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Tracker Foreigner #16 [Read] ➲ Tracker Foreigner #16 Author C.J. Cherryh – Tracker is the sixteenth installment of CJ Cherryh's acclaimed Foreigner seriesIt’s been a year of upheaval since Bren Cameron’s return from space—a year when he and the aiji dowager one of his Tracker is the sixteenth installment of CJ Cherryh's acclaimed Foreigner seriesIt’s been a year of upheaval since Bren Cameron’s return from space—a year when he and the aiji dowager one of his most powerful atevi allies returned home from their two year interstellar mission to find the government over­thrown and their world Tracker Foreigner eBook ´ in chaos Now at last things are calming down; the Assassins’ Guild is functioning again working out its internal difficulties and Bren is settling back into his routine not as Lord of the Heavens; not—to his regret—as Lord of Najida peninsula where his leisure estate is located; but as paidhi aiji an official in the atevi court His current ambition is to keep himself and his bodyguard out of harm’s way and to shepherd the aiji dowager’s daring new trade agreement through the appropriate legislative committees Combined with Tabini aiji’s recent appointment of his young son Cajeiri as his official heir Bren’s workload is challenging but at least things on the atevi world seem to be on the right track Something is coming however uietly stealthily just the first ominous twinkle of a new star in the heavens.

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  1. Bradley Bradley says:

    I'm extremely happy to be returning to space again Not that I didn't love the politics and the deadly action and the assassination attempts down below but it's been a long time since we went back to space Objectively it's only been a year but in that time there's been a civil war and the space station has been dealing with troublesome refugees from another space station that had gotten itself into some deep trouble with some very strange aliensAnd guess who's come to the Atevi homeworld knock knock knocking on the door?Ah well just imagine a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off and you're describing mostly the humans including those in control of the space stationEnter DIPLOMACY Yes diplomacy as a superpower It's a thing It's a very geeky thing that I absolutely love Add a bit of math a lot of politics coming from so many sides names and situations that have been developing for a truly wonderful run of 16 books and the start of a new story arc mini trilogy and I'm super happy It's always like coming home Like coming home to a million old dysfunctional friends with ebony skin who think in math and believe all humans are little tiny childrenBut best of all we're getting back to space And Cajeri's human friends have just been gifted percieved powers among the rabble on the space station? Holy crap And aliens are coming? Holy crap And we've got conspiracy diplomacy hacking space battle and tea? Oh yeah Cherryh's on my wavelength I can't wait to see where this new trilogy takes us

  2. Gergana Gergana says:

    Ever since book 6 Explorer I've been waiting WAITING for this to happen Book 16 Tracker is everything I ever wanted to see in this series SPACE We're finally back on the station and things aren't as peachy as Bren thought they would be An alien ship is approaching the planet – is it friendly? Is it an enemy? Speaking of enemies the Mospheiran space station master is a complete disaster the psychopaths from Reunion are as suspicious as ever Cajeiri's associates are missing and possibly in grave danger the assassin's guild wants to open office in space and we all know how bad this can go Basically there's a lot of #% happening and Bren has to fix it all again and believe it or not his fellow humans tend to be far difficult to deal with than the alien Atevi Cajeiri and his cute petI don't want to spoil anything this book is filled with plot twists and dubious situations so I'll be as general as possible translation I'll fangirl like an obnoxious little bratWHAT I LOVED 1 We're back in space Or specifically to the space station the only place where humans and atevi are working together their language skills are rather bad so they communicate between eachother using simple words images and occasionally exchange photos of their familiesSO CUTE I wish we could see of these every day scenes 2 Situation on the station is a complete mess – let's just say the Mospheiran humans aren't very happy to have the Reunion humans as flatmates and it's up to Bren to poor some sense into their leaders' heads Armed atevi assassins as bodyguards should do the trick 3 The Assassin's Guild is opening an office on the space station WOW Seriously? I can't wait to see how this goes They should watch some human tv soap opera for educational purposes just to get an idea of what an emotional mess our race is 4 Irene – she's uickly becoming one of my favorite characters Not to mention she's a female human below 40 who isn't stupid weak ignorant or evil That's rareShe's actually the only one so far In this book Irene is one hell of a kick ass character A Paidhi material without a doubt 5 Bren and interracial diplomacy Dealing with Atevi is a piece of pie compared to dealing with emotional humans with mental breakdowns 6 The human children – I adore them I adore their presence in the books and it's been a great joy to read about their journey in the past 3 booksWHAT I DIDN'T LOVE 1 I'll be honest ever since book 7 my interest in the series was dwindling I'm actually a minority here as usual I still enjoyed them especially books 14 and 15 but at one point it was a struggle to continue considering Foreigner as one of my top 15 favorite series Book 16 was definitely worth the long wait but I do feel a little bit tired from the overall plot dragging in the previous 9 books 2 Stupid evil humans are juststupid and evil Ok so random bad guy wants power wants control wants to cause others to suffer because? Why is he doing all this he can't be a complete psychopath without real human reasoning Some of the most horrible actions in our history were done because of good intentions People are never truly evil something made them prone to make wrong choices in life Branding a person as evil is not enough for me Maybe his goals are detrimental for some but beneficial for others If he was 100% selfish then he wouldn't have so many followers to begin with CONCLUSIONLOVED IT Sad because I've almost caught up with the series now but overall Tracker made me fall in love with Foreigner all over again Fanarts are done by me as usual 3

