of flowers with a card attached The signature on the card is an unusual woman's name that Lizzie doesn't recogniseThis is where things start to get interesting as Lizzie is now forced to ponder on the fact the husband she was convinced she knew so well may have had some secretsThis was a fascinating clever and well thought out story with lots of twists and turns gradually adding layers of suspense and building all the while to an anticipated big finaleThough I really enjoyed the reading and was kept fascinated throughout I felt this book lacked a lot of the edginess that was implied It certainly had the potential to be a lot gripping and nail biting than it was and I kept waiting for that moment when I would be gripped by the expected 'anxious anticipation'The creep factor was great but I think the fear factor could've been amped up a bit There was a big finale and it was a good onebut it didn't knock my socks off as I know it could haveThis being only the second such novel from this author I have to conclude that here is a good writer of the thriller genre who just needs to finesse the scary bits ImhoHaving said that I still believe it earned 4★s and would definitely read from this authorThanks to NetGalley and the publishers for my copy to read and review

  6. Elaine Elaine says:

    When I find myself sneaking my kindle into the loo with me I know I have found a darn good book I could reel off a whole string of words to describe it Twisted devious controlling passionate lies calculating deceitful vengeful to name but a fewTwelve months after her husband Zach was killed in a car accident Lizzie goes to lay flowers at the scene only to find out that someone has beaten her to it Who has already left flowers at the scene? It seems she didn’t know as much about Zach as she thought she did but over the course of the book she is going to discover a lot about him The story is told partly in the present from Lizzie’s perspective from the moment she goes to the accident site onward deciding to delve into Zach’s past to try and solve the mystery of the flower giver As she does this a string of strange events leaves her doubting what she has been told about Zach’s death Something is not right someone is messing with her – or are they? Could her sister and friend be right and it just be that her mind is unsettled because of the grieving process? It is also told from Zach’s point of view He tells us the story of how they met and their marriage I don’t want to spoil the read for anyone else but Zach’s testimony made chilling readingThe two strands of the story eventually converge and all the little clues that the author dropped subtly into the book all suddenly make sense Although my mind had been working overtime trying to piece the puzzle together I was still surprised by the endingThis read is highly recommended and I have to thank the publisher for a copy of the book in return for a review

  7. Lee Lee says:

    A gripping psychological thriller The story alternates between the present with Lizzie's story and her relationship with her husband full of sociopathic tendencies who has recently passed But many things that happen lead Lizzie to believe that Zach is still alive but is he? Great ending which was satisfying

  8. pearl. pearl. says:

    It's kind of hard to rate this onePros The suspense was on point My heart raced nearly the entire timeCons Zach turned me off I've never read of a disgusting character His constant abuse of the dog enraged me and that seemed to be the least of his anger issues Ugh people like this need to go to hellEdited to include full reviewI received and Advance Reader Copy in exchange for my honest reviewFirst ThoughtsIt's hard to rate this one because I can't pinpoint the exact way I feel about it I loved the suspense My heart raced throughout the entire book and I read it in one sitting I hated Zach What a monster His behavior toward people and animals was disgusting I stayed up late reading Remember Me This Way because I had to know if Zach was really dead UghWhat I EnjoyedThe mystery It all starts when Lizzie goes to lay flowers at the spot of her husband's fatal car crash She notices that flowers have been left behind by another woman Lizzie spends the entire book trying to piece together who this mystery woman could be and all the while strange incidents happen that make Lizzie believe Zach is still aliveThe dog Only a dog would still love a human being even though that sack of crap human being keeps physically abusing the dog and even plotting to poison it slowly Wake up Lizzie Your husband was a complete psycho Jealous because she loves her dog? Give me a break Zach Go to hellWhat Could Have Been BetterJust leave animals out of it Lizzie is a human being She can find her independence She can leave Zach I don't have to feel too sorry for her especially when I think she enjoyed Zach's dark side Animals though? An animal is dependent on its owners They love unconditionally I don't care if the abuse of the dog was supposed to help portray Zach's mental instability It enraged meFatherlover plotpoint I'm not even going to explain what this is If you read it you'll understand what I'm talking about Disgusting It seemed to be an unnecessary addition to the storyTL;DRStill not sure how I feel about this one Suspense and mystery was on point I can't sympathize with Lizzie Zach was an abusive psycho You will keep reading until you know whether or not Zach is dead because you will be hoping for him to be dead Best character in the book was the dog Unnecessary plotpoint seemed to be added to make book longerPearl AsteriskPearl's Book Blog

