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Make Ahead Bread ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Make Ahead Bread Author Donna Currie – Two Steps to Breaking Bread Make Ahead Bread de mystifies the bread baking process with simple recipes and easy to follow steps for fresh from the oven bread Plus there's an entire chapter devoted to Two Steps to Breaking Bread Make Ahead Bread de mystifies the bread baking process with simple recipes and easy to follow steps for fresh from the oven bread Plus there's an entire chapter devoted to baking ingredients and euipment Follow home baker Donna Currie's simple two step process to baking delicious fresh yeast breadsStep One – mix and knead the dough then let it rest for days while you enjoy lifeStep Two – bakeYes Make Ahead MOBI :º it's that simpleMelt in Your Mouth Breads Your home will smell amazing while you bake any of the recipes in Make Ahead Bread including all of theseLoaf Breads – Bacon Tomato and Cheddar Loaf; Maple Sugar and Walnut LoafBuns Rolls Breadsticks – Slider Buns; Cheesy Breadstick TwistsFlatbreads – Chicago style Pan Pizza; Semolina FocacciaPastries – Breakfast Sausage Danish; Traditional Croissants and Now you're never too busy to bake bread Yeast bread isn't complicated to make but because it needs time to rise it’s not always easy to fit it into time available that’s until now Make Ahead Bread gives inexperienced bakers and busy home cooks the information you need to make flavorful freshly baked bread on a schedule that works for youLeftovers Just in case you have any leftovers this book also features many recipes for your extra bread like Almond Butter Bread Pudding; Artichoke Olive and Tomato Strata; and Overnight French Toast Plus recipes for scrumptious butters and spreads are included such as Chunky Apple and Cinnamon Spread and Chocolate Butter to name a few.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Make Ahead Bread
  • Donna Currie
  • 11 September 2016

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  1. So, I Read This Book Today So, I Read This Book Today says:

    OK Can I just say this? Bacon Tomato and Cheddar Loaf Pile on the thick sliced pepper bacon heirloom tomato and crispy romaine lettuce Now THAT is what I am talking about French toast with the Rich Egg and Butter Loaf served hot and steaming with real maple syrup and hand churned butter makes a wonderful breakfast or brunch Of course there are the Chocolate Croissants Made with single origin deeply dark chocolate hot and buttery with a rich Earl Grey tea Ohhhh YumEach of these bread recipes are not only simple to make you can make up the doughs and refrigerate the on a Sunday morning slip the dough into a preheated oven to bake Brew a pot of tea pull out your favorite book and uilt slice up your bread and serve with one of the simple handmade butters and jams in the book What could be better? Well a little Satie or Bach on the stereo I used to love making bread especially when my insomnia was really bad or I needed to think I don't know how I got away from that habit but this book is encouraging me to start the habit againMake Ahead Bread was a gift from the publisher in return for a realistic review All thoughts are my own Enjoy