  3. Veronique Veronique says:

    45 Reading my way through the Foreigner series has been an enjoyable discovery but I must admit that the last 9 books were perhaps a little too much to get back to this part of the narrative Don’t get me wrong Many aspects dealt with were fascinating and getting Cajeiri’s point of view has been priceless and oh so much fun but in my very humble opinion it could have been done a tad uicker Book 16 on the other hand ‘beginning’ of another trilogy arc was much to my taste We finally get thrown back into the mess that is the station hotpot with factions than you could believe the Mospheirans the humans from the ship and then the humans rescued from the abandoned station all at each other’s throat nearly As if this wasn’t enough the Kyo are coming O Yes I’m smiling And who else can sort all this out? Bren of course Bradley mentioned diplomacy as a superpower and I have to agree that it fits beautifully I must also commend Cherryh for giving us Irene and developing her as a really fascinating protagonist full of potential Here we have a child who although scared by all the explosive situations gathers her strength and actually uses it and her intelligence in a determined way I cannot wait to see what else she is going to achieve In the paucity of ‘strong’ female characters it is a breath of fresh air The only thing I didn’t like was the ending You cannot leave it there Can’t wait for next month to get the next book O

  4. liza liza says:

    just another idyllic peaceful interlude on the home world of the ateviuntil aliens zoom into range and civil war breaks out on the space station and cajeiri stains his cuff lace with inkC J ma? with respect bowing slightly one does understand how much effort goes into each of your Foreigner novels and one does absolutely wish to leave you in peace to write but please Your faithful readers do not grow younger and we desperately wish to know we must learn what happens when the kyo visit We shall wait as patiently as we can wait but we do hope the next installment will be available very soon as we are great fans of this meticulously described and thoroughly thought out universe

  5. Jo Walton Jo Walton says:

    Despite having a tea ceremony on the cover and thus leading one to expect of the same this book contains non trivial events I cared about for the first time in several volumes Not that I mind reading about Cajeiri picking our furniture and having a birthday party or I wouldn't still be reading but this book was much like the reason I wanted Atevi books in the first placeI can't wait for the next one

  6. Peter Tillman Peter Tillman says:

    TRACKER features all of Cherryh's strengths and weaknesses In particular the slow pace and constant repetitions get old but I just skim the slow parts I've been away from the Foreigner universe for uite awhile and it's a pleasure to be back First of a new story arc and the next is on its way from the library The space station diplomacy etc is cool the Young Lord is growing up and his pal Irene from the visit to the Atevi homeworld by three refugee kids that opens the book is wonderful She kicked it up to 4 stars for me That whole episode really and it wouldn't be fair to reveal You'll know it when you see itThe whole series is a remarkable piece of imaginative work She's been publishing books in the Foreigner universe since 1994 That's impressive This is book #16 Four to go nice catch up or memory aidThe review to read is Jo Walton's here's a good review by another long term reader of the series once the story starts to move forward it really moves In the space of a hundred pages Bren is on the planet deciding to visit his brother and then he’s whisked up to the space station to deal with a threat and goes toe to toe with a stationmaster who has clearly lost his mind and hopes his very loyal and extremely frightening bodyguard doesn’t decide to kill someone all while trying to figure out how to talk to a dangerous new alien race when the only thing they’ve translated in their language is a handful of nouns It was fun exciting satisfying and absolutely makes me want to read

  7. Alice Alice says:

    Oh Boy a proper cliffhangerStarting out slowly as usual with Bren worrying about everything and thus giving an approximate history of the series so far I love Bren he is the most Virgo hero I have ever come across and it makes a refreshing change from the Alpha Male heroes usually portrayed He is intelligent meticulous sometimes fussy considerate very diplomatic and fair While maintaining his own modesty he is able to wield the power of his office and restore right relations between those who are causing discord Although there have been some violent actions in previous books mostly a diplomatic solution is used for resolution This is a somewhat rare approach in most space operasIn this installment Bren finds that he needs to travel to the space station to resolve issues with the Ship People Mospheirans Reunion Refugees and Atevi Before he can respond to this situation a alien space ship is observed to be heading towards their space station This pushes everything into crisis mode and just about when Bren has control the aliens open communication Stay tuned for the next book and pray it won't be too long in coming out as this series really heats up again

