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Then We Kissed (Bliss Harbor, #3.5) ❮Reading❯ ➿ Then We Kissed (Bliss Harbor, #3.5) Author Juliet Spenser – USA Today bestselling author Juliet Spenser brings you another contemporary romance set in the small town of Bliss Harbor where love and laughter are just around the corner He stole her heart and she USA Today bestselling author Juliet Spenser brings you another contemporary romance set in the small town of Bliss Harbor where love and laughter are just around the corner He stole her heart and she stole hisclothes When curvy no nonsense bakery owner Charlotte Heatley wakes up with regrets over a fun drunken night with US Army Captain Bradley Ryder all she wants is to avoid him and deliver a cake to her client’s wedding reception But when a mixup puts the cake and reception in danger Charlotte has Then We eBook × to act uickly It’s not long before she realizes that sometimes you have to get everything wrong before you can get the most important things right especially when it comes to love and cake This small town contemporary romance novelette is words or about pages Please note this was originally published in the multi author anthology LOL Volume .

About the Author: Juliet Spenser

Juliet lives in upstate New York where she writes fun contemporary romances and fast paced romantic thrillers She's currently hard at work on the next book in the Bliss Harbor series or at least she will be again if she can stop soaking up as much sun as possible before the next eight month long winter sets inWant to know the instant her next book is available Sign up for Juliet's new release.

10 thoughts on “Then We Kissed (Bliss Harbor, #3.5)

  1. Anna& Anna& says:

    Oh my gosh What a week Charlotte has had Waking up hungover and naked in the woods with her crush and cake destruction on top of it? Kill her Kill her now Charlotte and Brad were cute He took baking classes from her then deployed Telling her not to write him while he was away and basically crushing her heart in the process But now he's back and dammit he's still hot and all kinds of sexy and gets her motors going They were both a bit of a disaster on the communication front but they were cute together He's so dang sweet and poor girl is just having a time of it I enjoyed the little bit of time with them as they figured things out It does stay fade to black

  2. Ally.Always.Reads Ally.Always.Reads says:

    Not 100% sure how I feel like this oneIt was a little crazy Little funny Little fast

  3. Kaitlyn Kaitlyn says:

    This was a funny short story There was a lot of depth and great moments in it

  4. Leslie Reed Leslie Reed says:

    SweetVery sweet short story about Brad who comes back from deployment Charlotte loves him but isn't sure where they stand It's up to brad to let her know

  5. Sandra Sandra says:

    Short sweet romance novella With cake I so want to eat that cake

  6. Caron Pescatore Caron Pescatore says:

    4 12 StarsI LOVED this short story It's a super short story about an Army officer and baker who find love I really enjoyed the author's writing style and IMO she did a really job with the creation of her characters This is actually the third short story that I've read by this author; the other two were also books in her Bliss Harbor series Of the three however this one is my favoriteCharlotte and Bradley met when he took baking classes from her The two became friends and eventually Charlotte fell in love with Brad; a fact that she never shared with Bradley However when Bradley received orders of deployment he broke Charlotte's hear when he rejected her offer to keep in touch while he was away Now nine months later Brad is back and Charlotte is determined to avoid him at all costs But fate has something else in mind for the couple and the two end up sharing a drunken night of passion Actually when the story begins Charlotte is just waking up from their night together LOL From there the story uickly progresses to the HEAThis story was particularly sweet I thought I was especially touched by Bradley's vulnerability When I discovered why he rejected Charlotte's offer to write to him while he was away my heart wrenched for him I also found his explanation to be completely believable Maybe it's because I have a brother who is an Army officer and who has been deployed many times but for whatever reason I felt a real connection to BradleyFYI this is a clean romance There is sex but no details; it pretty much fades to black Oh I should also mention that this story can also be found in Blissful Kisses which includes this story and two other short stories by the same authorboth of which are just as delightful as this one That book is currently available for free here on Oh I should also mention for readers who read the first book in the Bliss Harbor series Wherever You Are Winnie and Brian the Hh in that book finally get married in this short story Happy reading

  7. A.M. A.M. says:

    Charlotte Heatley owns a bakery called Hot Cakes and she runs baking classes She met US Army Captain Bradley Ryder at one of the classes and then he’d stay afterwards chat and help her clean up Months later after too many teuilas with a friend she wrote him a love letter and posted itShe didn’t get a reply So nine months later when she sees him in the local bar back from a tour of duty she teuilas up againThis time she wakes up naked near a creek with himShe steals his clothes and hurries away Her clothes ended up in the stream and are probably in the harbor by now and she has some final prep to do on Winnie and Brian’s wedding cakeThe reception is almost ruined by a rival baker Leslie destroying her cake and declaring she is a home wrecker All Charlotte can think is Brad must have been dating her but she can’t remember what happened the night beforePart of a boxed set ‘Blissful kisses’This one didn’t work as well for me I don’t feel the love Maybe it’s the blackout? She doesn’t know what happened and thus neither do the readersCharlotte is very down on herself; she says she’s clumsy plain passionless fat etcetera Brad loves her curves but she doesn’t believe himview spoilerOf course Brad isn’t a cheater she told Leslie’s ex she’d cheated on him when they ran into them in the streetAnd it is very sweet when he gives her the pile of letters that he started to write back to her and never posted hide spoiler

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland35 starsThen We Kissed is the final book in the Blissful Kisses short story collection This is probably the most ridiculous story in the collection but that is not a bad thing Charlotte just tries to run from everything but luckily Bradley won't let her get too farCharlotte and Bradley first met before he was deployed when he came to a cooking class Charlotte was teaching She thought they had a connection he would always stay after and help her clean up and chat and whatnot but then he left without even trying to stay in contact She did send him a drunken letter telling him she loved him and she heard nothing backNow Bradley has returned and Charlotte in a drunken night she doesn't remember ended up sleeping with him She is fuzzy on the details but also embarrassed She was fun even if she jumps to conclusions and won't hear Bradley out They have some things to work through but they can get there A fun cute short story

  9. Debra Debra says:

    Charlotte is a local bakery owner who does wedding cakes for a living Living near a military base can be hard since the one night she gave herself to Captian Bradley Ryder right before he deployed She wrote to him but in all the time he was gone she never recieved a reply Now he is back and all she wants to do in stay away from him But fate and a wedding reception get in the way This was a fast sweet read Looking forward to reading by Juliet Spenser

  10. Paige Paige says:

    I have a rather hearty dislike for shorter stories it takes me a while to warm up to characters This one took me by surprise in the best way possible I cannot wait to read by Ms Spenser and I will be tracking down every single book and reading them voraciously

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