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Southern Admirer (Southern Loving Book 2) [PDF / Epub] ★ Southern Admirer (Southern Loving Book 2) By Ava Thorn – From the outside Shane McBride appeared to have the ideal life; he married his high school sweetheart served time in the military and then used that knowledge to become a Texas Ranger That was until t From the outside Shane McBride appeared to have the ideal life; he married his high school sweetheart served time in the military and then used that knowledge to become a Texas Ranger That was until the day his wife was in a car accident and passed away Shane’s whole world came tumbling down leaving him grieving and torn Jasmine St Clair was the baby sister of Shane’s best friend and partner Benjamin Shane had been around Jasmine for longer than she could remember His bond with Benjamin ran deep and the two were very close So when Benjamin sends his little sister to check on his grieving pal he doesn’t think anything is amiss It’s the one year anniversary of Shane’s wife’s passing Trying to forget his sorrows Shane is drinking to blur the memories of his wrecked life The last thing he was expecting was for Jasmine to walk through those bar doors But she did and she wasn’t going anywhere without him Jasmine had always had feeling for Shane McBride She respected his marriage and nothing but friendship was between the two But Jasmine knows firsthand that Shane’s marriage wasn’t all roses Trying to console him she takes him home where things escalate to fast and too uickly Running away from things she would rather not acknowledge Jasmine leaves Texas and goes back home to Denver Fate brings the two together again and it is one bumpy road to love Overcoming things like broken family relationships or dealing with race and interracial marriage are also big issues Not to mention the relationship between Shane and his partner Benjamin Add in a little stalker action and you’ve got a heart wrenching story that will have you in tears than once.

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  1. Noreen Joseph Noreen Joseph says:

    I was given an ARC for an honest review I have seen the growth in Ms Thorn's writing The story is centered around Jasmine and Shane Jasmine has always had a crush on Shane which grew into love by both characters The author did a great job in making the hero and heroine feel conflicted due to hero being married and him having feelings for someone who wasn't his wife Conflict also came from family members who didn't believe that they should be together The Author also did a great job of incorporating the mental health status of a character and explained what happens when that individual is not compliant with medication regiment There was also some suspense that did not take away from the story Throw in an adorable baby and you have the makings of HEA Great Job Ava

  2. HI5O HI5O says:

    Very goodJasmine had a lot of growing up to do that she managed to do after becoming a mother Great love story

  3. Charmaine Carby Charmaine Carby says:

    Another great bookThe two characters were so great for one another I just love how Shane really cared for her and show how great 👍true love isVery beautiful story line

  4. Victoria Bailey Tewelde Victoria Bailey Tewelde says:

    A short ebook Honestly the writing is horrible but not as bad as the first book I like the story

  5. evette w evette w says:

    A Really Awesome StoryThis was one really good storya coming of age kinda of storyThis was a story with some meat on it's bonesThis was first to see the main characters agreeing and settling their problems and uniting against everyone else so soon in the storyThe subject of interracial relationships was handled so very well without taking over the entire storyI think everyone who reads this story is going to want to slap Ben her brother and not to mention her mother talk about a double standardI just loved all the laugh out loud momentsThe love scenes were sexy as well as hotNow there were a few typosbut they didn't get between reading a good storyMy biggest problem or should I say what caused me to scream is they way this wonderful story abruptly endsI mean you have wonderful HEA going and bam Off a cliffreally I think the readers should get a better endingNow on to a happy note good job

  6. Shameka Shameka says:

    Overall this story was just ok There were a few parts that seemed a little rushed and jumbled together and there were also uite a few spelling and grammatical errors but the plot was still there There were some things about the actual story that I didn't like how and when Shane reappeared Jasmine's know it all attitude the awkward conversation on how to identify baby Shay's race etc but that is a reflection of my personal preferences than the author's writing skills I think with experience Ms Thorn's writing will continue to get better

  7. Leslie Leslie says:

    This book took me on an emotional journey From beefing to end this book had me I hated to put it down Shane is a real man with an awesome heart and I fall in love with his character is this book Jasmine is a strong character with all the things that she goes through You will be happy by the end it is truly a happy ending

  8. finley g roberts finley g roberts says:

    FrustratingThe storyline in the book was interesting; however the writing style was very frustrating and confusing The main characters were unlikable and the author needs to invest in a professional proofreader and editor

  9. Erika Erika says:

    I enjoyed Shane and Jasmine

  10. gloria langley gloria langley says:

    Awesome readLove this he's Shane and Jazzy found love in each other was just awesome Love the fact Jazzy didn't hide how she felt not Shane

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