  2. Shelleyrae at Book& Shelleyrae at Book& says:

    There is nothing I love than freshly baked bread My one weekly indulgence is buying bread from my local bakery instead of plastic wrapped loaves from the supermarket Occasionally I will also make my own dough to bake but since I don't have and can't afford a decent stand mixer it is a laborious process made difficult by the time it reuires to serve up fresh baked goods exactly when you want themMake Ahead Bread by Donna Currie aims to make baking easier by dividing the process into two parts allowing you to prepare the dough and then refrigerate it until a day or two later when you can bake it This is a much convenient method for busy people who don't have an entire day to devote to bakingCurrie begins with some useful advice about ingredients euipment and methods to get the best from her 100 recipes The first chapter of the book starts with her recipes for loaf breads using wheat sourdough or rye both sweet and savoury flavoured such as Fresh Corn and Cheddar Loaf and Peanut Butter Spread with Raspberry Swirl The next chapter explores Buns Rolls Breadsticks then Flatbreads like focaccia Her recipes for Pastries include Lemon Danish and Cinnamon Croissants The final sections offers recipes to use with leftover bread like a Cherry and Goat Cheese Strata and recipes for flavoured spread combinations like Orange and Ginger Cinnamon Honey and Wine Jam NB You can see a complete recipe listing HEREThe recipes are well laid out even in my digital version with clear instructions and ingredients lists Not every recipe is accompanied by a photograph of the result which is a bit of a shame I thought I've bookmarked uite a few recipes I plan to try like the Strawberry Jam Swirl Loaf Pre baked Herb and Cheese Buns and Pineapple Sweet Cheese Danish I will actually be making the Maple Bacon and Onion Loaf later on during the week to contribute to a friend's BB I'll have to retro post picturesThere are only a couple of gluten free recipes so this cook book is not suitable for those with gluten intolerance Some recipes seem uite simple others fairly complex so I think it would suit a range of people from the first timer to the regular home baker interested in Currie's make ahead method

  3. Kelly Gunderman Kelly Gunderman says:

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI love baking bread Granted my only true bread baking experience is limited to the use of my very trusty bread machine okay so I guess that technically isn't considered baking bread but hey it's a start right? Anyway I've been wanting to branch out into true bread baking for a very long time now but I don't want to have to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen figuring it out and wasting good ingredients on failed attempts at an edible loaf of bread Well this book is the answer The book takes you by the hand and introduces you into the world of bread making all without making you feel like you aren't even smart enough to measure flour I read a LOT of cookbooks and a lot of them do thisThere are plenty of breads in herefrom sweet breads pumpkin and cinnamon raisin anyone? to whole wheat breads to garlic knots and flatbreads It explains the importance of yeast rising and kneading and pretty much gives you an introductory course to bread baking There are some real gems in here that made my mouth water just thinking about them Strawberry rolls with walnut swirl? Bacon tomato and cheddar loaf? It's all here And the pictures are amazing

  4. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    Another great bread book that makes me want to bake bread eat bread and then fear the waistline effects I never would have thought of a combination like Maple Onion and Bacon loafbut now that they said somethingand I definitely like the first recipe for Bacon Tomatoe and Cheddar loaf Yum I made a cinnamon bread that I love but this book puts in an optional option of putting some crumbled graham crackers in the filling for texture That's something I'll have to add and try note to self 2 crushed crackersThey have monkey bread which we all know from home ec but then a second sweet potato monkey bread Hm The book offers non traditional among the traditional Strawberry rolls with walnut swirl? Why not?Besides the staple loaves rolls and such they have a wide variety of flat breads which a lot of books lack and they throw in pastries turnovers and bread recipes for leftover breads Finally yummy butters and spreadsThis is probably the best bread book I've read there are beautiful full sized pictures recipes than you could try in a lifetime uniue breads that will have guests wondering what your secret is and detailed instructions Definitely a winnerReceived this from netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  5. Dee Dee says:

