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Abracadabra ✵ [BOOKS] ⚦ Abracadabra By H.P. Newquist ✿ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Magic is a word we use to describe something amazing awe inspiring or spectaular Truly great magic makes us believe in things we know can't be real In the hands of the greatest magicians even a simple Magic is a word we use to describe something amazing awe inspiring or spectaular Truly great magic makes us believe in things we know can't be real In the hands of the greatest magicians even a simple card trick can become truly wondrousNow in this nonfiction narrative of magic through the ages HP Newuist explains how the world's most famous tricks were created From the oracles of ancient Egypt and the wizards of medieval Europe on to the exploits of Houdini and modern practitioners like Criss Angel this book unlocks the secrets behind centuries of magic and illusionFully illustrated and including step by step instructions for eight classic magic tricks this book will have middle grade readers spellbound.

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  1. April April says:

    So when I learned about Abracadabra The Story Of Magic Through The Ages by HP Newuist a wave of nostalgia hit meRead the rest of my review here Note Review goes live November 2 2015

  2. PWRL PWRL says:


  3. Aylea Aylea says:

    Even from the earliest recorded history people have been performing magic to fool inspire educate and entertain In this nonfiction book it summarizes the history of magic from the beginning to the modern day Neuist explains how the most famous magic tricks were created how the most influential magicians got started and developed their craft how magic went from being punishable by death to reuested by world leaders and many things relating to how magicians perform tricks and astound their audiences every day The book contains instructions to perform eight of the most common and oldest magic tricks sections on tools of the trade a guide to figuring out magic tricks and a list of recommendations for people wanting to earn about magicYoung readers will enjoy this thorough explanation of the development of magic The tricks are simple enough to perform without much euipment so that interested readers can have an active part of learning about magic The book does detail how some of the most famous magic tricks are done as a way to explain the development of magic and how it still takes a lot of skill to be able to pull of tricks Some of the tricks could use diagrams and the tools of the trade sometimes aren’t organized as well as they could be because it will sometimes have the pages about them separating words in a sentence It does have several illustrations and photographs of influential magicians to help readers make of a connection to the history Written in a very simple way young readers who want to be magicians or who are just interested in magic will find this book accessible and interesting

  4. Sandi Ellis Sandi Ellis says:

    A decent look at magic through the ages even includes some explanations and how to tips on basic magic tricks

  5. Shelly Kraus Shelly Kraus says:

    History of magic told in 8 chapters from ancient Egypt to modern day magician David Blaine The author explains how magicians have used sleight of hand mirrors or even assistants to pull off their stunts At the end of each chapter the author explains a trick and how to pull it off There is a suggested reading list and some websites for further investigation The author offer an intriguing look at the hocus pocus that we have wondered about

  6. Sandra Strange Sandra Strange says:

    This entertaining history of magicians through the ages includes directions for eight basic magic tricks and is aimed at 10 11 year olds Engaging and informative for everyone interested in magic and magicians

  7. Shauna Yusko Shauna Yusko says:

    I think this is aimed at upper elementary but I think it's better suited for middle school Problem is the magic tricks explained are a little simple for any middle school magic enthusiast So I'm a little torn Good for the history of magic info though

  8. Deidrah Reeves Deidrah Reeves says:

    Good history of magic It lost me in the middle but overall an easy sell for book talks

  9. Oracleanne Oracleanne says:

    The information is haphazardly thrown together and does not contain diagrams for some of the magic tricks

  10. Abraham Ray Abraham Ray says:

    Great children's book about magical history

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