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Milk Bar Life ❰Reading❯ ➶ Milk Bar Life Author Christina Tosi – For anyone addicted to crack pie compost cookies® and cake truffles here are their savory counterparts—such as Kimcheezits with Blue Cheese Dip Burnt Honey–Butter Kale with Sesame Seeds and Choos For anyone addicted to crack pie compost cookies® and cake truffles here Milk Bar MOBI :º are their savory counterparts—such as Kimcheezits with Blue Cheese Dip Burnt Honey–Butter Kale with Sesame Seeds and Choose Your Own Adventure Chorizo Burgers—along with enough make at home sweets to satisfy a cookie a day habit Join Christina and friends as they cook their way through “weaknights” sleepovers and late night snack attacks to make mind blowingly delicious meals with whatever is in the pantry.

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  1. karen karen says:

    this is a review in progress that's going to be reposted as i and maybe kelly try recipes in it do not be alarmed if you see it than once on your feed; i promise this is not groundhog daythis cookbook is full of many tasty looking treats that i want to try i mean tasty looking in a messy and manageable stonerfood way not in in a composed fancy dinner party way some of the recipes call for things like tang or velveeta so i am going to try a bunch of them and i guess review the book as i go along with pictures and hopefully amusing anecdotesthus far i have only made one recipe the mixed nut turtles which are photographed in the book like so mine did not end up looking like those and my experience was a very humbling adventure through my own shortcomings and dumb ideas here's the thing i love cooking but i only bake during the holiday season and very occasionally throughout the year and i'm not super disciplined about it; i'm very laissez faire with measurements and i don't have a lot of fancy professional grade euipment for example i don't have a candy thermometer because i never make candy and i don't have an actual double boiler just whatever i can rig up with two pots and some magical thinking but so i'm making these turtles because a promise is a promise and i told anne that if i liked the book she told me to read i would make them for her and i did so here i am following the directions boiling up this concoction and it's supposed to get to 245 degrees after about fifteen minutes i may not have a candy thermometer but i do have a clock and after fifteen minutes i'm frowning at this substance wondering is this shit done? i let it boil and froth for a bit longer to be on the safe side and then i stick my finger in it because i am smart and it felt really really hot which 245 degrees IS and then i get the genius idea to grab my meat thermometer but that only goes up to 190 degrees and this fact is precisely the reason candy thermometers exist right? but i use it anyway and this tells me that it is at least hotter than 190 degrees which is good enough for meit looks appropriately caramelly so i start dumping it out onto the dutifully prepared cooking sprayed wax paper in little turtle sized dollops and wait for it to solidify while i am waiting i stick in the little pecan feetses and the little almond heads and a little spine of cocoa dusted peanuts because i am sooooo fancy and i make a couple of baking sheets of these babies before it becomes clear that this caramel just isn't hardening so i turn to the internet which assures me mine is a situation that happens to a lot of guys and is not a big deal i just gotta cook it a little longerso i remove all of the pecan feetses and almond heads and cocoa peanut spines from all of the turtles and put their sad sticky selves into little heaps in separate bowls and i scrape the little caramel pools back into my pot and i reheat and i wait for it to be darker this time as internet has advisedand it seems to be working just fine and i swap out the wax paper for fresh wax paper because i am tidy and i spoon this newer better caramel onto it and grab fresh nuts for the little feetses and heads and spines and then i realize that in between the caramel reheat and the nut redistribution and the putting down of fresh wax paper i forgot to spray the new wax paper with cooking spray which is awesome so these turtles stuck like paint to the wax paper and then long after it was relevant i read the introduction to the recipe which in cookbooks is usually just some story about the chef's creation of the recipe or how much their mom likes it or whatever but in this case had some pretty useful information for morons like me If you're feeling like a temperature ninja andor are ballsy enough not to have a candy thermometer to do the job test the caramel first by color look for a nice auburn rust brown Next test the caramel's consistency by dipping a spoon into the caramel mixture and then into a little glass of ice water to cool it uickly The cooled caramel should be firm and hold its shape but still have a slight chew neither soft and super tacky nor rock hard crackohso you'd think that would be the end of karen being an idiot in this story but i'm nothing if not an overachieverlesson 2 i don't know anything about chocolateso i decide to make the little chocolate suiggles shown in the photo and the little eyeballs but there are no instructions for making these suiggles it is just assumed that people know how to do this and it's not part of the actual recipe just a little sentence in a circle on the photograph itself like hey make 'em if you want Drizzle the finished turtles with melted semisweet chocolate chips to give them some stripes and personalitythat is exactly what i want to doso because i am a DIY genius who doesn't own pastry bags or anything i decide that what people without pastry bags do is to pour melted chocolate out of the makeshift double boiler and into a plastic sandwich bag which has been poked