The Road to Dallas: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

  • Hardcover
  • 509 pages
  • The Road to Dallas: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • David E. Kaiser
  • English
  • 11 June 2015
  • 9780674027664

10 thoughts on “The Road to Dallas: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

  1. david-baptiste david-baptiste says:

    One of the very best books on the subject a huge genre in itself and for once by an historian rather than a novelistlawyeramateur sleuthjournalist crank former agent of the XYZ and sundry other characters in a rogues' gallery Kaiser makes extensive use of the cache of documents released in the early 1990's by the CIA and FBI to cast the assassination as the work of the Mob and various elements of the anti Castro Cuban community and their friends in the CIA The Mob angle is familiar the classic Kingfish covered this territory first but there is added documentation to support the thesis Perhaps most compelling in this regard is the explanation given for the assasination of Oswald by Ruby which many recent authors Mailer Bugliosi Pozner et alia leaned on heavily as happening purely by chance rather than design This is also the first book to make the Sylvia Odio testimony one of the if not the central keys to the mystery as it provides the most direct linking of Oswald with anti Castro forces Among the strengths of the book are Kaiser's avoidance of the hypothesizing and psycho babble posturing of the slew of authors including Mailer and DeLillo who have beaten the psychological make up of Lee Harvey Oswald to a pulp as though in a bizarre competition with him Kaiser uses a literary historical tv example as i effect Oswald's model and in a way his muse the persona of Philbrick the 1950's double agent Kaiser argues that there was a shooter on the Grassy Knoll but that whoever it was they missed making Oswald the sole assassin though part of much wider conspiracy to varying degrees both the patsy he claimed to be and a manipulator caught up in a lifelong series of efforts to out manipulate others who are truly big time manipulators governments spy agencies fanatics of the right wing the Mob the Kennedy's the Eisenhower Nixon Dulles forces the underbelly of the CIA In a truly strange way Oswald the latch key kid watching tv shows inspired by Phlbrick reading comic books and Markist pamphlets seems to be a self willed and willing body without organs who becomes a nexus for the rhizomatic activities of a multitude of persons and groups and both uses them and lets himself be used for a becoming agent a becoming assassin and a becoming history into which he vanishes At once a single assassin and a multiple personality multiple agent multiple series of identities and doubles Oswald ultimately dies where it all began on live TV the ultimate projection of his own and a multitude of others' fantasies wishes desires and plotsIn a way Oswald was himself a walking conspiracy waiting to happen crisscrossing the world until everything falls into place in a few days in Dallas

  2. Louise Louise says:

    If you are new to the conspiracy theories this is not a good starting place I was intrigued by browsing the introduction which is a compelling description of the Odio incident which was unknown to me The way this incident is presented is characteristic of this sprawling book The incident and its participants are visited and revisited scattering the incident's context and ramifications Even the chapter devoted to Odio does not contain the full storyThere is a lot of extraneous information For instance there is the incident of 3 men in a car with Texas plates braking into Judith Campbell's apartment The car belonged to a former FBI agent and two intruders fit the description of his sons one of whom was married to John Connolly's daughter While this is interesting it is never tied into anything else It stays in my mind because Campbell and Connolly are known to me but hundreds of other isolated incidents and not famous side players stream through this book At first I thought I should be keeping track of them allI wondered where it was all going Finally the author stated his thesis on page 378 While as he says his thesis does not depend on the single bullet theory typical of the book's organization he immediately follows with a 10 page inconclusive analysis of the acoustical properties of the gun shots ie elaborating on the theory on which his thesis does not dependI'm not going to re read this book to see if the author proves his case I guess if I tried to reassemble it I'd find that Frazier presented strong evidence linking Oswald to a host of anti Castro people and groups mixed evidence linking Oswald to the CIA and clear evidence linking Jack Ruby to the organized crime figures that had a strong interest in stopping the DOJ investigations led by Bobby KennedyI think this book is for those who have a good background in the JFK assassination theories The extensive notes in the end can help those who continue to pursue the truth

  3. Geoffrey Lawson Geoffrey Lawson says:

    I have an intense interest in presidential history conspiracies and I have always had a morbid curiosity for literature featuring the JFK assassination As an architect though and not a historian my attention span for in dept detail is short Yet David Kaiser’s The Road to Dallas its 400 page length and it wordy syntax is far and above the best book I have read on the events of November 22 1963 and potentially the most groundbreaking Kaiser shows that the assassination cannot be understood without first understanding two larger stories of which it was part 1 the US government’s campaign against organized crime which radically accelerated under Robert Kennedy tenure as Attorney General; and 2 the pursuit of CIA through two administrations to kill Fidel Castro 
A conspiracy to kill Kennedy formed in response to Robert Kennedy’s persistent attacks on organized crime; a legal vengeance that often went well beyond the usual procedure of law enforcement With their hands tied mob leaders simply looked to the networks already in place for a solution They found in Lee Harvey Oswald their ideal pawn to enact revenge against the Kennedys The CIA’s direct involvement with these same mobsters in their plot to eliminate Castro provided cover for the conspirators to operated in the shadows outside the eyes of the CIA and provided the FBI and the Warren Commission motive not to dig as deep as one would expect in their subseuent investigations; so not to embarrass the CIA 
The Road to Dallas adds dramatic new material to every feature of the case It brings to light the complete story of the JFK assassination and its aftermath

