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Vulture View ❮Epub❯ ➟ Vulture View Author April Pulley Sayre – Turkey vultures soar on the balmy air looking for their next stinky feast These birds don't hunt—they like their food to be already dead and their eating habits serve a very important ecological rol Turkey vultures soar on the balmy air looking for their next stinky feast These birds don't hunt—they like their food to be already dead and their eating habits serve a very important ecological role Vultures are part of nature's clean up crewIn her signature poetic energetic style acclaimed nature writer April Pulley Sayre introduces young readers to the world of the turkey vulture The gorgeous illustrations by Caldecott Honor–winning artist Steve Jenkins capture these birds in all their surprising majesty Vulture View is a Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year.

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  1. Melki Melki says:

    The last few weeks have brought some newcomers to my neighborhood a flock wake or committee kettle venue or volt of 20 or turkey vultures have started perching ominously in nearby trees After a hard day's work in the nearby landfill two miles away as the crow buzzard flies these birds like nothing than to gather together on the uppermost branches and stare down with beady little eyes as I walk by with my dog I have to admit that I've been staring right back at them so I was thrilled to find this book at the library Sayre presents a fascinating and colorful look at these rather unappealing creatures Her book with simple text aimed at younger readers features stunning collage illustrations by Steve JenkinsThere are two info packed pages at the end of the book that offer the real dirt on vultures Here we learn that the turkey vulture while ungainly on the ground is magnificently graceful while soaring in the skyThe birds' claws are too weak for grasping and killing prey so they rely on scavenging the dead Scientists aren't completely sure how vultures are able to eat rotten food that would sicken other animals Despite their unusual diet vultures are very clean And both male and female keep the eggs warm and feed the youngThough it may seem an odd book to read to children it's a nice ode to one of nature's unsung and unappreciated creatures

  2. Luann Luann says:

    Very simple and poetic text teaches about vultures who catch a ride on warming air and seek for foods that reek such as a rotten stinky dead deer The text makes this accessible for very beginning readers yet still teaches interesting concepts for advanced readers An author's note at the end includes much detail about the turkey vulture Did you know that five states have festivals that celebrate the turkey vulture? I had no idea As always Steve Jenkins' illustrations are full of texture and a treat to look at

  3. Melissa Stewart Melissa Stewart says:

    It's no wonder that this book was selected as an ALA Geisel Honor title The text is poetic but not regularly rhyming in a way that rolls of the tounge but also offers some fun rhythmic surprises What other author could make vultures so much fun to read about? The dynamic cut paper collage art enhances the text making this book a must read

  4. Kimberly Sabatini Kimberly Sabatini says:

    Fabulous illustrations a great approach to a rotten topic with very interesting end matter Well done

  5. Claire Claire says:

    35 turkey vultures are the best 🥰

  6. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer Krista the Krazy Kataloguer says:

    I love this book The illustrations are gorgeous and the text while rhyming is very informative in simple terms My favorite picture is the one where the turkey vultures are all resting in the tree for the night Beautiful The additional information about them at the end of the book was welcome but the one piece of information left out unless I missed it was where they live I'm assuming they live in the United States because at the end of the book it lists 5 turkey vulture festivals all of them in the US But do they live elsewhere? I'll have to look it up This book was a 2008 Geisel Award honor book for easy readers but I would have given it a Caldecott AND a Sibert Award as well Highly recommended

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Sayre's text reads almost like free verse poetry it's not usually in couplets and it doesn't scan but there are rhymes and internal rhythms that make it a pleasure to read The simple text would work as an easy reader for those moving up from the very easiest titles but I don't think I would have even thought about that if it hadn't received a Geisel honor There's information about vulture life packed into the narrative although some of it must be inferred A longer note for independent readers is included at the back with detailed and direct information on vulture habits Steve Jenkins cut paper collage illustrations are a treat as always the textures he manages to get are just amazing

  8. Alice Alice says:

    I really enjoyed this book You don't usually get great non fiction with great pictures and interesting facts I see turkey vultures all the timethey are HUGE and EVERYWHERE I learned that they have weak claws so they don't kill animals but will scanning on dead animals that have died from death disease or another animal When I read disease I thought How does the vulture not get sick in the book it explains they can safely eat food that would make a human sick Scientist aren't sure sure how but the vulture's body sterilizes the food killing off dangerous organism I think some biology research student has just found their master thesis Why don't turkey vulture get sick from diseased meat they may eat? Nicely done Well serving on the Theodore Seuss Giesel Honor Book

  9. Rachel Bayly Rachel Bayly says:

    Vulture View is an informational text about what turkey vultures do especially how they find food and what they eat Vultures are a uniue animal but they are considered gross and scary This book approaches the topic in a way that intrigues readers and is kind of silly The rhyming in the book encourages prediction and interaction as the book is read Illustrations cut paper collagePulley Sayre A Ill Jenkins S 2007 Vulture view New York Henry Holt and CoTags animals birds vultures scavengers

  10. Christy Christy says:

    Different Interesting Poetic believe it or not I now know about vultures than I ever wanted to know FYI even though vultures eat rotten food they keep themselves very clean We borrowed this book from the library because we were planning on going to a raptors show at the audubon society It rained very very hard and we didn't go but this book was definitely a good introduction to vultures

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