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  1. Ezra Ezra says:

    This was my first encounter with Rita Wong’s poetry I wish now that I hadn’t read an entire volume of it for while Wong occasionally writes a poem that I can emotionally connect to too much of the book was filled with the same message There’s something to be said for conveying a message without telling everyone that you have a message Nearly all of the poems here seem to have the same heavy handedness on the same topicWong’s poetry in undercurrent is made of disjointed metaphors and lines of thought Reading this poetry about the abuse of Earth and it’s water is like reading my own thoughts which are not easily collected and which overwhelm and distract me if I do not approach them somewhat cautiously and systematicallyThat style is all well and good but I want an activist poet to be cogent in the wordcraft than my raw thoughts

  2. Ciarra Ciarra says:

    Read this for class and I really liked it It got me really interested in environmental issues

  3. Niki Rowland Niki Rowland says:


  4. Ayla Ayla says:


  5. Amyleigh Amyleigh says:

    This was beautiful and relentless in its tug toward action Wong's multivocal poetics brings together the voices of water with workers with sea creatures with chemicals with citizens to urgently ask where we go from here

  6. J J says:

    Thomas C Foster wrote Any creative writing teacher can tell you that student fiction bad comes in two basic styles the all action all the time shoot em up blow em up and the deadly earnest message piece that is deadly dull Rita Wong's undercurrent is trying to0 hard to send an environmental message It was dull and I couldn't reach pg 30 before I felt like I was being beat over the head with the message that she was trying to instill throughout this work Her cause is good it is justified Her writing suffered There was not a single creative cell in my body that reacted to the way her poems were strung together I wanted the experience of Anne Carson of Roo Borson of Don McKay excellent nature poet; I wanted something that spoke to me on a creative level I didn't want to be lectured

  7. Andrew Andrew says:

    I enjoyed the author's text pieces on her workings with various aboriginal groups and environmental advocates I thought it was very enlightening as to the challenges they face when competing against big business and global political interests in the case of oil and pollution The poetry which makes up the main portion of the book didn't interest me I'm sure others will enjoy it but to me they seemed a little too slight There were a couple poems that really turned me off where it just seemed like a list of words all related to the environment Mark as not for me but I'm sure others will like it

  8. Emily Emily says:

    I'm hesitant to be harsh because this collection had good intentions and I 100% agree with the sentiments of the poetry's content But it's executed in an uninteresting very typical contemporary way The various forms add nothing of interest to the content of the poetry and it's distracting than anything I didn't connect with any of the poems which is the standard that I hold poetry to Just very average overall Again I feel a bit mean being so harsh in this review because I can see what the poetry was trying to be it just wasn't effective for me

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undercurrent ➺ [Download] ➶ undercurrent By Rita Wong ➻ – The water belongs to itself undercurrent reflects on the power and sacredness of water largely underappreciated by too many whether it be in the form of ocean currents the headwaters of the Fraser Riv The water belongs to itself undercurrent reflects on the power and sacredness of water largely underappreciated by too many whether it be in the form of ocean currents the headwaters of the Fraser River or fluids in the womb Exploring a variety of poetic forms anecdote allusion and visual elements this collection reminds humanity that we are water bodies and we need and deserve better ways of honouring thisPoet Rita Wong approaches water through personal cultural and political lenses She humbles herself to water both physically and spiritually i will apprentice myself to creeks tributaries groundwater glaciers listen for the salty pulse within the blood that recognizes marine ancestry She witnesses the contamination of First Nations homelands and sites such as Gregoire Lake near Fort McMurray AB though you look placid peaceful dibenzothiophenes you hold bitter bitumized depths Wong points out that though capitalism and industry are supposed to improve our uality of life they're destroying the very things that give us life in the first place Listening to and learning from water is key to a future of peace and creative potentialundercurrent emerges from the Downstream project a multifaceted creative collaboration that highlights the importance of art in understanding and addressing the cultural and political issues related to water The project encourages public imagination to respect and value water ecology and sustainability Visit downstreamecuadca.