with a little pinprick hole and that this will enable the chocolate to just ooze out into easy to manage decorative suiggles karen brissette lateral thinking probut there were complications so i guess a pinprick hole is not big enough to allow chocolate to gracefully flow out and when you try to make the hole bigger the chocolate just pours out like a garden hose and it is impossible to control and of course when your bright idea is to hold the bag in one hand and gently sueeze the chocolate out somehow forgetting that this is molten chocolate we're talking about and no store brand sandwich bag is going to protect sensitive palm flesh from a million degrees of chocolate i assume again i don't have a candy thermometer so i'm sueezing and getting scalded and chocolate is shooting out in thick ropes and not in decorative suiggles at all and it's starting to clot as it cools so eventually i have to scrape the chocolate back into the double boiler losing a lot of it along the way and being wasteful and i remelt it and just kinda scoop it over the turtles covering up the pretty cocoa dusted peanuts with which i'd been so pleased so i may as well have just used regular peanuts and fml and all and also making little chocolate eyeballs with a toothpick sounds easy but is not i am probably the worst turtle maker of all timethe eyeballs shown in the book my eyeballs and then even though i knew it was a no no i put them in the fridge because it was so hot and i was so frustrated and i thought maybe it would be easier to remove the wax paper if they were cold nope and i don't even want to get into what happened when i had my idea to hold a knife in an open flame and then slide it underneath the turtles to effortlessly remove them from their wax paper trap let's just say it was not successfuli never even ate any of these i saved two of the most deformed in the fridge and sent the rest to that sweet saint anne man of the house devoured both deformed turtles before i could try them wax paper and all but he's not really a good judge of confectionary success there's not much he won't eat if it's covered in chocolate and anne provided her own photographic response to the things but she may have just been being polite i am much better at cooking than baking and much better at baking than candy making you guys i have a candy thermometer now and how did i get one? a wizard?? a kardashian?? NO from beautiful wonderful anne the bravest of the waxed paper eatersthank you anne i hope to feed you parchment paper in the futurecoming soon tang toaststep one locate tang so after the turtle debacle of 2015 i decided that tang toast would be a logical follow up recipe how can a recipe with only three ingredients toast margarine and tang fail? this is the picture in the book and it looks cheerful and adorable this is what mine looked like it didn't blend nicely; it was all grainy and weird and it tasted well not great i never throw food away but i definitely tossed this into the trash hopefully the third recipe i try from this will be a success or at least edible before we delve into recipe three i just want to make a general comment on this book and how weird it is it's kind of a combination of white trash and gourmet where one recipe will be like add grape jelly to the cool whip or sprinkle tang on margarine and others will reuire freeze dried corn powder and banana extract and the paddle attachment on your stand mixer which isn't all that gourmet but i don't have a stand mixer so it seems exotic i'm sticking to the simplish recipes for now because i'm poor and banana extract is probably expensive anyway here are some kimchi uesadillas so this recipe doesn't reuire you to make your own kimchi i bought the radish kind because i have it less freuently than the cabbage kind okay and also it was cheaper this is what they look like before you bake them there is a lot of butter involved and parchment paper thanks anne and cheese which variety is left to the chef i chose blue cheese crumbles and ueso fresco and after assembling and this is the reason i chose this recipe you put another layer of parchment paper on top of these things and then put another baking sheet on top of that and then you bake it which is a techniue i have never encountered before and i didn't understand why the insides would be buttered but not the outsides after they didn't get browny crispy on the outsides obviously but i really liked the flavor of the kimchi with the blue cheese and it probably wouldn't have occurred to me to combine the two and there wasn't a single cooking related disaster and then i made some with black beans and hot sauce recipe three a successokay i have tried another recipe for ermaacorn suash with cinnamon butter and breakfast sausagethis is what the book says it should look like first you make these gourdcups where butter and salt and brown sugar and cinnamon live and then bake them into fragrant pools and then you add the rice and sausage mine also has beans and they were delicious and dripping with butter happy autumnnext up grilled ham and cheese corn cookie step one buy corn cookies at milk bar wow so i have already run out of space to review this book here i am going to continue reviewing it on another edition but who knows how long that will last before i'm in the same predicament dear publisher make editions review continues herehere are some recipes from this book i want to try and hopefully they will go better than this one did because if they're all this eventful i'm gonna run out of review spacehanky pankiescheesy onionsfruity pebble meringues with passion fruit curdritz cookiesbanana cookiessalt and pepper cookiesritz cracker ice box cakepb cornflake no bakeshershey's kiss rollpumpkin gooey butter cakecrackleburnt honey butter kale with sesame seedslemon barsmarky's butter burgerszucchini parmmac and cheese pancakesbrisket and broccoli