    A step by step richly illustrated guide that makes baking bread look easy

  6. Joyce Joyce says:

    Make Ahead Bread 100 Recipes for Bake It When You Want It Yeast Breads by Donna CurrieFirst let me begin by saying that bread making has been a part of my life since I was a little girl The smell of bread baking in the oven is something you cannot duplicate It brings to my mind happy easier days of a carefree child It reminds me of laughter and the company of my aunt and uncle and other guests my parents had at the house My mother made bread for special occasions so I remember the warmth and love of family My mother also made bread just for the heck of it to switch up meals at home I remember afternoons of mixing and kneading bread dough on a large wooden board of my mother's mischievous eyes as we tried new recipes or snuck in ingredients we thought were healthy but which my father may not like We always made an extra loaf for my grandmother so I remember the smile in her face when we visited and offered her the gift For my mother the smell of fresh bread stirred her own memories of both her childhood and those she created as an adult with her own family As an adult I have created my own memories and holiday traditions of making rolls or breads for special occasions or for the heck of it Now I remember holidays and meals with my own family with the smell of freshly baked bread or rolls or of my son as a little boy grinning and snatching a warm bread stick when he thought I wasn't looking When I saw the chance to read and review this book I snatched it Even though I thought I was set with recipes I found many new ones that I tried and liked There are many others that I thought were innovative smart and look delicious I can't wait to start adding them as new holiday traditionsI liked Make Ahead Bread by Donna Currie for several reasons First it has easy recipes with simple ingredients that are easily found in the house These are recipes that a beginner should love and have no trouble with like White Wheat Poppy Seed Buns Pumpkin Dinner Rolls Yeasted Aebleskivers Butterbuns and Honey Potato Buns Second there are recipes for Sour Dough Bread Crisp Sesame Breadsticks swirled breads sticky buns and other recipes for people who have experience with yeast recipes The third reason I like this book is because there are new recipes in it that I haven't tried like flatbreads focaccia and gluten free dinner rolls This expression is so cliché but there truly is something for everyone Start you own holiday traditions or add to them with Make Ahead Bread by Donna Currie I am sure you will love this book every bit as much as I did and I loved this book

  7. Chris Torretta Chris Torretta says:

    I love the smell of baking bread Baking anything really but bread just smells amazing The ability to actually make bread has always seemed like something way beyond my abilities but I still wanted to see exactly what Donna Currie had to offerJust the first chapter of the book is chock full of information She starts out by explaining ingredients and euipment like the Danish Dough Whisk Who knew such a cute thing was even out there? Apparently these are used instead of mixing the dough with a wooden spoon Only page two and this already looks like fun There's also certain terms to understand as well like kneading mixing and shaping Which she explains thoroughlyTHEN we get to the recipes The first recipe is a Rustic Sourdough Bread One of my favorite things as the title suggests is that she shows how to make the bread but then to get everything prepared so you can have your bread resting a day ahead of time The hard thing for me is that this means three days of work for some of these breads and I'm not overly patient Some though didn't seem like so much work and could be refrigerated for up to 24 hours prior to baking much my styleWhat I enjoy most other than the accessibility to the thought that I can now bake bread are the differing recipes There are a ton of recipes Most sound delicious save for maybe Sauerkraut Rye Just the thought of sauerkraut gives me hives I hate that stuff But the other types of breads are amazing and this even includes recipes that are gluten free Blueberry and Cream Cheese Buns with Lemon Zest Cinnamon Swirl Bread White Whole Wheat Honey Vanilla Buns and Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns That's just a few that I plan to try Mouth watering yet?In short There are many many recipes that I can see myself trying I can see this book being coveted for agesThis review was originally posted on Creating Serenity

  8. Kaitlin Kaitlin says:

    I recently became obsessed with baking bread For me the appeal of baking is twofold;firstly it's a tangible connection to my past There's something magical about making something the way your great great great great great great grandma did Secondly the chemistry and science of baking fascinates me Yeasted bread in particular is an incredibly complex and precise chemical process Because of this newfound obsession I really found Make Ahead Bread useful It runs the bread gamut There are sections on loaves rolls flatbreads pastries spreads and even what to do with bready leftovers Thankfully there are no tedious personal anecdotes accompanying the recipes which is probably my biggest cookbook pet peeve Seriously not one cares about your honeymoon in Martha's Vineyard The recipes themselves are pretty varied in flavor profiles and techniues; some good ones I made were the yeasted aebleskivers naan lemon danish and tomato cheddar and bacon loaf As someone relatively new to breadmaking I appreciate that the author was very specific about rising times As anyone who has ever made bread knows over or under proving can destroy an otherwise good loafThe only real gripe I have is that the weights of each ingredient is not listed with the recipe; you have to flip to the back to look at the conversion chart I prefer to cook with weights because that kind of precision matters in baking It would just make life easier if i didn't have to translate every recipe into weightsI'd recommend this book to someone who already has some experience making bread There's no information apart from a definition about kneading or how to properly shape loaves both of which are essential to having your bread turn out well Having learned how to do those things via Youtube I was able to navigate the book without issueI received a free copy of this book via NetGalley

