Turning Tricks MOBI º Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 135 pages
  • Turning Tricks
  • Dick Parker
  • English
  • 20 January 2016

2 thoughts on “Turning Tricks

  1. Arlyn Arlyn says:

    Never could I have imagined that a day would come that I would finish a Dick Parker book with tears streaming down my face while nursing the ache of a broken heart I love Dick Parker's books because I am ensured a few hours of care free lusty escapism This book proves that just when I think I know what to expect from this author he will occasionally release a book that totally blindsides me This is the book that I'll always remember as the one that knocked me completely on my ass emotionallyThis was darker than the author's usual fare Much much darker Abuse prostitution homelessness violence crime deviant sex and survivor's guilt are just a few of the darker themes presented throughout the storylineGritty deep dark and intenseall descriptors that I never thought I'd use in a Dick Parker review Thank god for the smattering of light naughty fun which offered much needed comfort food familiarity as it managed to sustain me through a jarring and emotional journey5 stars should tell you that the complete departure from his typical writing style was successful as it delivered a sexy and compelling read that pulled no punches

  2. MamaBear MamaBear says:

    My first mm read by this author and I'm intrigued It's a bit on the dark sidesome gay bashing violence and murder and the MC is a young man kicked out by his parents and forced to live as a male prostitute to make ends meets If you are looking for something not all hearts and flowers I'd say give this one a go I'm sure going to try from this author soon

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Turning Tricks☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Turning Tricks By Dick Parker ❤ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Eighteen year old Jesse’s life takes a drastic turn when he comes home and finds out his parents have been snooping on his computer They found several gay sites that he’d been visiting His father Eighteen year old Jesse’s life takes a drastic turn when he comes home and finds out his parents have been snooping on his computer They found several gay sites that he’d been visiting His father is outraged and won’t listen to reason He beats him up and throws him out Jesse has a little money but not enough to live on He decides that if he’s going to be homeless he wants to do it someplace warm so he gets on a bus and heads to California On the bus he meets Kevin a twenty five year old who feels sorry for him and befriends him When Jesse gets to California they part company Jesse lives on the beach for a couple of days and then meets Manny It turns out that they are attracted to each other but Manny has something to tell his new friend Manny is a male prostitute With no other prospects Jesse goes with Manny and soon is Turning Tricks himself His friendship with Manny grows to than friendship and things seem like they’re finally going his way But the good times don’t last for long Sample He looked like he was deciding something “Jesse I don’t live at home I have a place but it’s not really a home It’s a place to crash” “You’ve got a job though right” “It’s not really a job like you would think I’m a private entertainer” I had no fucking idea what he was talking about “Manuel what the hell are you talking about” “First call me Manny Second I’m talking about sex I make a living doing sex for money” You could have tipped me over with a feather I sat there looking at him with my mouth hanging open “You what” “In the evening I go to an area where guys like me congregate and we get paid for having sex with people who come and pick us up” “What kind of people” “Guys Jesse I’m a male prostitute It sounds kind of ugly so I usually say I’m a private entertainer” “Holy shit” I said “It’s a living” he said Sample Just then a car pulled up He rolled down the window and motioned for Manny and me to come over “Nice night” he said “What’s up” Manny asked “How would you and your friend like to party” “What do you have in mind” “Oh a little three way action” the guy said “What’s it worth” “Fifty apiece” “Try again” “Sixty” Manny looked at me and winked “My friend here is farm fresh He just got into town He’s wanted to fuck a guy for a long time and tonight is his debut But he’s not cheap He won’t fuck you for less than a hundred” The guy looked at me “That right” “A hundred each” I said “And you’ll never forget it” He thought a minute “Get in”.