  2. karen karen says:

    SO i filled up the other review space and now i am continuing my review over here part one of review can be found heresame caveatthis is a review in progress that's going to be reposted as i and maybe kelly try recipes in it do not be alarmed if you see it than once on your feed; i promise this is not groundhog daynext up grilled ham and cheese corn cookie step one buy corn cookies at milk bar now the book will tell you If you've got a copy of Momofuku Milk Bar you've got the recipe for corn cookies Or you can buy some from milkbarstorecom and have them shipped to your doorstepfortunately there are several milk bar locations near me so i bought the cookies at the store but i just want the record to show how jive i think it is that instead of just reprinting the recipe here the expectation is that you will whip out an additional cookbook to make this simple dimple recipe or that you would own the other cookbook in the first place be efficient plzanyway here are the cookies i followed the recipe putting the cookies directly on the skillet and piling up the ham around it i was skeptical about putting the cookies on an unbuttered skillet and leaving it uncovered but i figured this person gets paid to cook she must know something i don't like maybe the cookies have so much butter in them it will just ooze out and be fineand this is what happened the outside started blackening long before the cheese melted now maybe this would have been better with individually wrapped cheese singles or velveeta or on a diner grade griddle but i followed the recipe as printed and it was a disasteri tried to fix the situation by melting the cheese in the oven but the damage had been done it was burnt and completely falling apart it probably would have been delicious flavor wise if not for all the char so if i do this again i'm just going to pan fry the ham and then assemble the sandwich and oven melt the cheese from the get goi had two cookies to try the recipe again but sean of the house was impatient and i was too sleepy to make it so i mumbled instructions from the bed making sure there was no skillet involved and i was going to rally to take pictures of what he created but his fell apart much than mine did plus he slapped it onto a giant portion of the mac and cheese i had made from that other book i'm long terming and it was not pretty but he said it was tasty so maybe i'll make them again this week MY way and see what happens okay so i went and bought cookies and i just put thinly sliced cheese on them and shoved them in the oven and put the ham on cold because i'm not really a fan of fried ham when it's coldcut ham and it was delicious so BOOM recipe schmecipe

