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  • Cujo
  • Stephen King
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  • 03 June 2014
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10 thoughts on “Cujo

  1. Matthew Matthew says:

    Original rating 4 starsRe read rating 5 starsIt is great when a book is better than I remember In fact this may be my favorite Stephen King re read so farI noticed that in general this book tends to get 3 to 35 star ratings While I haven't dug too deep into why this is if I had to guess I am thinking it is likely because most of this book is not about Cujo There is a lot of really great extra storytelling and exposition beyond the rabid dog And again this is just guessing but I figure a lot of people go in wanting the horror of the monster dog but that doesn't really get going in earnest until two or three hundred pages in The buildup is fantasticThis is some of King's best storytelling and character building I loved learning about everyone in this world and how their lives all came together in the end under the shadow of a drooling snarling and insane St Bernard; a monster of fate not through any fault of his own a truly tragic villainAnd the ending? Absolutely gut wrenching and chilling I was riveted until the very last pageI will be adding this to the list of recommendations for first time King readers If you don't like this one I am not sure you will end up liking King in generalSide note I didn't remember until the re read that this book is basically a seuel to The Dead Zone So if you are considering reading that one as well as Cujo read The Dead Zone first

  2. Edward Lorn Edward Lorn says:

    Cujo is a hard book to read It's a short book but there are certain scenes that just gut me And all those sections occur in the last 25 pages of the book The first half of this book goes by rather uickly Then Donna and Tad get stuck out at Camber's place and I simply do not want to continue reading The first time I read this book was after having watched the movie Cool enough flick Slasher film with a dog instead of a masked killer Survivor is the woman and her son Rock on I don't like that the dog was used as a monster but I dealt with it because poor Cuje was sick And then I read the book There is a big fucking tie in between Cujo and the rest of King's books that no one ever mentions My theory is as far as I know not impossible Firstly Cujo's behavior in the book is constantly referred to as odd This is aside from the fact that he has rabies Many times characters in the book refer to Cujo as than just a sick dog Secondly the closet Something's living in Tad's closet This is made cement at the end of the book when Tad's father Vic watches the door knob turn and the door open all by its lonesome Finally Frank Dodd is called the monster of Castle Rock at the beginning of the book and then King goes on to say that that monster returns in 1980 A monster A monster that can take different forms A monster that is active in Castle Rock during the time Pennywise is supposedly asleep in Derry A monster that changes shapes See where I'm going with this? Think of the gigantic bird that ravages the dance at least I think it was a dance in It Now stay with me think about the fact that King wrote The Dead Zone Cujo and Pet Sematary all while writing It Also there are mentions of this monster in both Insomnia and the Dark Tower series Conspiracy theory established Debunk in the comment section below Notable names George Bannerman Johnny Smith and Frank Dodd The Dead ZoneCastle Rock mentioned throughout the King verse In summation If you read Cujo and are not in some way affected by the goings down in the this book I don't want to know you because you're an emotional cripple This book is only bad in the sense that it drags out the worst of humanity and showcases it in the unrelenting sunlight and creates a monster out of a good dog But this shit happens It's life Endings are not always happy things Oh and this is the last time I'm reading this book I'm not doing this shit to myself again Time for some My Little Pony Later

  3. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    45 Stars Love book movie Found two old school books of Cujo and one has pics Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾BLOG

  4. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    When a two hundred pound St Bernard goes rabid no one is safe Who will fall to Cujo before the disease he carries finishes him off?I'm just going to come out and say it Most of this book feels like filler to me I think King took what was potentially an award winning tale of terror and jammed as much padding into it as he could until it was one of his shorter novels Basically it's a fantastic short story wrapped in a soap opera I couldn't give two shits aboutThat being said Cujo is a really powerful book in places While I didn't care about a lot of things on the periphery the core of it is pretty terrifying and heart wrenching No one wants their beloved family pet to turn on them and a rabid dog trapping a woman and her child in a car for DAYS is damn horrifying As opposed to most of his menaces Cujo is all too plausibleThe writing is good and the ending packs a huge punch I sure didn't see that coming It was like being kicked in the balls after you're already lying on the ground after being shot in the heartWhile I found that there was a lot of fat on this bone it was pretty good at the core Or marrow in this case Three hard earned stars