  4. Jamey Jamey says:

    Inane hubristic and laced with disinformation In other words Harvard University Press Much of this book is good but it's also full of poison pillsPage 3 The Central Intelligence Agency had nothing to do with Kennedy's assassination And I am the King of RomaniaPage 7 Hundreds of books on the Kennedy assassination have appeared but this is the first one written by a professional historian who has researched the available documents Reading this is like reading a 19th Century racist scientist propounding the salient differences between national racial types such as the Hottentot the Semite and the Englishman Revel in your day baby because it's just about over

  5. Natalie Natalie says:

    I wasn't really getting into it despite my well documented love for JFK assassination lore Kaiser throws way too many namesagency and group acronymsjob titles at the reader all at once and it's difficult to keep track of them all The prose style is also pretty dull and at least for me it's hard to make this kind of story Mafia CIA FBI Cut out men Private eyes Wiretapping Mistresses Cuban exiles Castro boring I might pick it back up again from the library but I have three books to review and a book I'm editing so no time for the textual soporifics

  6. George Bradford George Bradford says:

    The Road to Dallas This is perhaps the most objective account of United States history in the decade preceding November 22 1963 And it is the most sober telling of the events leading to the Assassination of John F Kennedy There was a lot of traffic on the road to Dallas The US government and its policy toward Cuba and Fidel Castro Cuban exiles in the United States and their determination to return to their homeland The Department of Justice and its war on organized crime Virulent right wing extremists and their war on civil rights All of them participating in brazen lawlessness And the enigmatic activities of 24 year old Lee Harvey Oswald This is not an easy book to read It was written by a history professor and published by Harvard University And it often reads like an academic history book The kind of book you'd be assigned to read for a class Not the kind of book you'd choose to read for pleasure But that said this book is worth the effort There is a lot of detailed history in this book And knowing that history is essential to understanding this crime and its aftermathThirty years after President Kennedy's murder much of the history in this book was unknown to the public It had been hidden But in 1992 congress passed the JFK Record Collections Act And as a result the FBI CIA Secret Service and the Departments of Defense State and Justice were forced to release their records relevant to the assassination its participants and resulting investigations Not all of those records have been released And many of the records that have been released are heavily redacted But the records that were released subseuent to the 1992 law provide essential context and crucial details that were not available to the two federal government investigations of the Kennedy Assassination The Warren Commission in 1964 and the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978As a result of those records being released The Road to Dallas details how the lawlessness of the US government toward Fidel Castro Cuban exiles towards Cuba and the Department of Justice towards organized crime marched relentlessly toward Dallas And how that lawlessness lead to a most unusual and uite resourceful individual named Lee Harvey Oswald The Road to Dallas is a very good read

  7. Andrea Andrea says:

    What prompted me to read this book was an interview I saw with Alan Dershowitz When asked what legal mystery he would like to see solved he said the JFK assassination He didn't elaborate but accepting that Oswald was the assassin still leaves many mysteries and unanswered vexing uestions How interesting that Dershowitz is one whose interest is still piued by this event Years ago at least 20 years probably I read a bunch of the assassination books Best Evidence by Lifton is the one that will keep you up at night If you have read about the JFK assassination in any detail even 20 years ago this latest book will be full of information you already knew And there is a lot the author leaves out People want so much to attribute the murder of JFK to right wingers that they still gloss over the fact that Oswald was a Marxist He defected to the USSR for heaven's sake living and working in Minsk And these folks include mafia figures a few of whom voiced the desire to see something bad happen to the Kennedys because of RFK's relentless prosecution of them among the right wing even though their friends were Hollywood figures including Kennedy in law Lawford The author does point out some of the long discussed conundrums Dispute over how many shots were fired on 1122 were they all fired from behind why did 13 of the bystanders claim a gunman was on the grassy knoll how could a bullet that went through the President's back out his throat into Connelly's back out his chest then into his wrist bone and out of it emerge pristine with no tissue or blood on it; Oswald's very peculiar behavior on leaving the book depository; why the altercation with Officer Tippitt how all the Dallas doctors misread the type of throat wound JFK had Not discussed in the book why Oswald took a shot at Gen Walker earlier in the year also not explored in the book and many Oddly enough there is little about Oswald himself his mercurial personality and behavior over his lifetime and the real biggie what was his motive? No one ever heard him say a word about the President Author suggests he was expecting to come into some money a payoff But what did O think would happen then? And similar uestions about Jack Ruby interviews he gave Dorothy Kilgallen? are absentThe author is a historianprofessor at the Naval War College and the publisher is Harvard Univ Press So you don't need to be a kook to believe that there's a lot we just don't know about Nov 22 1963 The answers aren't in this book and only some of the uestions are I wish Dershowtiz would write about his own thoughts and uestions based on what evidence and testimony does exist