  3. Sean Sean says:

    This book really devastated me Momofuku Milk Bar MMB is literally my favorite cookbook It not only changed the way I bake it taught me how to bake from scratch I used to love a Funfetti cake but now I won't touch a cake mix So imagine my shock when I see recipes in Christina Tosi's new book that call for boxed cake mix Processed foods aren't the real shock Tosi calls for Ritz crackers for example in MMB But the way she uses them in this book lacks transformation or creativity the way they do in Milk Bar Life's MBL predecessor What is this brilliant pastry chef wasting time and paper on a recipe for Seven Layer Salad? Who eats Seven Layer Salad? I understand that this is Tosi's at home cookbook Sure no problem But why put the name Milk Bar in the title? To sell copies I guess Do we really need a recipe for Tang Toast or Spaghetti O's Sandwich? Those just sound gross Why use Cool Whip for the Ritz Ice Box Cake when whipped cream is delicious and just as easy? There are a few glimmers of hope that made me decide to keep the book mostly her cookie recipes Though there's no shortage of delicious chocolate chip cookies Tosi's are delicious The oatmeal cookie recipe that opens the book inspired Tosi to become a baker and that's certainly exciting The Citrus Cookie sounds right up my alley but the Lemon Bars call for cake mix It's a perplexing cookbook but maybe perfect for college aged stoners

  4. Diana Diana says:

    I copied one recipe out of this book so I gave the book 2 stars instead of 1 I've never been to the author's restaurant and if I based my decision to dine there solely on this cookbook I wouldn't go Where to begin? How about with the Spaghettios sandwich? 1 can Spaghettios4 maple flavored breakfast sausage links2 slices breadUnsalted butterMaple syrup Handful of chipsIs your mouth watering yet? Well if so continue on and and try the Ritz cracker ice box cake only three ingredients so really easy to make112 cups grape jelly2 containers Cool Whip1 box Ritz crackersThe author states that this cake is magic It sounds and looks revolting to me I've taught young children how to cook and I think I'd have had a difficult time getting them to try this Hershey kiss roll involves a tube of crescent rolls and 32 Hershey's kisses Beef roast with gravy 1 can flipping cream of mushroom soup pkg of dried onion soup mix 1 can tomato sauce 1 beef brisket A good beef brisket does not deserve this treatment Tang toast anybody? Okay get your 2 slices of white bread toast it then slather it with MARGARINE Yes you read that right margarine Now sprinkle some tang on that and you've got another recipe down There are some real food recipes in the book but far too many like those mentioned above Check it out at the library but don't encourage the author by buying this book Oh and the recipe I copied was for Rosemary nuts 1 pound nuts 2 Tbsp butter 3 Tbsp chopped Rosemary 13 cup I'll use less brown sugar and 2 tsps kosher saltNow it's time to jar up my strawberry jam strawberries sugar and lemon juice elderberry flowers in a few jars

  5. DowdyGUMP DowdyGUMP says:

    Have you read Momofuku? You know how that’s so advanced yet made accessible enough for a home kitchen? Well that’s how this is except in regards to sweets Definitely worth the buyread but expect a challenge

  6. Elaine Elaine says:

    Unfortunately I spent my early years in Catholic school taught by honest to goodness nuns wearing habits and wimples This shapes a person in odd ways leaving me permanently feeling a sense of unspecified guilt and the need to be clear when I am skating corners as the weekly confessional would find me out anywayLuckily I am in a 12 step recovery program from Catholicism but that old sense of guilt arose when I read a cookbook and have to decide if I will count it as a read book and exactly how one writes a review of cookbook while remaining true to the spirit of GoodReads I know I know time to let all this guilt goI decided to count the book as the reality is that this is a cookbook with an awful lot of supporting narrative about where the recipes came from In that sense this is interesting but it is a little bit overly focused on the great environment that has been created at work and how happy everyone is to be a baker and how terrific Christina's life has worked out The receipes are a little uneven with old standards such as jelly meatballs and buckeyes without a lot of embellishment or updating Nothing wrong with that at all but not what I expected nor what I wanted So a 3 rating it is and a fairly firm decision to continue to be wracked with Catholic guilt when reviewing cookbooks as non fiction

