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Colors of You ❮Reading❯ ➽ Colors of You ➶ Author Jane Charles – Alexia Deme likes her uiet life as an art teacher at the Baxter School of Art a high school for the talented and troubled It was a long journey to get here but she’s finally on her own and where she Alexia Deme likes her uiet life as an art teacher at the Baxter School of Art a high school for the talented and troubled It was a long journey to get here but she’s finally on her own and where she wants to be Though nothing is ever permanent this might be the first place she can stay for a while At least she thinks so until that Colors of MOBI :º peace is disrupted by a fleeing felon turning her world upside down and bringing the past to her present It was a normal typical day when Officer Kian O’Brien got the radio call and took off after a fleeing suspect over the walls of the Baxter Academy of Art and to the side of Alexia Deme right before she nearly collapses in his arms In one moment everything in his life is altered and the Kian comes to know Alexia the he cares But can he keep her from fleeing when the past comes back to haunt her He’s not ready to let her go but can he convince her to stay Recommended for adult readers due to language sexual content and adult situations.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 259 pages
  • Colors of You
  • Jane Charles
  • English
  • 27 March 2014

About the Author: Jane Charles

Jane Charles has lived in the Midwest her entire life In fact she lived in the same house until the day she married As a child she would likely be found outside with a baseball than a book in her hand In fact Jane hated reading until she was sixteen Out of boredom on a long road trip she borrowed her older sister’s historical romance and fell in Colors of MOBI :º love with reading She long ago lost coun.

6 thoughts on “Colors of You

  1. Diane Diane says:

    I love Jane Charles Rattled series in which former Students from the Baxter Academy are now in their 20s and starting their lives after college In Colors of You we go back to the beginning to see what it is like to be at the Baxter Academy If there isn;t a school like the Baxter Academy there should be This book isn't exactly about the students of the school but the school influences the story Kian O'Brian is a police officer now but what most people don't know is that he attended Baxter for 2 years Alexia is an art teacher but her childhood could have gone much better if she had been able to attend a school like thisWhen a stalker from Alexia's past turns up to threaten her she thinks she must pick up and run Fortunately for her Kian and his family make her feel like part of their family and she feels safe for the first timeI love the way Jane Charles alternates the chapters between the characters so you get to see the story from both points of view It adds to the storytelling and makes for a much interesting story As the two work through their issues they are drawn together to their Happily Ever After

  2. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    Baxter Academy 1 Colors of You Telling this story couldn’t have been easy Reading about Alexia’s life at times was heart breaking I am enjoying reading about others at this special school

  3. Martha Martha says:

    uick interesting bookI did like this book some fun serious and sad parts Totally enjoyed the characters This book was a uick read

  4. Mary Mary says:

    This is a neat New Adult book in the Baxter Academy series It focuses on art teacher Alexia Deme and police officer Kian O'Brien who comes to her rescue when she is injured by a fleeing robber He's cute and kind but Alexia has never trusted cops so she does her best to get him to go away The trouble is he's so kind and considerate he keeps helping her despite her protests However with a broken wrist and stitches in her head she really can use the help and he's not bad to look at eitherBoth Kian and Alexia have secrets from their past and Baxter Academy has given them a safe place to get their lives together Baxter is a special high school for talented but troubled teens who need a second chance after being abused abandoned or just messing up their lives I like how the author explains the counseling security and special programs for the students at the school I hope there really are such schools in the worldWhen danger from Alexia's past surfaces Kian just wants to protect her But will she finally make a stand or keep running? The element of danger adds excitement to the story and the setting at Thanksgiving and Christmas with Kian's family really adds some warm and fuzzy feelings

  5. Janet Janet says:

    Alexia Deme is teaching Art at Baxters Academy she’s outside with some students when a fleeing felon literally falls on her Police Officer Kian O’Brien is chasing the felon Alexia collapses in his arms Alexia suffers a concussion broken armThey are drawn to each other but Alexia has always hated cops hasn’t settled any where for longThe they get to know each other the they change I loved the developing relationship the twists in the storyI really enjoyed the book found it hard to put down now I’m onto the second book in the series always a good sign that I’ve liked a book is when I must read the whole seriesI’ve liked the authors other books especially the Tenacious Trents she doesn’t disappoint with the Baxter series which I highly recommend

  6. Kate H Kate H says:

    This was a sweet story nothing earth shattering or all that memorable but a perfectly pleasant read I would definitely read form this author Not among my favorites but I did enjoy it

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