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  1. Mindi Mindi says:

    A young man was out of work and needed money fast He also had a massive celebrity crush on a hot young pop star When she offered him a job as her personal assistant with a huge demand he accepted After being feminized by the very kinky young pop star and her entourage he made a very convincing woman Soon he was thrown into a crazy debauched lifestyle while still reuired to do his job as the pop star's PAThis is act one of an ongoing series by the super talented Alyssa Paige All of the books in this series are wonderful exciting original and fun The depraved pop star pushes her assistant's limits further and further as the story progresses Highly recommended for fans of realistic and convincing feminization coerced bisexuality and detailed transformations I can't wait for the next part to come out

  2. Affina Joseph Affina Joseph says:

    All in all its a good read I liked Alyssa's imagination and her ability to put it on her writing Individually all 4 books I felt were very short in length It doesn't work with someone like me who likes a story to be long with character and plot well developed Good that they are packed in one volume to give slightly better experienceWhat worked for me Eden who is the domme of this book Absolutely in control and carefree and knows that the world is at her feet and she will be obeyed She thoroughly enjoys what she does whether it's her profession or her domination of the main victim Sam She is not at all sadistic but a caring domme who takes care of her sub and always gets his obedience And she is OBEYED and a lot by the main victimI think slightly footage should have been given to Eden Melanie got almost an entire scene and a slightly longish one to herself in 3rd partI enjoyed the two scenes where Eden takes his ass They are well written and came out so natural and effortless What didn't work for me Too much consensuality on victim's part But to her credit Alyssa has managed it well and reader feels that he is willing he is enjoying but yet somewhere down his heart he is feeling helpless I would have loved to see a non consensual victim who is sadistically taken advantage of by the powerful domme Not even once his body feels cane whip or belt etc A dose of that would have helped readers liking this An added humiliation of foot worship also could have been considered Also a bit longish and slow seuences especially of Eden and Sam would have made this Act spicyAlyssa has a lot of potential to write long accounts of life of such victims and am sure she will look into aspects that can be added in her novelsI wish her best with her future worksAffina

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Feminized by the Pop Star [Reading] ➿ Feminized by the Pop Star By Alyssa Paige – Buyprobolan50.co.uk What would you do to work for one of the hottest pop stars on the planet Sam Harper finds out the hard way that he would go far beyond his wildest limits to work for the stunning Eden Starr Feminized What would you the Pop PDF Ç do to work for one of the hottest pop stars on the planet Sam Harper finds out the hard way that he would go far beyond his wildest limits to work for the stunning Eden Starr Feminized and humiliated at every turn Sam is pushed deeper and deeper into a kinky life he would never have dreamed Feminized by PDF/EPUB or ofThis word story collects parts through of the Feminized by the Pop Star series This story is adult entertainment for those over the age of .

  • Kindle Edition
  • 116 pages
  • Feminized by the Pop Star
  • Alyssa Paige
  • English
  • 10 October 2015

About the Author: Alyssa Paige

Outwardly Alyssa enjoys the Pop PDF Ç video games hiking reading movies and a large array of normal activities Inside her head is a different story and perversion is the name of the game She enjoys writing a mix of true life adventures bizarre erotica BDSM stories and whatever else strikes her fancy She loves to get feedback from fans so any comments concerns Feminized by PDF/EPUB or uestions or corrections please send.