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  • Kindle Edition
  • 125 pages
  • Retirement Basics
  • Donna Davis
  • English
  • 14 October 2016

6 thoughts on “Retirement Basics

  1. Diane Diane says:

    As retirement looms for baby boomers most come to realize as author Donna Davis did that they are not financially prepared With no 'game plan' in place and uncertainties surrounding social security payments 401K plans and IRAs it's than time for a book on the subject directed specifically at this age group making Retirement Basics Help for Broke Baby Boomers the item of choice for those approaching retirement years who aren't already well versed in options The definitive word in the title isn't 'baby boomer' it's 'broke' This means that Davis doesn't assume the aging reader has made any prior plans or that readers are monied or even necessarily employed Davis assumes little prior knowledge and outlines many of the tools readers can easily use to gain exact information about their benefits and when they will be paid Website links provided within the book go directly to key areas of information such as those covering full retirement age or the Social Security Planner At each step of the way Retirement Basics offers a combination of Davis' own experiences and strategies that work The addition of this 'personal touch' makes for a far accessible product for the general interest reader who has had limited exposure to financial concepts and doesn't have much insight into retirement's possible options Competing titles cover most of these nuts and bolts but use dense language and terminology that doesn't make for a smooth flowing read Retirement Basics Help for Broke Baby Boomers is different its purpose is to cover a range of options offer explanations that are easily digested and reach baby boomers in particular with their special retirement issues and options With its wealth of possibilities anyone nervous about their upcoming retirement will come away from Retirement Basics feeling better informed and confident about all the positive signs on their retirement horizon

  2. Claudia Putnam Claudia Putnam says:

    The title pretty much says it all This accessible friendly guide leads you through the basics in figuring out how and when to collect social security how to balance and time your benefits with your spouse's how to deal with medicare how to improve your health so you can keep your medical costs down where to live cheaply and how to keep costs down in general I particularly liked the advice on losing weight1 Identify the two least healthy foods that you eat the most and eliminate them 2 Shop the perimeter of grocery stores where the fresh food is 3 Eat off a nine inch plate which you have divided into uarters 14 for protein 14 for whole grain carbs or other starches 12 for vegetables4 uit sugary drinks not an issue for me but it seems to be for many peopleMuch of the advice in this book you may have encountered elsewhere but it's nice to have it assembled in such an approachable format It makes a looming stage of life a lot less scary

  3. John (JP) John (JP) says:

    An easy to read book on retirement This book is mainly aimed at those who are going to use Social Security and Medicare It does cover a number of other topics well It does a great job for its length on diet and exerciseon moving to another city or even country and on saving and working after retirement The book has a list of web links on the various topics covered I would while the book is not comprehensive it is worth thumbing through and reading the sections that interest you I'd say get this from your library before you buy it

  4. Shawn Shawn says:

    Saw this book was free on today so picked it up and read it It was a uick read and full of good information The back of the book had some good links in it too One thing the author did not seem to know is that many 401ks today come in Traditional IRA and Roth IRA varieties she thought they only came in traditional

  5. Diana Diana says:

    Read this book in an evening and was very impressed by the knowledge Unpreachy writing style of the author The sections on Social Security were up to date very informative A very well done book on retirement well worth the time to read

  6. J Layne J Layne says:

    Easy to read and understand Gives a brief overview of Social Security and much such as where to live in retirement Advice and tips

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Retirement Basics❰BOOKS❯ ⚡ Retirement Basics Author Donna Davis – Are you worried about retirement Would you like to know when you can apply for Social Security and how much your benefit will be What Medicare will cover Or when your retirement plan starts to pay off Are you worried about retirement Would you like to know when you can apply for Social Security and how much your benefit will be What Medicare will cover Or when your retirement plan starts to pay off These can be challenging and often overwhelming uestions and this book answers them in simple easy to understand language It discusses the options available and how to apply for them It gives you the information to make knowledgeable choices Want to know the least expensive places to live in the US What about the most popular places to retire overseas and the reuirements to live there These topics are discussed as well as easy ways to improve your health and decrease your medical expenses how to write a will how to save and earn The essence is to lose your fear by understanding the retirement process learning how to be engaged and involved in your retirement plan and to bring about a richer fulfilling experience ”If you’d like to achieve a working knowledge of the approaching aspects of life this book shares that information in a clear concise manner with warmth and humor This book is practical relevant timely and a great asset to everyone looking ahead to a longer life” —Ken Dychtwald PhD CEO Age Wave.