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  1. Emily Emily says:

    Picked this up on my dad's recommendation I was excited about some of the contributors like Wodehouse and Thurber and came away with a few new authors to admire I liked the humorous stories than the hunting stories although I still appreciated the writing style in some of those Here's the list of stories which include fiction and nonfiction some of them excerpts from longer works Parapups by Corey Ford 5 stars Loved this story about dogs living on air bases during World War 2 Random thoughts on Random Dogs by John Steinbeck4 stars pretty short but I really liked certain turns of phrase like this one I have owned some astonishing dogs One I remember with pleasure was a very large English setter He saw things unknowable Dogs by Ring Lardner3 stars I liked it OK How to Name a Dog by James Thurber5 stars I got a lot of laughs reading this one The Fighting Strain by Albert Payson Terhune35 stars Some of these older stories pretty casually refer to drowning puppies and I have a hard time getting past that There was one standout line when the main character Trent who on his way home from a stint in prison rescues a dog who is being beaten and finds the men who framed him suatting in his house They attack him and he fights back Once the dog Buff joins the fray I love this line describing the end of the battle The rest was conuest The Care and Training of a Dog by EB White45 stars Short sweet and well written Robin by Jim Corbett35 stars The big game hunting stories aren't my favorites but I was moved by Corbett's affection for his dog Your boy and his Dog by Robert Benchley4 stars short and funny Being a Public Character by Don Maruis5 stars this ties with the Wodehouse story for favorite love the voice of this accidental hero A Very Shy Gentleman by PG Wodehouse5 stars Hilarious I would expect nothing less from Wodehouse Ulysses and the Dogman by O Henry3 stars It was OK Not every story can be The Gift of the Magi Buffalo Hunt by JA Hunter3 stars Another big game hunting one Meh Verdun Belle by Alexander Woollcott3 stars another wartime story this time in World War 1 Didn't like this one as much as Parapups Some Dogs by EC Keith3 stars hunting blah blah blah I liked the way he described his dogs though With the Cougar Hounds by Theodore Roosevelt4 stars for some reason this had a bunch of typos but I really liked the way he wrote about the nature that surrounded him on this hunting trip in Colorado and I especially liked his descriptions of the different dogs and their characters Rex by DH Lawrence3 stars Didn't really like this story from his childhood especially the way the dog was treated The Road to Tinkhamtown by Corey Ford5 stars Beautiful sad story it will make you cry but not for the reason you might expect

  2. Jeffrey Jeffrey says:

    Great collection of dog stories by many distinguished authors including some personal favorites Steinbeck Ford RooseveltThis collection runs the gamut There are hunting stories stories about dogs in the armed services funny stories and sad ones tooThe book closes with a story that always hits home the inimitable The Road to Tinkhamtown by Corey Ford; uite possibly the best dog story I've read That the story features a dear departed Setter makes it especially bittersweetA couple stories that stood out Buffalo Hunt JA Hunter Random Thoughts on Dogs Steinbeck Your Boy and His Dog Robert Benchley With the Cougar Hounds Theodore Roosevelt Parapups Corey FordA wonderful collection for any dog lover

  3. Jan Jan says:

    Anthology of dog stories from authors such as O'Henry Teddy Roosevelt DH Lawrence and John Steinbeck No female writers sadly Many of the stories had to do with hunting and I did not enjoy those My favorite story was by Alexander Woollcott about Verdun Belle a shabby lonesome dog who befriends a company of soldiers during the Battle of Verdun in World War I I also enjoyed a story by DH Lawrence about raising a naughty terrier puppy named Rex

  4. Kelly H. (Maybedog) Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

    Although originally published in 1959 most of these stories were published much earlier sometimes decades earlier This shows in a lot of the stories not just from descriptions of daily life the sexism and complete lack of belief in the existence of people who are not white It also shows in the generally accepted practice of letting dogs roam free drowning unwanted puppies and the acceptance of beating dogs and kids alikeI had to take each story in context this story was written in 1922 with the sensibility of the times The stories are for the most part as forward thinking as any popular writing of the given era And some as progressive as todayHowever what is timeless is the love that each of these authors has for dogs One author describes spending an entire cruise evading the evil kennel tender who would have his dog spend the voyage in a cage In another the story is written from the dog's point of view expressing his tolerance for his boy's stupidityAt least half the articles could have been published today with minimal change One exception is surprisingly EB White's tale The author of such beautiful animal stories as Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little is horrific in its insensitivity to the suffering of animals He asserts that people who let their dogs inside are idiots dogs should be beaten regularly etc practices that while accepted then would still be considered cruel even in his day by a doting dog ownerOverall the majority of the writings in this book withstand the test of time Considering how difficult I find it to read books from long ago because of the issues I mention above the fact that I had trouble putting this time is a testment to the uality of the writing

  5. Andrew Wayment Andrew Wayment says:

    For the most part this is not a hunting book but it contains one of the greatest hunting stories ever written Corey Ford's The Road To Tinkhamtown This alone makes the book worth the price of admission

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Cold Noses and Warm Hearts Beloved Dog Stories by Great Authors ❮Reading❯ ➶ Cold Noses and Warm Hearts Beloved Dog Stories by Great Authors Author Laurie Morrow – A marvelous collection of dog stories compiled by the late humorist Corey Ford with pieces by his friends and peers including Thurber Benchley Wodehouse White Wootlcott Maruis Steinbeck Lardner Lawren and Warm Kindle Õ A marvelous collection of dog stories compiled by the late humorist Corey Ford with pieces by his friends and peers including Thurber Benchley Wodehouse White Wootlcott Maruis Steinbeck Lardner Lawrence and others Noses and Warm Hearts Beloved Kindle - Also includes Ford's original version of The Road to Tinkhamtown The stories in Cold Noses and Warm Hearts share a theme the strong Cold Noses eBook ✓ enigmatic bond between dog and master.