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A Dog's Tale [BOOKS] ✮ A Dog's Tale By Mark Twain – Buyprobolan50.co.uk This short novel of Twain’s from 1903 is told from the point of view of a loyal and beloved family pet Themes of heroics valor and heart wrenching tenderness fill this work The story is also filled This short novel of Twain’s from is told from the point of view of a loyal and beloved family pet Themes of heroics valor and heart wrenching tenderness fill this work The story is also filled with happy events as well as sad ones and is ultimately about what dogs are to us best friends A Dog’s A Dog's ePUB ´ Tale is uintessentially Twain Summary by Aaron Elliott.

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  1. Koko Koko says:

    Part of a good author's job is to make the reader think Having read the other reviews of A Dog's Tale and of A Horse's Tale as well I think some of the reviews may be missing the pointI agree wholeheartedly that in all it is an upsetting story I also agree that it is probably not suitable for young children Speaking as someone who loves her dog one reading was certainly enough for me However there are deeper things at work here and they should be looked intoConsider that A Dog's Tale was written very early in the twentieth century This was a time when treatment of animals did not measure up to the same standards we as a society hold today In fact animal cruelty was societally acceptable Levels of animal abuse that will have you in court in today's world were utterly unremarkable then The dog was yours; you could do anything you wanted to do to it good or badWhat A Dog's Tale does very well is put the reader in the dog's life to experience firsthand the astounding cruelty being dished out by the dog's scientifically detached owner The man demonstrates no sympathy or caring at all for his own dog but through the story Twain certainly elicits it from the reader And I propose that this was the point; to make the reader think about the way they treated animals then Twain was someone who saw much pain in his own life and it's my personal belief that he probably disliked people that casually inflicted pain Such people would be a ripe target for an iconoclast such as himAll in all a superbly crafted story even if it is disturbing Being disturbing I think was very likely the whole point Don't get completely wrapped up in the emotion look deeper Five stars for making us think

  2. Pradnya K. Pradnya K. says:

    It's a heart wrenching story So few words and so much depth It's going to haunt me for long time

  3. MaryAnn MaryAnn says:

    At first the story was engaging funny and full of life The ending was that like a heavy hammer hitting one on the head I cried and cried and cried at the cruelty to such innocence And struck by the turn of events in the writingI felt rage and anger over this book and the author but decided I would reserve my opinion until I researched Mark Twain's opinion on animals I was relieved that he was an advocate for animals and supported anti vivisection See Note belowIf you are a dog lover beware; the ending with break your heart But know that Mr Twain wrote the story to expose scientific animal crueltyBrilliant writing but then again it is Mark Twain Thank You Mr Twain NOTEFrom WikipediaA Dog's Tale 'A Dog's Tale' is a short story written by Mark Twain It first appeared in the December 1903 issue of Harper's magazine In January of the following year it was extracted into a stand alone pamphlet published for the National Anti Vivisection Society Still later in 1904 it was expanded into a book published by Harper Brothers

  4. Asha Seth Asha Seth says:

    My father was a St Bernard my mother was a collie but I am a Presbyterian and starts the tale of Aileen MauvourneenHow often does one come across tales that leave you asking for as though the book had never ended? And imagine if it had to be mere 50 odd pages? No matter how unexpected but this was that book which left me feeling rather incomplete and what do they say speechless?Being the kind of animal lover that I am; especially dog lover I am always on the look out for books on dogs about dogs It took me by surprise that I had missed this short yet intriguing story all these years when I accidentally stumbled across it on Librivox So I audio read the book which is as short as 35 minutes and the story is doneThe beginning of the story goes like this My father was a St Bernard my mother was a collie but I am a Presbyterian This is what my mother told me I do not know these nice distinctions myself To me they are only fine large wordsmeaning nothing My mother had a fondness for such; she liked to say them and see other dogs look surprised and envious as wondering how she got so much education But indeed it was not realeducation; it was only show she got the words by listening in the dining room and drawing room when there was company and by going with the children to Sunday school and listening there; and whenever she heard a large word she said it over to herself many times and so was able to keep it until there was a dogmatic gathering in the neighborhood then she would get it off and surprise anddistress them all from pocket pup to mastiff which rewarded her for all her troubleand I knew I am going to be hooked to it But only to find it ending pretty too soonAileen narrates her life of how she is raised by an English family and then given away to a different family There she gives birth to her puppy and is living her life until one day the house of her new owners catches fire She tries to rescue her owner's baby by pulling the baby out of fire when the owner sees her and misunderstands her and hits her with a stick that gives her a deep wound She runs for life and hides in a secluded corner for hours all starved but starts to miss her puppy Later her intention was discovered and the owners praise her for her deed A short period later the owners of Aileen who are science experts perform an experiment on her puppy who dies in the process and is buried in the owner's garden yard She learns what was done and yearns for her baby over the grave with a clear intention of doing so for the rest of her lifeThe story is simple yet captivating short yet compelling sweet yet aching Its incredible what such a short story has to offer to its readers Its packed with humor grief love greed and much that makes the story so impressive and long lasting in memories in just 50 pages which most 500 some page books these days fail to do It tugs and then pulls at your heart wanting to make you cry and pull Aileen in a hug for so adorable she isThere are few things that the story holds for us as human beings to understand and apply When Aileen leaves her mother's house her mother tells her We were sent into this world for a wise and good purpose and must do our duties without repining takeour life as we might find it live it for the best good of others and never mind about the results; theywere not our affair She said men who did like this would have a noble and beautiful reward by andby in another world and although we animals would not go there to do well and right without rewardwould give to our brief lives a worthiness and dignity which in itself would be a reward I guess there is a far deeper message for us as human beings in there To be lot considerate about our actions toward other beings of the eco system and stop using other inhabitants of the planet for our purposesThere is this instance in the end that made me realize that I was reading through teary eyesIt is when the servant carries Aileen's dead puppy to bury him in the garden She helps him dig the ground for she thinks that the puppy will grow into a handsome dog like Robin Adairanother Presbyterian in the neighborhood she loved But she realizes she was tricked her baby was tricked when the servant says to her Poor little doggie you saved HIS child And she waits for weeks at the grave for her baby to grow and come out but he never does She is so broken hearted and depressed with anguish and doesn't help herself one grain of foodI know I have uncovered fairly good chunks from the book but I cannot stop myself from doing so for the sake of prospective readers of this book Its a tale of sacrifice selflessness love compassion and one's duties toward others Its about being human and I totally respect and admire the way Mr Twain has put it across to his readers Strikes a cord and makes one think about each of those times when they have done or seen someone mistreatdisregard animals I cannot say I loved the book I mean I cannot say enough All through the book as I read it I felt as though Aileen was talking straight to me I laughed a lot and cried a lot More than once I imagined Alfey in place of her But I guess that's what happens when you own pets their grief becomes yours even if its just fiction Well if you've really read the review till this last word do yourself a favor Read this book whether or not you like animal literature