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    First off this isn't a fancy Milk Bar cookbook This is a Christina Tosi cookbook Milk Bar Life refers to who she is her attitude how she treats people how she runs things in both her professional life and personal life A lot of people complained that the Milk Bar book was too complicated for home bakers Milk Bar Life is for home bakers and people are complaining it's not complicated enough This one is full of recipes that Christina herself grew up with uses on a regular basis for entertaining friends and family Essentially her at home go to's This is probably not what people were expecting hence the negative reviews but it's still a great cookbook for what it is It's not a fancy bakery cookbook it's a this is what I eat cookbook Hence the title her life revolves around Milk Bar and her job does affect how she eats and what she eats the intro to each recipe explains it all well Surprise Professional chefs don't eat fancy food all the time This is what I ate growing up because my momgrandma made it for meThis is what I eat when I'm exhausted and have been working on my feet all day Here's what we love to eat for family meal at the restaurant This is what I make my friends when they come overI know some of the recipes are downright gross or bizarre to most people but if you're from Ohio or Virginia they may seem familiar to you since that's where she grew up There's some old family recipes that I'm fond of that my friends in California think are repulsive but hey that's how my family ate in Boston They may seem familiar if you grew up in the 80's I'm the same age as Tosi so a few of these things I distinctly remember from childhood that Ritz cake being one It's a great window into the personal life of a professional chef And there's some great stuff in here The Rosemary Nuts all the dip recipes and things that are great party food and the cookie recipes Citrus the Greta Molasses Rye are amazing and a lot accessible to bakers who find the Milk Bar cookie recipes too intimidating I would definitely recommend this to people living on their own for the first time who probably haven't cooked a lot or people looking for something adventurous or nostalgic If you found her first book to be beyond your skillset at the moment give this one a try you don't need any fancy euipment or ingredients there's no measurements by weight and odds are you have a lot of the ingredients on hand already Overall a very fun book and I will definitely gift this to friends who love this kind of cooking

  8. Jen Jen says:

    If you love the Momofuku Milk Barbook Milk Bar Life is not for youMomofuku Milk Bar changed how I bake no word of a lie so I was really excited when I heard Christina Tosi was writing another book But Momofuku Milk Bar 2 this is not Which is fine but not what I was expectingI guess the target audience for this might be college students or very young professionals just starting out? Or the very very inebriated? I say this because there is literally a recipe for cinnamon toast and another recipe that tells you how to undercook a cookie one single cookie using store bought cookie doughI do like the pictures and the storytelling in this book Tosi writes like your bff There's no pressure to excel in the kitchen or to source hard to find ingredients Which is a bummer because I love those challenging books and spending way too much money on butterYou will find really creative recipes in here that you'd expect from a Momofuku offshoot kimcheez its anyone? but they're sandwiched in between recipes that are repeated from the Momofuku cookbook or that reference Momofuku Milk Bar recipes without repeating it Grilled Ham and Cheese Corn Cookies ingredients cheese cookies and ham Literally the only ingredient you need a recipe for is the Corn Cookies but it's not includedThe thing that I dislike the most about this book is the lack of weighted measurements Tosi goes to great pains to emphasize the importance of weighing baking ingredients in Momoofuku Milk Bar and then just throws it out the window in this book I get the home kitchen is different but would it have killed them to include weights in cups and grams? I will try some of the recipes in this book but meh

  9. Kim Kim says:

    Hi my name is Kim and I like to read cookbooks The Ritz cookies were A

  10. Julie Julie says:

    This was a great companion to the Chef's Table profile of author and chef Christina Tosi that I saw recently on Netflix I'm not sure I would ever make any of the recipes but I really enjoyed the stories about Christina's life and experiences as owner of Momofuko Milk Bar in New York City Definitely recommended

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