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Christmas Slay Ride ❰Reading❯ ➻ Christmas Slay Ride Author Jack Smith – There’s never a good time to die violently but Christmas tragedies are especially heinous Christmas is a time for Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men Holiday bloodshed feels like a sacrilege but There’s never a good time to die violently but Christmas tragedies are especially heinous Christmas is a time for Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men Holiday bloodshed feels like a sacrilege but it does happen Whether by accident or deliberate malice scores of people have been killed on December or the days surrounding it This volume contains seven accounts of Christmas Slay eBook Ó unnatural deaths that occurred on or around Christmas Day • The Ashland Tragedy On December three burned corpses were pulled from a house in Ashland Kentucky They belonged to teenagers Robert Gibbons Fannie Gibbons and Emma Carrico who had all been bludgeoned to death The girls had also been sexually assaulted A formerly uiet Kentucky town was plunged into a nightmare fueled by grief and lust for revenge • Christmas Eve Combustion On Christmas Day Patrick Rooney and his wife were found dead in their home in Seneca Illinois Rooney died from smoke inhalation caused by his wife’s body suddenly bursting into flames It is an early and sensational case of spontaneous human combustion • Delia’s Gone Early on Christmas morning in fourteen year old Moses “Cooney” Houston murdered his lover Delia Green who was the same age Because Georgia had no youth justice system Cooney Houston was charged as an adult The senseless crime shocked the citizens of Savannah Georgia and inspired songs later recorded by Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan • The Holyhead Horror On Christmas Day a horrific murder took place in North Wales Gwen Ellen Jones was killed by her ex soldier lover William Murphy in a manner so depraved that even in an era when domestic violence was commonplace people were shocked The murder and subseuent execution of William Murphy are still talked about in Holyhead today • Changing of the Guard Early on the morning of December New York underworld legend Edward “Monk” Eastman was shot down by a crooked Prohibition agent ending a thirty plus year career marked by murder and mayhem Eastman who had once ruled the roost in Manhattan’s Lower East Side died in a freezer gutter • The Adonis Club Massacre December was the last Christmas on earth for Irish gangster Richard “Pegleg” Lonergan He and his White Hand gang had taunted abused and killed their Italian rivals for years Finally when Lonergan and his boys went to the Italian owned Adonis Social Club their resentful enemies got even • Lawson Family Massacre On December North Carolina tobacco farmer Charlie Lawson murdered his wife and six of their seven children The reason for this brutal act is a subject of debate even today but may be attributable to a terrible family secret that remained hidden until All of these events took place in the distant past People who knew the victims remembered the circumstances of their demise or were directly involved in the investigations are dead That’s why these cases were chosen for this book The passage of time has transmuted them into tragic mysteries ensuring that they arouse astonishment sympathy and indignation instead of the grief and personal loss that is at odds with the holiday season Scroll back up and grab your copy now.

About the Author: Jack Smith

Biographer and recorder of the history of serial killers.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Slay Ride

  1. Marie Marie says:

    This was an okay true crime book but I wasn't impressed with it as I thought I would be All of the murders happened around the turn of the century and 90% of the killers I had never heard of before There was some detail but nothing extensive Only giving it two stars

  2. Lee drunkonbookz Lee drunkonbookz says:

    December 24th 1881 3 teenagers have been bashed burned in their own home while the parents are awayEarly Christmas morning 1885 a woman burned to mere ashes and her husband dies of asphyxiation Is this a case of Spontaneous Human Combustion? Heard the song 'Delia' by Bob Dylan or 'Delia's Gone' by Johnny Cash? These songs are based on a true story of poor 14 year old Delia who was shot and killed by her boyfriend who was then tried as an adult as Georgia had no youth justice system back in 1900December 26th 1920 a decorated war hero gangster and self confessed killer was found shot dead in a snow covered streetDecember 25th 1929 Charlie Lawson murdered his whole family before killing himself all to hide the shame of a terrible family secretMore true stories like these also in this short but interesting read

  3. Bettye McKee Bettye McKee says:

    Good stories here This is a well written account of several murders that happened on or near ChristmasThese were horrific crimes and I couldn't help noting that the Lawson family massacre was eerily similar to the murders of Ronald Gene Simmons who murdered his entire family then went to other places on his list murdering and wounding several Then he calmly surrendered and was executed without appeal by his own reuestIf you like to read about true crime and horrific murders you will enjoy this book

  4. SouthWestZippy SouthWestZippy says:

    All are interesting stories and the book is a uick read I just wish each story had a little background on the families My other complaint is it reads like a police report just stating the facts Author does not give depth to many of the stories

  5. Sherri Shade Sherri Shade says:

    ShortIt is okay a bit of a letdown Is it really noteworthy mysterious or horrific that gangsters got shot in NYC on streets and in clubs in the 1920's? A fire of unknown origin isn't murder if it was not set by someone other than the deceased

  6. Michelle Campbell Michelle Campbell says:

    Interesting readA collection of short stories telling of those who lost their lives on Christmas Day If you enjoy true for then you'll enjoy reading this book

  7. Janalyn Janalyn says:

    Jack Smith never disappointsI always think of Jack Smith elbow deep in all files and dust I can only imagine how long it took him to find so many murders that happened on Christmas I thought it would be the normal offenders but now through the Jack Smith’s style these were ones I had never heard of I have yet to give this author anything less than five stars this book is no different

  8. julie morse julie morse says:

    Just readStayed up this morning to start reading this book and finished it Went to purchase your other book and already have it Can't wait to start it Read the first story of it and am hooked already

  9. Staci Krominga Staci Krominga says:

    Short readIf you're looking for something to read that's short and simple I recommend this book I enjoyed the book and recommend it

  10. Deidre Shelton Deidre Shelton says:

    Great readInteresting crimes and eventslove the old stories Great writing and made the stories come to life True crime at best

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