  9. Jules Jules says:

    I received a complimentary copy of this book through Net Galley in exchange for an honest reviewMake Ahead Bread by Donna Currie is a fabulous specialty cookbookThe recipes are clear and easy to follow There's a wide variety of bread recipes from savory to sweet and everything in between The photos and recipes are mouthwateringly good Experienced bakers and newbies will all enjoy the recipes I loved that you could prepare the bread dough the day before and bake it fresh for use the next dayMy family loved the marbled rye bread and the honey oatmeal bread They've mAde their wish list for the order in which we try the rest of the recipesMake Ahead Bread is a great cookbook to use especially if you are just starting to bake It will increase your confidence as well as provide you with some sure fire bread recipesI highly recommend Donna Currie's delectable bread baking cookbook Make Ahed Bread

  10. Online Eccentric Librarian Online Eccentric Librarian says:

    More reviews and no fluff on the blog Make Ahead Bread is a beautifully presented and friendly book about making different types of bread from basics to adventurous recipes Although there are many bread cookbooks on the market this is presented to help make the entire process efficient and without having to take up huge chunks of time As the title suggests it definitely isn't about instant gratification when you start you may not be eating that bread for days But as you stack recipe after recipe you'll be eating tonight's bread that you made earlier in the week and it'll taste all the better for not having taken up 4 hours of your day for one loaf You can spread out the bread making into shorter manageable chunksThe book breaks down as follows Introduction; Get ready to bake bread; loaf breads; buns rolls breadsticks; flatbreads; Pastries; Leftover bread; Butter and spreads; Metric euivalents Volume to weight conversions Resources IndexThis cookbook is ideal for beginner or intermediate cooks There aren't in depth discussions of flour types artisan grains or any of the new trends Rather we have all the basics one needs to get cooking and them some interesting recipes to try I liked that there isn't a lot of flowery purple prose in the introduction 1 page only or throughout the book We don't have to learn about the author's kids going to school or see her personal restaurant spammed throughout It's very focused and cleanly written with some humor thrown into the discussions to make it friendlier It is also beautifully photographed though most recipes do not have images considering it is only bread they aren't as necessary as other cookbooksRecipes start with rustic sourdough bread and include fresh corn and cheddar loaf pumpkin loaf cinnamon swirl bread sweet potato monkey bread strawberry jam swirl yeasted aebleskivers honey potato buns crisp sesame breadsticks sourdough english muffins almond rolls semolina focaccia ciabatta chicago style pan pizza turnovers croissants french toast and As can be seen by the variety in the recipes this covers a wide range of bread meals In addition to the bread the book presents spread recipes apple and sage compound butter sweet cheese with cinnamon wine jam and I found the book well worth it for the spread recipes aloneThe layout of the recipes is nearly perfect I typically have to complain about cookbooks with directions thrown into chunky paragraphs without steps or ingredients all mashed together But Make Ahead Bread book presents everything in a nice order The recipe title is bold and orange at top A short introduction gives information or tips A small notation gives serving size Directions are in numbered paragraph form At the end of each recipe's set of directions is how long it can be stored Ingredients are separated on the right of the page past a double bar break Each section has its own font style to make it easier to distinguish the sections My only complaint would have been to have color eg ingredients in a green color print But that's a minor uibbleThe directions are very easy to follow and the food easy to make For a keepsake book I would have preferred discussions on the type of floursgrains available But again this is a streamlined book meant for usage not necessarily for handing down to daughters So it is the type of book that will get used because it isn't overly fussy or with too much extraneous informationReviewed from an ARC

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