  8. Bill Bill says:

    This episode of Foreigner blew me away One of the best books in my favorite SF series

  9. Jackie Harrison-jewell Jackie Harrison-jewell says:

    So I've read every book in this series It's been fun I love the world and the Atevi culture and the characters are great I love Bren's aishid There's just one thing that keeps bothering me A little background A few years ago when Jean Auel wrote the Ayla series I read each one as soon as it came out I was hooked on this character and her grand adventures My husband read them too and his only comment was that she invented everything The comment stuck with me because of course it was sort of true Sewing Taming horses and dogs Inventing the sling And a bunch of other species changing events all brought about at the hands of this one woman I mean it's not like Jean was really claiming that this one woman did all those things or that there even was just one person who did these things They were works of fiction and she was just bringing to life events that must have happened at some point conveniently housed in a single interesting and likeable person It was just so unrealistic when you stepped back and looked at it from that perspective And the thing is once you did look at it from that perspective the suspension of disbelief so critical to enjoyment of the book was ruined I couldn't read another book in the series without being a little cynical about whatever new adventure or skill Ayla came up with And I never did read the last fewYeah there's a point and I imagine you've come to it by now Bren is truly at the center of his universe Oh sure he's not the aiji but even the supreme leader of an entire race of people defers to his judgement in most things After a while one's willingness to believe begins to sufferI think it's a matter of being hoist by her own petard CJ wrote about this fascinating species that didn't have emotions in the same way as humans do and set up a classic confrontation with the readers empathy inclined to settle on the Atevi side After all aside from a few exceptions we see most humans in these books as petulant irrational creatures who pursue their own narrow and selfish political interests even when those interests put their lives and their entire culture at risk There appears to be no appreciation or gratitude towards the Atevi or even a basic understanding that they exist on an island with limited resources at the discretion of a people who never invited themAnd the Atevi are supposed to be guided by an emotional structure so unlike humans that the very exposure between races creates difficulties in understanding so severe they've escalated to war in the past and could easily do so again as each side finds it impossible to breach the gulf And yet at this point in the series some 18 books in Bren is still the only one who can be depended on to act in a smart and rational way guiding everyone else to the safe ground He's navigated the emotional gap so successfully he's become a virtual savior to Atevi who appear to find him completely reassuring I would say beloved but that's supposed to be the problem isn't it? It's lovely to read but there's a corner of my mind that says Really? Nobody else would be able to see it from this perspective and do the right thing? Really? And that sort of ruins it for meWill I stop reading the series if we get ? No Not at all I love the Atevi They are one of the most interesting alien cultures imagined in science fiction today I just wish that it had been possible to maintain a bit of their alien ness That their alien emotional structure continued to surprise and catch Bren off guard That Bren still feels danger not only from the occasional Atevi he doesn't know but from the ones he loves And that they would sometimes do things that are incomprehensible to him The premise of the story is that there was a reason the humans and Atevi warred 200 years before Foreigner begins A reason they limited contact between their two races I can only imagine that at some point in the past there were other humans and Atevi who felt they'd managed to leap the gap but who were disastrously wrong That reason appears to have faded over the course of this series and it leaves behind a drier heart to the story The Atevi have had their teeth removed somewhat to everyone's detrimentOh and reading back on this review and reflecting on the activities of our current legislative branch I believe I did Ms Cherryh a disservice She's nailed human politics and politicians My apologies

  10. Jan Jan says:

    Argh Mixed feelings I guess For a long long time this book didn't really catch me at all Loads of rehashing loads of build up loads of setting up the conflict for the whole arc without much actually happening Yeah it's awesome the Kyo are finally here yeah it's awesome were back with all the station politics but where was all the emotion? For me the biggest attraction of this series has always been the relationship between Bren and his Aishid All my emotional investment is derived from that So when that relationship is almost entirely missing from this installment you can imagine my lack of involvement The first time Algini called Bren aiji ma I cried I'm not actually sure Algini is even in this bookThe little bit of emotional impact all comes from Cajieiri's arc and surprisingly enough even from two different of arcs involving him I was moved by his confrontation with Damiri and hopes that finally is resolved somewhat But the high point of this entire book was Irene She kicked ass But before that she pulled on my heartstrings and supplied this book with its needed feelingsThe thing is while I love the kids I'm not in this for them I'm in it for Bren and his Aishid so when that aspect is missing almost completely I'm not really engagedEven with the rather awesome last 3 chapters and the ending that happened in the middle of the action even with the Kyo and Gene and Irene and Illisidi struggling 3 great chapters don't make up for a book where the heart was mostly missing I still have high hopes for this arc but this installment didn't live up to my expectations

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