  8. Bill F. Bill F. says:

    Because Kaiser is an academic his book was promoted as being a thoroughly researched look at the assassination than some of the sensationalistic tomes that blame the assassination on everyone from JFK's cleaning woman to Ethel Merman While it is true that the book is well researched good luck keeping track of the nearly 50 or so people who helped carry out the plot By page 100 I'd resigned myself to the fact that unless I began plot mapping these folks on a wall I'd never be able to keep up It reminded me of The Sopranos when the FBI has all of the capos on a chart leading up to Tony as the leader As far as Kaiser is concerned Lee Harvey Oswald fired all of the shots that killed JFK and Gov Connolly He does not dispute that there may have been another shooter on the grassy knoll but he claims if there was they missed The famous dictaphone recording from one of the motorcycle cops following the motorcade gets a good deal of treatment at the end and Kaiser conlcudes that we'll probably never know whether there were as the latest scholarship claims actually four shots fired at the motorcade this is the argument used by those supporting a second shooter theoryRegardless Kaiser concludes that it started with President Eisenhower's consent to a plot to assassinate Castro in 1960 grew considerably with the Kennedy brothers' obsession with assassinating Castro and Bobby Kennedy's fascination with taking down the Mafia and after the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis began a slow spiral into an assassination plot on JFK Essentially a boomerang JFK threw that came back on himKaiser concludes that Oswald probably was heading to Mexico City in September October 1963 to try to get into Cuba to assassinate Castro When he was unable to do so his orders as Kaiser calls them changed and he was given the assignment by whom we'll probably never know Kaiser concludes of killing JFK instead Kaiser surmises that had Oswald gotten into Cuba he would have attempted to kill Castro or head back to the Soviet Union Either way though Kaiser argues JFK most likely would never have been killed

  9. Seth Seth says:

    Kaiser bills himself as the first professional historian to deal with the uestion of why Kennedy was assassinated who had full access to the most recent declassified information He makes a fairly good case that Oswald was an agent of the Mafia who were seeking revenge for the Kennedy brothers' persecution I have read a few books on this issue but have never been sucked into the Kennedy assassination subculture which is truly insane check out the Usenet groups and websites devoted to itThe House Special Committee on Assassinations concluded that Oswald killed Kennedy but that he didn't act alone Kaiser agrees and I think they're correct He does not prove it beyond doubt but absent some startling discovery I fear that nobody will attain this degree of certainty I think he's probably correct but that's about as close as we'll get

  10. Anita Anita says:

    UNCLE I didn't think it would ever happen; I can't finish this book I have read many books about the assassination and lots of crackpot theories and have always found them fascinating Until now It might be an interesting theory the CIA and the mob combine to kill the president but I'll never know It was so tedious and bogged down in detail that there was no story Maybe I have just reached my saturation point or maybe this author can't get away from the minutia to tell a good story

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The Road to Dallas: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy➧ [Ebook] ➢ The Road to Dallas: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy By David E. Kaiser ➲ – Neither a random event nor the act of a lone madman the assassination of President John F Kennedy was an appalling and grisly conspiracy This is the unvarnished story With deft investigative skill Dav Neither to Dallas: The Assassination MOBI :º a random to Dallas: ePUB ´ event nor the act of a lone madman the assassination of President John F Kennedy was an appalling The Road PDF or and grisly conspiracy This is the unvarnished story With deft investigative skill David Kaiser shows that the events of November Road to Dallas: PDF/EPUB Ã cannot be understood without fully grasping the two larger stories of which they were a part the US government's campaign against organized Road to Dallas: The Assassination PDF \ crime which began in the late s and accelerated dramatically under Robert Kennedy; and the furtive uest of two administrations along with a cadre of private interest groups to eliminate Fidel Castro The seeds of conspiracy go back to the Eisenhower administration which recruited top mobsters in a series of plots to assassinate the Cuban leader The CIA created a secretive environment in which illicit networks were allowed to expand in dangerous directions The agency's links with the Mafia continued in the Kennedy administration although the President and his closest advisors engaged in their own efforts to overthrow Castro thought this skullduggery had ended Meanwhile Cuban exiles right wing businessmen and hard line anti Communists established ties with virtually anyone deemed capable of taking out the Cuban premier Inevitably those ties included the mob The conspiracy to kill JFK took shape in response to Robert Kennedy's relentless attacks on organized crime legal vendettas that often went well beyond the normal practices of law enforcement Pushed to the wall mob leaders merely had to look to the networks already in place for a solution They found it in Lee Harvey Oswald the ideal character to enact their desperate revenge against the Kennedys Comprehensive detailed and informed by original sources The Road to Dallas adds surprising new material to every aspect of the case It brings to light the complete freuently shocking story of the JFK assassination and its aftermath.

About the Author: David E. Kaiser

David to Dallas: The Assassination MOBI :º E Kaiser to Dallas: ePUB ´ born June is an American historian whose published works have covered a broad range of topics The Road PDF or from European Warfare to American League Baseball He was a Professor in the Strategy and Policy Department of the Naval War College Road to Dallas: PDF/EPUB Ã from until and has also taught at Carnegie Mellon Williams College and and Harvard University.