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Faceless [EPUB] ✹ Faceless By Jack Smith – Five of the Most Gruesome Headless Unsolved Murder Cases of All Times Cold cases are fascinating because they have all the ingredients of a nail biting murder mystery Except there’s no ending And wh Five of the Most Gruesome Headless Unsolved Murder Cases of All Times Cold cases are fascinating because they have all the ingredients of a nail biting murder mystery Except there’s no ending And what’s a book without an ending except an endless source of frustration and speculation It’s even worse when the victim is unidentified “Unknown” manwoman child murders send a chill through us and can even cause a little sadness How could a person be so alone in the world that absolutely no one came forward to give them a name and a burial This volume examines five instances of a single or serial killing involving victims who were beheaded by their killers ● The Thames Torso Murders Known as the “Thames Mysteries or Embankment Murders this series of gruesome killings was overshadowed by the terror surrounding Jack the Ripper’s crimes but were also very fascinating ● The August discovery of a decomposing male torso outside Wallingford Connecticut The victim was never identified and a woman who claimed that she knew the whole story behind the murder committed suicide ● The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run Between and a still unidentified serial killer murdered and dismembered at least twelve victims in Cleveland Ohio All but three remain unidentified Eliot Ness the man who was partly responsible for taking down Al Capone headed the investigations ● Beth Doe On December a young boy made a gruesome discovery on the banks of the Lehigh River in White Haven Pennsylvania The dismembered and mutilated remains of a young white woman and her unborn child had been stuffed into three suitcases and thrown from a bridge along Interstate over the Lehigh River ● The February discovery of the headless body of a little girl between the ages of and decomposing in an abandoned home on the north side of St Louis MO Her head was never found Despite heavy publicity nobody identified her What do these cases have in common besides the fact that they are cold and involve headless unidentified victims Somebody got away with murder Scroll back up and grab your copy today.

10 thoughts on “Faceless

  1. Fishface Fishface says:

    An intriguing read about a variety of unsolved cases Pretty nasty ones too not recommended for readers with weak stomachs

  2. Bettye McKee Bettye McKee says:

    This is an interesting though brief case study of murders unsolved because many times the headless andor dismembered corpse was never identifiedAll murders are tragic but there is something especially sad about an unidentified murder victim especially when it is a child Surely someone must be aware that a family member friend neighbor is missing and wonder what happened to them

  3. Ronnie Cramer Ronnie Cramer says:

    A short book 55 pages that still manages to be pretty detailed It features five unsolved homicide cases The Thames Torso Murders 1880s LondonThe Wallingford Mystery 1880s ConnecticutThe Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run 1930s ClevelandBeth and Baby Doe 1970s PennsylvaniaMurder in St Louis Jane Doe 1980s Missouri

  4. Jazmine Jazmine says:

    Faceless contains the stories of 5 gruesome crimes all of which had one thing in common decapitation Although the author tended to do a lot of jumping around in certain sections of this book it was overall a solid read with lots of well presented facts I learned uite a bit 35 stars

  5. Marti Norberg Marti Norberg says:

    Interesting and unnervingFascinating recounting of unsolved murders Television leads us to believe murders are almost always solved and murders punished However this book shows this is not so An interesting read and thought provoking stories

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    It's a well written book and it's obvious it's been well researched so why am I giving it 2stars? It's because I couldn't get into the book 5 stories of different murders interest me but most of them were unsolved Reading it I realized I don't like unsolved

  7. Tony Parsons Tony Parsons says:

    The deranged murderersor killersserial that interested me the most are Thames Torso Murders; Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run;I do not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing free books from publishers authors Therefore I am under no obligation to write a positive review only an honest one Warning This book contains descriptive accounts of extremely graphic adult content violence or expletive language or uncensored sexually explicit material verbalmentalphysicalsexual abuse which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive or have potential adverse psychological effects on the reader If you are especially sensitive to this type of material it is strongly advised not to read any furtherAn awesome book cover great font writing style A very professionally written true crime book It was uite easy for me to readfollow from startfinish never a dull moment There were no grammartypo errors nor any repetitive or out of line seuence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios with several twiststurns a great description list of uniue characters settings facts etc to keep track of This could also make another great true crime movie PP presentation or better yet a mini TV series or even a documentary Crime Museum; True Crime; American Crime Story; Investigative Discovery There are no references works cited or endnotes so I will only rate it at 35 starsThank you for the free author; Digital Services LLC; book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn

  8. Sandy Van domelen Sandy Van domelen says:

    A Very Sad But Unforgettable Retelling Of Lives Lost With No IndentityIt is difficult to think about one unidentified victim let alone five Yet this is only a small look into numerous unnamed victims who have never been identified It's beyond sad to realize there are monsters who masuerade as normal humans These unidentified creatures have taken lives and gotten away with it A sad reminder of the inhumanity suffered by many unknown victims

  9. Janalyn Janalyn says:

    I ♥️JackI was so excited when I got a notification that Jack Smith had A new book on Kindle unlimited He is one of my favorite true crime riders he always goes the extra mile to put in the extra information that other or Thursday night anyone who loves true crime will love Jack Smith I do

  10. Karunakaran N. Karunakaran N. says:

    Faceless Five Gruesome Unsolved Murders uite intriguing to read unsolved crimes of the past The first crime taking place at Whitehall called the Thames Torso seems to be the inspiration for the Movie The Hell which is mingled with the Inferno and seven people being Murdered All these unsolved murders are an inspiration to the celluloid world to solve them on their on fantasies Intriguing read

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