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The Preachers Son [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Preachers Son By Dahlia Rose – Caleb McMullen had it all a successful law practice and the prestige of being the golden boy of small town Jasper Tennessee Being the son of the preacher meant that everyone looked to him to be the go Caleb McMullen had it all a successful law practice and the prestige of The Preachers eBook  being the golden boy of small town Jasper Tennessee Being the son of the preacher meant that everyone looked to him to be the good guy He was supposed to marry the sweet prim and proper apple pie girl He didn’t want to be that guy and no matter how many times he tried to break out of the mold people managed to drag him back in The only thing that kept him sane was spending time with Angelica Edwards Everyone called her Angel She was a spicy temptress who managed a club in GeorgiaEven though they were from two different worlds when he was with her his life felt full and happy She was one hell of a dancer and her kisses were sugary sin But when Angel showed up in Jasper to let him know he’d be a father it turned the town on its ear With her spicy I don’t give a fuck attitude and sleeve tattoo she was the last person his mother wanted him to marry let alone have a child with But Angel gave him a choice—be the man they both wanted or the man everyone expected him to be One would give him the happiness he desired and the other would drive her away To him the answer was easy but that didn’t mean the road to happiness was peaches and cream It was littered with obstacles they would have to face.

  • ebook
  • 166 pages
  • The Preachers Son
  • Dahlia Rose
  • English
  • 12 May 2016

10 thoughts on “The Preachers Son

  1. Dee& Dee& says:

    Yes complete opposites do attract and such is the case of protagonists in The Preacher's Son Caleb a successful lawyer and the preacher's sons falls in love with Angela club owner with a potty month and colorful tattoos As plans are being made for Caleb to move to ATL to start a new life away from Jasper Tennessee a so called Metropolis with one stoplight those are stupid Barbie's word not mine ha ha ha Angel discovers that she's pregnant From that point on the story shows how Caleb and Angel will have to literally fight for their love and boy will they fightI loved Angel's BFFs John and Charlie and I hope that Dahlia Rose is weaving their story next Now Caleb's judgmental Mother Mary and Barbie the lackey and a nitwit in every sense of the word uuuuuugggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh know that's another story Caleb's Dad the preacher well you will really love him his philosophy of his church and belief He was truly and inspiring character who would put his foot down with Mary and could be comical tooSo if you're looking for a sexy funny story with endearing characters yes this is your book 5 star

  2. Tina Tina says:

    A very well written love story Angel grew up with the hard life She felt broken Caleb was the preacher's son who lived in a small town where everyone knew everything about each other And yet neither was fulfilled until that faithful night This book is a good example of that healing mind blowing love that can withstand the test of time It is definitely a recommended read Great job to the author

  3. Jacqueline McNeal Jacqueline McNeal says:

    Caleb😍😇AngelThe most Beautiful love story I have read Caleb was the most Beautiful man He stood his ground I loved his father Bill He was a God fearing​ man Angel and Caleb were meant to be I knew his mom would come around or lose her son forever We as parents need to read this when it comes to our children and relationships 100% love this book

  4. Genelle Genelle says:

    Caleb and Angel represent extremes Caleb is the successful attorney who is a preacher's kid He would be a dream come true if he didn't come with a mother who has a definite list on who and what Caleb needs in a wife that included a Betty Crocker clone who can bake a mean biscuit and who fits the mold of what Mommy Dearest feels is respectable Angel is the tattoo wearing club owner who comes from a family that left her with enough baggage to start her own luggage company She's a lot of things but the one thing she isn't today tomorrow or ever going to do or be is someone who fits in someone else's mold Even if that someone is the mother of her baby daddy who she has fallen head over heels in love with So what happens when what Caleb wants in a woman is exactly what his mother doesn't? The same thing that happens when you put two highly charged magnetics anywhere close to each other they cling together The bigger uestion is with a mother dead set against them a woman who the mother is determined to have as her daughter in law despite her son's wishes and Caleb and Angel with a new baby on the way will the couple be able to really make it together? You have to read The Preacher's Son to get the answersI have to admit that I was a little disappointed There were a lot of times where I felt like the story set up to have issues that could have run deeper and then solved them without any real depth However all in all I think that the story was exactly what I think it was supposed to be One of those feel good easy reads that you can kick back and just enjoy Not one of those deep thinker stories or a mysterysuspense book that you have to overanalyze to death The book does seem to set up Angel's two best friends the supporting cast in this story for a book of their own You walk away with a lot of unanswered uestions on whether or not a successful romantic relationship is possible for them in their future Also you are left with some uestions on just what happened in one of their pasts Hmmm smells like another book in the start of a series to me I guess we'll just have to wait and see

  5. postcrdprincess postcrdprincess says:

    I have read several books by this author I wanted to read this book based on the title alone Then when I read the book description I was really interested in reading it because I was expecting a lot of drama since the hero Caleb is the son of a preacher and there is always great expectations surrounding that title Let me start with what I did like about the book I like that the heroine Angel was different I am use to the sassiness or attitude when it comes to a black heroine but I wasn't expecting the full sleeve tattoos or even the boa's in the office or pink lipstick chair read it and you will see what I mean Angel may have had attitude but under all that roughness was a sweetness I also liked Caleb because he was his own man and he made his own decisions I did truly believe the chemistry that Caleb and Angel hadThe secondary characters; Charlie and John were both interesting as well and I would love to see a story about them It seems that there is definitely some back story and maybe even a relationship when it comes to these twoWhat slightly disappointed me was that I was expecting some kind of drama because of him being a preacher's son but I didn't get it in the way that I expected or the way the book description made it appear no spoilers here I was expecting way hoopla about it especially from the father Oops almost TMIEven though I didn't get exactly what I expected I did enjoy Angel's attitude and the fact that Caleb could handle her I enjoy reading books by Dahlia Rose and this book hasn't changed that

  6. Connie Connie says:

    Cute story about Caleb the son of a Southern preacher in love with Angel a night club owner I loved Angel's personality She did not accept any disrespect from anyone Caleb's mother is your typical sef righteous racist pretending she's perfect She is very upset that Caleb is dating someone outside of his race Caleb's father is hilarious reminding his wife that she also had a bun in the oven when they got married and she should not be judging Angel

  7. Shameka Shameka says:

    Meh this story was just ok Too much erotica which I'm not really into and not nearly enough of a plot It also had a little too much unrealistic drama for me and honestly I found Angel to be totally unlikable The book is only 79 pages so at least it is a uick easy read

  8. Nancy L Thompson Nancy L Thompson says:

    Very nice storyI usually like longer stories but I can't find any true fault with this one It made me laugh and had great characters I'm a fan of Delilah's so this book gets a thumbs up from me

  9. Stacy Anita Edwards Stacy Anita Edwards says:

    FairIt was just okay Honestly I felt no chemistry between the two main characters I did like how the hero stood up to his mother And there never really was any conflict they both knew what they wanted

  10. Anna Visocsky Anna Visocsky says:

    I just didn't like it It wasn't for me After reading Fifty Shades and The Crossfire Series I had big hopes for this book It was cute a cute read I just wanted

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