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10 thoughts on “Bitter Hearts (A Southern Loving Book 3)

  1. Sophia Sophia says:

    Awwwwbut UGH The story was great but the errors was horrible So many grammar errors I love Kari and Hank story It reminded me of Austin and Farrah journey One part that I was pissed about was Hank letting that slut Natalie to come back I can't wait to see what's next in the Southern Love series

  2. HI5O HI5O says:

    GoodHank may have fell in love at first sight but he was wrong for moving on before ending his marriage Everything worked out in the end

  3. evette w evette w says:

    Just What You Are Looking ForI just love everything about this storyThis story is fun and sweet and sexyits all the things you want in a romance and a relationship between two peopleYou get uite a few lessons about exactly what love and respecting the person you're involved with and how to let go and holdtightI think every woman should have a Hank at some point in their livesNow that I've shaken the starburst from my eyesI want to scream and break things because the editing is so poor that it takes some of the magic from this really good storyI think it needs to be re elected and released againIt's only fair to the readersBut let me finish on a high note this is a great story and a worthy addition to a really good series

  4. Shronda Shronda says:

    Unexpected This is the third story in the series Hank and Kari meet because of Austin and Farrah from book one Neither of them are looking for love or commitment due to past loves But the heart wants what it wants and you have to go through somethings to get the best and that what us showed in this story In the beginning Kari was running from something and Hank was going through his own drama but they were able to find their way to one another and be the support for one another

  5. Erika Erika says:

    The storyline was great I really like Hank and Kari I would give it 5 stars if it were not so challenging to read through all the errors If it could be proofread and revised it would do wonders for this great story

  6. Nicole Nicole says:

    35 StarsI was absolutely loving this book until the wife came back in the picture It all went downhill from there and I struggled to finish although I really had grown to love Kari and Hank Too many games played and unnecessary scenes

  7. Nancy L Thompson Nancy L Thompson says:

    4 12 StarsLoved this story my only complaint was the typos missing words and missing letters I can't wait if Southern Bells will be about their wedding

  8. Natashia Natashia says:

    Hank might be my favorite in the McBride Jackson clan I love how deeply he loves Can't wait for southern bells

  9. Tamica Green Tamica Green says:

    Absolutely loved it another great book by Ava thorn This series has become one of my favorites

  10. Laura Laura says:


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Bitter Hearts (A Southern Loving Book 3) ➵ [Reading] ➷ Bitter Hearts (A Southern Loving Book 3) By Ava Thorn ➪ – Kari moved from the bright lights of Beverly Hills to Nashville Tennessee Leaving behind everything she had ever known for a fresh start where no one knew her family or her past Starting fresh and str Kari moved from the bright lights of Beverly Hills to Nashville Tennessee Leaving behind everything she had ever known for a fresh start where no one knew her family or her past Starting fresh and struggling to make a name for herself Kari has almost succeeded in her efforts In the two years she had been in Nashville she was starting to get a solid customer base and she had just landed a job that could make or break her future career Austin McBride country singer extraordinaire and his new bride Farrah have hired Kari to decorate the nursery for their twin babies who are due soon The McBride’s are ecstatic about Kari’s designs but there is just one condition Austin’s cousin Hank will be making the custom made furniture that will be in the nursery Hank was living the good life He had a good job a nice house and a loving wife That was until she decided that she wanted to leave Hank for another man Hank had been completely shocked by his wife’s betrayal and rapid exit from their life together Heartbroken and alone Hank struggled to pick up the pieces of his broken life Looking for something to keep him occupied Hank agreed to build the cribs for his cousin and his wife not knowing that he would have to work alongside the spoiled interior decorator Rubbing each other the wrong way from the get go Hank and Kari seem to bring out the worst in each other Forced to be around the other they finally come to terms when Hank asks Kari to redecorate his house and remove any remaining reminders of his ex wife Both have been hurt in the past and can’t seem to let that hurt go Love isn’t always pretty or picture perfect Can these two bitter hearts overcome everything that seems to be standing in their way Bitter Hearts is a wonderfully emotional story of two people who have been broken by unfulfilling love in the past With each other’s help and a little help from others Hank and Kari are finally able to open their hearts and allow the possibility of love to take root.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 236 pages
  • Bitter Hearts (A Southern Loving Book 3)
  • Ava Thorn
  • English
  • 18 July 2016