  9. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    Really clever psychological thriller from Sabine Durrant following one womans journey through both grief and release as she discovers there was to her husband than meets the eyeThis was another gorgeously twisty turny tale as Lizzie comes up on the year anniversary of her husbands death in a car accident Lizzie knows him all too well however and she cannot shake the feeling that somehow somewhere he is still watching Her friends family and the police put it down to grief Lizzie is not so sureMeanwhile we hear from Zach in the form of a diary he kept An obviously dark and twisted individual I very much enjoyed seeing things from his point of view as Lizzie remembers those same incidents both of them making very different observationsCleverly done to keep you off kilter is Lizzie simply imagining things or could Zach possibly still be alive Added to that some great external characters muddying the waters and some genuinely creepy moments and you have a masterful and engaging tale which will keep you turning those pagesDefinitely recommended for fans of this genre and a good one to try if you are only just dipping your toes into the world of psychological thrillersHappy Reading Folks

  10. Judy D Collins Judy D Collins says:

    A special thank you to AtriaEmily Bestler Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review REMEMBER ME THIS WAY by Sabine Durrant is a chilling psychological suspense thriller a mystery of intrigue leaving the reader pondering which character is twisted?“You can love and hate someone at the same time You can so pity them it’s like a fist in your stomach be so resentful you want to hit them They can be the best thing that ever happened to you and the worst You can have thoughts of leaving them and yet the memory of their skin the pads of their fingers across your rib cage these can take your breath away even for a year“ Lizzie’s husband Zach was killed in an accident and a year later on Valentine’s Day after everyone has told her to move on here she is walking down the road where he died trying to remember him the right way When she arrives she finds flowers and a note Someone else cares about her husband plus she feels someone is always watching her? Stalking her? Who is Xenia? All the self help books with their formal stages from grief shock disbelief bargaining anger depression and final acceptance She thinks she has pathological grief No one is out to get her it’s pathological Survivor’s guilt Leaver’s guilt Unfinished business“Thank God he died before he read the letter That’s one thing to be grateful for He never learned her betrayal When I get there I will burn it She had decided to leave and written a letter which would be waiting for him in Cornwall She had spoken to him an hour before he died” If Lizzie had to face the truth she most likely would never have left him as it was his darkness that drew her in his obsession and insecurities Everyone thought he was such a catch and she was so lucky What comes next is twisted and chilling making Lizzie wonder who Zach really was or is? Strange things begin happening leading her to second guess Zach’s death – the body was hardly unidentifiable what if he is really still alive and watching her? Zach was always so controlling possessive and jealous narcissistic behavior—stating she better never leave him Zach is cleverwhat about the painting the message the breakin the diary the lies his past Sam Evil can be attractive she is haunted and possibly mad or PTSD? She wanted to escape him Did his love for Lizzie lead him to his death? Lizzie’s mind since he died has her twisted and manipulated; dreaming of hauntings and revenge waiting for violence?Switching from Zach to Lizzie from past to present the author keeps you glued to the pages with intensity of solving the mystery if Zach is alive or dead and about each personality; if the accident is a charade of torment in the event he had read her letter or if there is someone else trying to drive her nutsZach is one mind blowing psycho guy thriller readers will love his sadistic mind mixed with humor as Lizzie digs further into this past she begins to wonder if anything he said or did was real? However both Lizzie and Zach are complex leaving you pondering if Lizzie is wacko We also meet some secondary characters which add some deliciously evil and scandalous suspense and secrets as well as the poor dog Howard Can she move on with a new life with someone else? Does Zach still hold power over Lizzie even from the grave? Will she ever be free of his hold over her? Will she always be looking over her shoulder hoping he will be there? My first book by Durrant and looking forward to reading Well developed characters and twists and turns for a compelling psychological suspense crime thriller Loved the mysterious front cover depicting the road the accident and what lies behind the fog the curve the tree the person behind the wheel—drawing you in Gone Girl fans will love this one “Four percent of the population is supposed to fit the definition of sociopath That’s one in twenty five of us living without a conscience” darn scary Judith D Collins Must Read Books

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Remember Me This Way➫ [Ebook] ➦ Remember Me This Way By Sabine Durrant ➶ – She thought losing him was the worst thing that could happen She was wrong They tell her not to worry Her sister the police They say it's only natural when someone close to you dies to see him everywh She thought losing him was the worst thing that could happen She was wrong They tell her not to worry Her sister the police They say it's only natural when someone close to you dies to see him everywhere sense him still nearbyBut they don't know Zach like she does How much he loved herHow he liked things just his wayHow far he would go to get revenge.

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