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Chasing The Northern Light ❰PDF❯ ✅ Chasing The Northern Light Author Mark Reynolds – Fearless twenty something Carter Boyd is in love with life and the extreme thrills that it provides to him When he thinks he's tried it all fate provides him with one perhaps final opportunity that he Fearless twenty something Carter Boyd is in love with life and the extreme thrills that it provides to him When he thinks he's tried it all fate provides him with one perhaps final opportunity that he simply cannot pass up to actually pursue and catch a little known virus dubbed by its underground chasers as the Northern Light that threatens the very life of its host within an Chasing The ePUB ´ indeterminate period of time And yet it contains psychic properties that come to bear as the virus manifests properties that allow the recipient to see their truth and to discover a way in life that leads them down the path toward their own perfectness For Carter who is already running from personal demons and desperately looking for an out the draw to pursue it is too great In the shadow of Carter's uest a military viral specialist and a United States Senator have been working a thirty year old secret agenda to keep it from spreading Carter's chase follows him through a series of life changing experiences with help from unexpected sources that lead him to a final confrontation one that might deliver him from what he fears the most to that which he never knew he could do without.

5 thoughts on “Chasing The Northern Light

  1. A.J. Lawdring A.J. Lawdring says:

    If you’ve been looking for a great read the chase is over Chasing the Northern Light is the answer and will satisfy your mysteryadventure appetite in ways than one This is a ‘big’ book and it’s filled with twists and turns you never see coming It’s like a story within a story within a story The characters pop The adventure keeps you turning the pages The ending will find you humming under your breath “Ah I didn’t see that coming” A wonderful read

  2. Anna Janelle Anna Janelle says:

    I greatly enjoy this novel Carter was complex and relate able Great plot Action pack and exciting Only complain a little long places

  3. P.S. Winn P.S. Winn says:

    I am going to go with a five star on this book but have to say upfront I was torn between a four and a fiveI think the story won out this is really an intriguing novel It is a long book and the pace fairly steady I think the few times it slowed down was what made me think of a four star That said and out of the way I found the tale a great one to take you away from reality When Carter Boyd is told by his girlfriend Mikayla about a drug that is really like a virus he is interested and willing to join her chasing the Northern Light which is what the drug is called The story twists when readers find a strange connection to the virus and past history and turns into a bit of a conspiracy when background is shared The author does a great job keeping the various characters on the right track and giving them their own personalities Because of the different genres involved I'd say those who love mystery suspense conspiracies and a touch of sci fi combined with romance will enjoy this story

  4. Heli Heli says:

    Even though I read the blurb on the cover the story itself still caught me off guard In a good way An interesting take on science fiction and alien stories Chasing the Northern Light pulled me into a parallel world that could even be true I almost started looking for the signs of the virus around me at one pointThe author builds his characters beautifully gives each and every one an interesting backstory and even though all of them were completely different from me I still felt a connection to them Reynolds knows how to make people relate to his characters and that shows a deep understanding of the human natureDespite a few minor errors here and there I enjoyed reading this novel and would recommend it to anyone searching for something different refreshing and smart It is clear the author has a good understanding of the world he has built and has researched the topics in depth before putting his uill on the paper As a genre I wouldn't normally pick from a shelf Chasing the Northern Light certainly opened my eyes to a whole new experience It served as a good stepping stone into the world of sci fi and for that I am most grateful All in all it was a wonderful story I will want to read again in the future And that doesn't happen often

  5. Leo McBride Leo McBride says:

    To try to explain this hefty novel is tricky Let's start with the cover for a moment which makes it look like a romantic adventure in rural America? Canada? Not so This story involves a virus that gives those infected by it psychic powers at the cost of a dramatically shortened lifespan Into this situation comes Carter Boyd a man who loves bars and music and Evil Knievel Elsewhere a woman in her 40s scribbles journal entries while locked up in a home for assisted living while still elsewhere a scientist strives to make a breakthrough he feels could change the world Somehow these different strands will come together but boy is it hard work getting there Wordy and with no consistent narrative we hop from character to character rather aimlessly and even have the occasional extra viewpoint thrown in for no apparent reason There's little action until about the midpoint of the novel then it arrives in a flurry throwing the tone of the book all over the place There can be chapters where it's hard to figure out which character we're with for long periods There's a profusion of fragmentary sentences then others that run on and on and on The whole thing feels unedited and it's almost impossible to tell what kind of book the author is going for is this a thriller? A sci fi? A horror? An ode to Kerouac? Having read the whole thing I still don't know who the main character really is though Carter is the closest to a central figure we spend long periods with the supporting cast I was reading this for a book group or I'd have given up long before the end heck long before the third chapter It really really needs a much tighter narrative some actual structure to it and a very thorough edit

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