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Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove CD Collection 1 16 Lighthouse Road 204 Rosewood Lane 311 Pelican Court [PDF / Epub] ☉ Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove CD Collection 1 16 Lighthouse Road 204 Rosewood Lane 311 Pelican Court By Debbie Macomber – Welcome to Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove This is small town life at its best and its most interestingMeet some of the people living here16 Lighthouse Road This is Olivia Lockhart's home She's a family Welcome to Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove This Cedar Cove PDF º is small town life at its best and its most interestingMeet some of the people living here Lighthouse Road This is Olivia Lockhart's home She's a family court judge known for her controversial judgments like the divorce petition she denied Thanks to an article by Jack Griffin editor of the local paper everyone's talking about it And then she and Jack start seeing each other Debbie Macomber PDF/EPUB or outside of the courtroom Rosewood Lane is where Olivia's lifelong best friend Grace Sherman lives Grace is the local librarian and her life has been uneventful until now Her husband disappeared months ago She and her daughters have no idea where Dan is what happened to him who he might be with Will they ever find out Pelican Court is the residence belonging to the Cox family Zach Rosie and their kids Macomber Cedar Cove eBook ✓ Zach and Rosie are divorced but they have an unusual custody arrangement It's another one of Judge Lockhart's controversial judgments the kids get to stay in the house while Zach and Rosie go back and forth Cranberry Point is a B and B owned by Bob and Peggy Beldon; it's also their home They've had a shocking incident recently a man died while he was staying there They don't know why he came Macomber Cedar Cove CD Collection Kindle - to Cedar Cove who killed him or whyThese are the first four stories set in Cedar Cove Washington read the books and watch the Hallmark Channel original series based on Macomber Cedar Cove CD Collection Kindle - them This is your chance to get introduced to the town and the people Once you've visited you'll definitely come back.

10 thoughts on “Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove CD Collection 1 16 Lighthouse Road 204 Rosewood Lane 311 Pelican Court

  1. Carol Carol says:

    The characters seem so real their situations are real life and the town seems so perfect; it's the kind of place I'd like to live in

  2. Sharonparker Sharonparker says:

    Read the whole series a few years ago Great series enjoyed all of them Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite authors

  3. Dawn Burns Dawn Burns says:

    I can see why it is a tv seriesSo many family plots and situations Debbie is amazingwell worth the money for all the hours of enjoyment Thank you

  4. Maria Maria says:

    16 Lighthouse Road There are several plot lines going on The book is ostensibly about Olivia a judge aged 52 who has been divorced for 16 years However the first case in the book that she presides over ends with a decision that prevents a young couple from divorcing until they get their prenup rescinded something Judge Olivia won't do Her decision makes the news and the newspaper editor Jack comes into Olivia's life The story about Cecilia and Ian who did not get the divorce they were expecting pretty much takes the story away from Olivia and Jack And then there is Olivia's daughter Justine and her brother's best friend from childhood Seth While there is no resolution to the romance between Olivia and Jack Cecilia and Ian make great strides towards reconciliation and Justine and Seth find their way to each other There is so much going on with so many differect characters that you feel like you have moved to Cedar Cove and are taking part in its everyday life204 Rosewood Lane Olivia's best friend Grace whose husband of 35 years disappeared without trace in the previous book is trying to get on with her life Cliff Harding is patiently waiting in the wings hoping she will find her feet soon Grace's children Maryellen and Kelly come into the story as well Jack and Olivia are still getting involved Olivia makes another controversial decision in the divorce of Zach and Rosie Cox having the children stay at their house full time while the divorced couple are the ones who have to move in and out sharing custody There are so many relationships in this book at different stages that it makes your mind whirl311 Pelican Court Zach and Rosie are trying to deal with the children staying home and the parents moving out on a prearranged schedule They are no longer married but are having difficulty dealing with the ups and downs of their children's lives Jack and Olivia and Grace and Cliff are having some difficulties as well although not yet married Cecilia and Ian are mentioned from time to time Maryellen and Jon play a large role plus there is the host of other characters including the Beldens and the McAfees 44 Cranberry Point The Beldons own this B B and are having to make changes by not accepting any guests until the mysteries surrounding Max and Dan's deaths two of Bob Beldon's Army buddies have been thoroughly investigated Roy McAfee a private investigator is delving into the mystery along with the local sheriff All the characters introduced in the series so far make an appearance in large or small parts but the reader gets the impressions that nothing in Cedar Cove is ever finished It is a roller coaster ride of epic proportions especially reading these books back to back

  5. Lyle Anderson Lyle Anderson says:

    Excellent Easy ReadI like the way the author develops the characters and gives the reader a real emotional feeling about each one of them The only thing I thought on the negative side was that in such a small town in Cedar Cove and as popular as the characters were one would think that they would know the first names of people in the restaurants they freuented all the time and so forthThis wasn’t bad in my opinion just unusualI would actually recommend this book to people who are having trouble in their marriage Might Help build stronger character and better ethics and morals

  6. Sherrie Cavys Sherrie Cavys says:

    I became frustrated while reading this book I found most of the characters to be very annoying and not very likable I tired of the constant scenario of fight for no reason make up fight for no reason make up I finished it but ended up just skimming over pages in order to get to the end I won't be reading any of the other books in the Cedar Cove collection

  7. Melody Lemons Melody Lemons says:

    Volumne of 4 BooksSince I had seen some of the TV series at first it was hard to get into the books but once I got past what I had seen I enjoyed the stories Sometimes I think the authoritarians information to often not giving the reader credit to remember who the characters are beyond that I am enjoying reading the series of books

  8. Anny Siow Anny Siow says:

    Enjoyable seriesGreat stories on relationships especially family friends different setup backgrounds settings romance deception different personalities mysteries; a great series to enjoy

  9. Debora Barker Debora Barker says:

    Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove SeriesThere where so many good parts to this story but just same there were parts that just dragged on and on The ending was a total disapointmrnt I love Debbie Macomber's books but this one nners some work

  10. Emily Galloway Emily Galloway says:

    Perfect mixCedar cove has the perfect blend of mystery and romance You get lost in the stories of the many families of cedar cove

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