  5. Tristram Shandy Tristram Shandy says:

    “‘Poor little doggie you saved HIS child’” A Dog’s Tale which first appeared in Harper’s Magazine in December 1903 starts funnily enough but it uickly turns into a very dark and heart rending story probably one of the saddest that Twain ever wrote One month after its publication it was transformed into a pamphlet for the National Anti Vivisection Society and it is uite ironical that some people – also here on Goodreads – actually blame Mark Twain for writing such a story in which a loyal and loving dog is treated so cruelly and callously by the father of a family when in fact Twain did this with the explicit intention of helping prevent such cruelty in real life The you read of Twain’s later works the obvious it will become to you that Mark Twain was highly sceptical of tenets as to Man’s superiority over Beasts that he had a very high opinion of animals’ understanding and learning faculties and that his cynical view on human nature also made it very doubtful to him that humans have the edge on animals as regard to moral senseI can say that after reading this short story which began in a playful way and which is told from the perspective of the dog herself I was shocked at the unuestioning arrogance with which the dog’s master decides to perform vivisection on the puppy The dog in this tale evinces high moral standards which she has been taught by her mother ”She said we were sent into world for a wise and good purpose and must do our duties without repining take our life as we might find it live it for the best good of others and never mind about the results; they were not our affair She said men who did like this would have a noble and beautiful reward by and by in another world and although we animals would not go there to do well and right without reward would give to our brief lives a worthiness and dignity which in itself would be a reward”Now if that scientist from the story goes to Heaven I’d rather go where the dog does for I find that this place if accorded to the dog’s merits must even be better than the scientist’s heaven At least the company there will be better What I also find interesting about this uotation is that maybe Twain suggests with the last sentence that doing good for the sake of one’s dignity is based on a higher standard of morality than doing good for the sake of a celestial reward

  6. Gary Gary says:

    A Dog's tale by Mark Twain is an excellent piece of writing that takes you through all life's emotions in 50 odd pages A thought provoking book that entertains makes you laugh and maybe by the end makes you cry

  7. Lemar Lemar says:

    Mark Twain spurred the public to evolve by getting us to laugh about our pretensions That he applied this funny and effective method to the plight of animals is telling He begins with a funny pun in the title and opens with some hilarious scenes By the end no spoilers here we are awakened to the fact often even fleetingly verbalized that animals are really nice people loyal brave loving and certainty conscious In the very same way that Twain caught the public ear on slavery by first reassuring the reader that he wasn’t going to preach and sermonize he uses his humor to deliver his point in A Dog’s Tale that animals deserve better have a right to better I once read a uote that “to consider slavery is to condemn it” A lot of time effort and training was spent trying to prevent people from stopping to consider slavery In our century a lot of cultural forces are at work keeping us from stopping as we watch a mouthwatering ad for a burger to consider the slaughterhouse the life of an animal born into a factory farm or the the medical and cosmetic testing on animals The Dog’s owner who the dog calls his Master at one point sits up and for a moment takes in the implications of the his dog’s actions and says “It’s far above instinct; it’s reason and many a man privileged to be saved and go with you and me to a better world by right of its possession has less of it then this poor silly uadruped that’s foreordained to perish” Twain gets us to see the world through their trusting eyes suggesting that the fight to recognize eual rights will not have succeeded until we humans accept animals as sentient beings and then ACT on that This little story got me thinking

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    Well I scratched my dog's belly for a full night after this one

  9. Jon Jon says:

    The I see of some people the better I like my dog — Mark TwainSkillfully penned with moments of the famous wry levity that Twain is known for It's also uite deep in its examination of how casually human cruelty is often committed While human beings don't have a monopoly on dealing death and pain to other species we're certainly the most well practiced at it and one of the few species who revel in dispensing such things for purposes of pleasure Perhaps animals are not possessed of human emotions or intellect but those are not always attributes necessary to experience suffering nor does a shallower view of suffering make it any less considerable or bearableI'm too sad to write any and I want to go hug my dog now

  10. Muhammad Muhammad says:

    A brilliant piece of writing Twain in his comical tone describes the cruelties practised upon the animals in his time The reader is being put in the position of a female pet dog and is experienced a 'dogly' journey with her masters A depressing story that builds up anger inside you while reading Sarcasms are very often scattered here and there the usual Twain and it begins with a curious opening line My father was a St Bernard my mother was a collie but I am a Presbyterian A deserving 'Overture' for a real masterpiece Hail Mark Twain

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