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Dead Ice Dane Maddock Origins #4 ✍ Dead Ice Dane Maddock Origins #4 pdf ✎ Author David Wood – From the bestselling authors of Atlantis and Silver Navy SEAL Dane Maddock leads a team of operatives in a race against Russian Spetznaz agents to find a lost nuclear submarine and recover a threat kn From the bestselling authors of Atlantis Dane Maddock PDF ´ and Silver Navy SEAL Dane Dead Ice PDF/EPUB or Maddock leads a team of operatives in a race against Russian Spetznaz Ice Dane Maddock PDF ☆ agents to find a lost nuclear submarine and recover a threat known only as Romanov’s Bane but the frozen wasteland of Wrangel Island is home to than enemy soldiers Soon Dane and Bones find themselves face to face with dangers thought long extinct Join them as they seek to foil a madman’s deadly plot in the action packed thriller Dead Ice.

10 thoughts on “Dead Ice Dane Maddock Origins #4

  1. David Dalton David Dalton says:

    This was my first Dane and Bones story I really do not see me continuing on I felt this was a very dull story and in no way did Dane or Bones really do anything special Not uite the feeling I got when I read my first Dirk Pitt or Matt Reilly's Scarecrow stories Those characters drew me right in and wham I was hooked Nothing about this novella rekindled any feelings for these characters Dane seems like an average joemaybe it got a little exciting towards the end but honestly I expect action thrillers to bewell full of action I caught this story on sale because these Dane and Bones stories always pop up when I surf thru GoodReads or I love this type of story just not this one

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    Another great addition to the Dane Bones origin novellas David Wood Steven Savile are great writers in their own right but they do a superb job together weaving an interesting fun adventure with high stakes If you haven't read anything by these two authors or are new to the characters this is a fantastic jumping off point It is very easy to read in one sitting and makes for a fun afternoon of reading Go get a copy don't wait just do it

  3. A.D. Starrling A.D. Starrling says:

    Okay read Would have liked a faster pace

  4. Becky Claxton Becky Claxton says:

    Cold but uick ActionDead Ice by David Wood and Steven Savile is an actionadventure book set in the early 1980s in the deep cold of Arctic Russian territory Dane Maddock leads a crack military team with his best friend a Cherokee named Bones and the alluring infuriating Russian American Zara Leopov Their mission is to locate and secure a lost Faberge egg that hides a deadly secret from Rasputin What greets them on the small frozen island besides dead woolly mammoths and vibrantly alive sabertooth tigers are an ice trapped nuclear sub with a dead crew a crazy Russian and a stealthy Spetznaz military team that euals their own skills What this American team discovers though is unexpected by all but Leopov and even she didn't believe their findReaders who enjoy action and military action will enjoy this fast moving book

  5. Paula Howard Paula Howard says:

    Dead Ice is the 4th origins book for Dane and Bones When we think of a Faberge Egg we picture something that is beautiful and delicate In this case the Faberge Egg is highly dangerous Dane and Bones are sent to recover this Egg from a Russian nuclear sub that is partially frozen in ice Obvious two US military personnel are not going to be welcome by the RussiansOn Wrangel Island there is than just the Russians to contend with there are also animals that are believed to be extinct Add to that is the extreme cold temperatures It is so interesting to take a flashback to the previous military life of Dane on Bones Love that you get caught up in the story Wonderful pace and action packedBrilliant

  6. Derick Siddoway Derick Siddoway says:

    When reading this book I couldn't help feel that there were missing parts We open in a conference room and the next chapter takes us directly to the site discussed without any interlude I kind of wanted there to be a bit of discussion at that point perhaps building relationships between the characters and developing their motivations Instead I found myself unsure of what any motivations were and I found I didn't care much about the characters If they'd all died I wouldn't have felt any sense of lossHowever the overall plot was entertaining even if it was only a bare skeleton I'm just saying that I wish it had been fleshed out

  7. Stephen Stephen says:

    This one seemed a little rougher than the Dane and Bones stories or the other preuels The boys are sent North to a frozen island looking for something called Romanav's Bane and a missing Russian Submarine With them is a female Russian Language specialist with an agenda of her own Can the boys stop a madman and a superweapon? This book is fun and action packed The humour is all over the place It just read a little rough but hey if you like the other Dane and Bones books you will like this one

  8. Toni Spalding Toni Spalding says:

    An engaging storyline and story that moves along uicklyThe subjects of this story are cut from some of my worst teenage nightmares and a few of those suffered as an adult As the first Maddock and Bones tale I've read I find I'm missing some backstory on the characters their history not that clearly carried forward Ditto some of the smaller details from scene to scene While I had some continuity issues they definitely do not take away from a good plot and resolution Would definitely recommend this book

  9. Pat Pat says:

    Real enjoyable little thriller Excitement in the Arctic as a Russian sub with a deadly secret may harbour a deadly secret that could threaten all of mankind Sent to obtain the secret known as Romanovs Bane before the Russian Spetsnaz Dane Maddock and his group of intrepid Navy Seals have to get their firstExcitement with a hint of Alistair MacLean brought up to date Exciting thrills and spills and doesnt outstay its welcome

  10. Jane K. Stecker Jane K. Stecker says:

    A fascinating thrillerDane Maddock and his friend Bones are two tough SEALS They are sent on an important mission to the top of the world Wrangel Island Cold and isolated they must brave the elements to find a stranded Russian submarine and recover a precious artifact Can they complete the mission in this hostile environment? Read it You won't be disappointed

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