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My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess [Read] ➵ My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess Author Heath McKenzie – Rules are meant to be broken in this laugh out loud picture book about staying true to yourselfOne little girl gets her greatest wish of becoming a princess – only to discover that the rules of roya Rules are meant for Being Epub à to be broken in this laugh out loud picture book about staying true to yourselfOne little girl gets her greatest wish of becoming a princess – only to discover that the rules of royalty are no fun My Rules Kindle - She has to have perfect hair and eat daintily and dance gracefully — boring So she decides to make up her own rules A delightfully subversive picture book that teaches girls to be themselves — clumsy dancing crazy scribbling and allThis Rules for Being Epub Ù ironic take on the Cinderella story is one that will delight many readers — Reading Timecom.

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  1. Manny Manny says:

    I've spent a fair amount of time over the last few weeks in the company of small children and it's fascinating to see their reading habits Rowie 3 is addicted to princess books She just can't get enough of them and wants them read to her again and again I acuiesced and read her the Disney versions of Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid But her parents and older relatives are starting to become concerned Is this is a gateway drug? Could she be heading for a lifetime of romantica abuse? They've made efforts to break her habits and Rowie already owns copies of both The Paper Bag Princess and The Worst Princess But so far at least they seem to have had little effectI couldn't help taking an interest and soon discovered that anti Princess books have become a recognized subgenre My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess is yet another example which we discovered last week at an Adelaide bookstore I was tempted to buy it but Not vetoed the idea unfortunately she's probably right and it would have been as useless as its predecessorsWhat is the solution? Where is that silver bullet anti Princess book? If it doesn't yet exist the first person to create one is going to clean up There's definitely a market

  2. Maggie Mattmiller Maggie Mattmiller says:

    So I'm always a fan of the books that tell girls they don't have to be a princess That being said I LOVE this book and how it says you can be your own princess A girl can be girly and a princess without being someone else's opinion of what that looks like You don't have to be perfect you can make princess work for you Why dance gracefully when you can just dance? Love the idea of this one

  3. Susan Walker Susan Walker says:

    Wonderful book on rules for being a princess The illustrations are super and its a great story for any little girl

  4. Ben Truong Ben Truong says:

    My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess is a children's picture book written and illustrated by Heath McKenzie It is a book that gives rules for being a pretty princess and then subverts themThe text is simplistic and straightforward It is about a little girl who gets her wish to become a real princess only to discover the rules are no fun and subverts them to her own rules The illustration is rather good – the little girl is drawn especially precious and is apropos to the text and target audienceThe premise of the book is rather straightforward It is about a little girl getting her greatest wish – to become a real pretty princess However she uickly discovered the rules for being a princess is no fun she had to wear an uncomfortable dress have perfect hair eat daintily dance gracefully and wait for a handsome prince In the end the little girl made up her own list of being a princess subverting or improving the first four rules and ignoring the last oneAll in all My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess is a wonderful children's book about the rules about being a princess and subverting them when one needs to or perhaps there may be no rules at all

  5. Clwseattle Clwseattle says:

    35 stars as I have mixed feelings about this bookOn one hand I applaud telling little girls they can be whatever they want to be albeit there are rules some which are not very much fun The illustrations are cute and contagiousOn the other hand the product details publisher lists this book for ages 4 8 I call nonsense on that I would say age 3 5 yr and because of that I object Little girls one of whom I know and love want to be PRETTY PRINCESSES simply for the sake of BEING pretty princess Ours soon to be 4 has since she was 2 She doesn't know there are rules and that there won't be a handsome prince She doesn't CARE there are rules and that there won't be a handsome princeLet these little dreamers do just that Let their imaginations lead them where they will and don't throw cold water on them I truly believe that is the only reason the publisher listed this as for ages 4 8 yr I think they knew they could get away with princess social engineering for that age but not for younger princessesLet kids be kids rules or no rules princes or no princes

  6. شغاف القلب شغاف القلب says:

    When I first saw the cover I thought “oh God are we still making girls read this?” You do think about this after taking courses like children’s literature at collage But when I read the first few pages I started to smile and got the whole point of this book It’s totally ok for girls not to want to be a princess and there is no specific shape of being a princess Being a princess does not contradict with wanting to dance crazily or having messy hair You can be whatever you like to be and you’ll still be a princess in someone’s eyes

  7. Cathy Cathy says:

    My little girl LOVED this book

  8. Yingjie Shao Yingjie Shao says:

    One little girl wish to become a princess She discovered that it isn't much fun as it looks She has to have perfect hair and ear daintily and dance gracefully She felt so bored about these However she changed the rules to what she likes It makes fun to it She attended delicious parties She has amazing hair and make up These make her life become interestingI love the illustrations in this book The little girl looks so cute And there are plenty of pink color inside the book Pink is most of girls' favorite color It makes girls can't help themselves to pick up this book The text in this book are not very much But I love the font of this books in some parts The shape of this book is rectangle The illustrations coherent I love this book

  9. Heidi Heidi says:

    There are certain rules that must be followed in order for one to be a princess and the little girl in this book is thrilled when a real princess shows up to tell her what those rules are However her enthusiasm dampens when she discovers that eating daintily and wearing a perfect dress and waiting around for a handsome prince aren't particularly exciting activities But using her own imagination and ingenuity she finds a way to be a princess and have a good time This is an adorable story with really cute pictures that highlights the power of positive thinking and finding one's own path I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I know many little girls will as well

  10. Sheree Gibson Sheree Gibson says:

    LOVED IT This book is great A beautiful little girl's dream is to become a princess She finds out what is expected of a princess and realizes it isn't what she thought it would be Instead of getting upset or giving up on her dream she makes her own rules and is very happy with HER image of a perfect princess A wonderful story about ambitions yet remaining who you are The pictures are appropriately expressive; very cutePer FTC rules I received this book via Goodreadscom

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