  5. Lyn Lyn says:

    Writing a review about Cujo is a little like reminiscing about being a teenager and listening to Black Sabbath Trying to describe it and to put the experience in words reveals the cartoonish elements in stark relief But while being read the novel is rich with storytelling and complex than would seem on it's surface And like the best of Sabbath It rocksYes it's about a town that gets eaten by a big rabid dog but King is able and with some credibility to tell a tale of modern paranoia and suspense with elements of horror that are all too believable to a modern audience

  6. Mario the lone bookwolf Mario the lone bookwolf says:

    That´s what is happening when a year long mixed substance abuse drug alcohol trip doesn´t go ingenious with the works It Different Seasons Pet Sematary Misery etc but turns to a literary horror trip for the readers At least King admits not remembering writing this one but liking it for whatever reasons probably typical parent´s ostrichism although he should have noticed with under 2 permille blood alcohol and years later after rehab that something is going terribly wrong that he forgot to give his characters the credible motivations and introspections to construct a satisfying plotline and premise He said in an interview that he got the inspiration when he met a strange guy in his cottage home maybe in the woods not sure any who had a huge beast of a pretty terrifying dog Well that was it already in other creative enlightenment moments he wrote timeless masterpieces with a real dark force manipulating humans that is culminated into a main antagonist side characters sometimes even some meta and the characterization he is so famous for but this is just facepalm I knew this was average or bad because I am totally into swarm intelligence ratings so was at least well prepared and truly letting characters tell the story hardly ever went so wrong in his career maybe his novel Cell as the only example I remember at the moment but there might be the especially subjective one or other too A logical and often seen conseuence of the creative writing approach without plotting and just letting creativity flow completely unleashed are weak and illogical endings and general not really clean and believable plotlines but there is nothing in here that makes King´s work great What shows that King is one of the greatest authors of all time is that even this one can´t be given less than 3 stars because even completely wasted not caring about complex storyboarding and creating an interwoven premise etc he produces an average novel Not that it´s a good paragon for the kids aspiring writers or something but one has to acknowledge and honor to write better than most humans would be able to do when high as hell Drink and do drugs to find your muse or even than just one if you overachievingly overdose and see two of them sexy monozygotic twins if you want to be successful doesn´t seem to be the best writing advice Except beer that´s just for recreation and harmless I guess dog lovers and people not caring about the unusual superficial soap opera style characters and their uninteresting lives that are just added to let the dog take a better bite and have to chew away at might even see it as a solid 4 star but I´ve read too much King some bad ones too to not protect readers by keeping the rating lowTropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres uniue

  7. Kerri Kerri says:

    I think this is one of those books that's so well known and so freuently referenced that it's hard not to have some idea of the general story a rabid dog traps a woman and her kid in a car It's a great idea But there's so much to it than that For one thing there's going on with Cujo than having rabies This book is set in Castle Rock so it's never 'just' rabies I had a uick scroll through some reviews just now and it's seems uite a few people feel like there is a lot of filler in this book Obviously thats their opinion and they are welcome to it but I just wanted to mention that for me the dynamics of the small town of the various marriages and what not were some of the most compelling parts for me I thought the parts detailing people just struggling to deal with this general suffocation of life and circumstances to be one of the most important elements of the book I can see why it's not everyone's taste but I found them to be just as tense and uncomfortable as the ongoing standoff with Cujo Oh and poor Cujo it wasn't his fault he got rabies Or that he happened to live in a Stephen King novel Of all the dog breeds to go rabid a St Bernard is pretty much the most terrifying option As I said at the beginning it really is a great terrifying idea

  8. Erin Erin says:

    Wow That ending was a real gut punch Stephen King usually doesn't do that but Holy Shit Cujo was written while Stephen King was in the depths of his alcoholism Uncle Stevie doesn't even remember writing it and if you think about it he didn't write it his alcoholism did Like Cujo alcoholism is rabid dog that will stop at nothing in its mission to kill you Like Cujo alcoholism is unrelenting and scary Cujo is written almost stream of conscious there are no chapters I didn't expect to feel bad for Cujo but I did He wasn't evil he was just sick Through no fault of his own he got bit and contracted rabies He was suffering and in pain That proves Stephen King is an amazing writer because I don't even like dogs Cujo is a classic A must read Stephen King Fans Book club January read

  9. Carol Carol says:

    45 Stars He always tried to be a good dog Put off reading this one for years bc it's a known fact something bad happens to a dog But then it came to me one of my favorite KING reads is Pet Semetary and that involves a catmy preferred furry friendSoas I hit about 100 pages in was surprised to discover there's a lot going on here than a story about five year old CUJO the dog his unfortunate encounterand his sickness And aside from no chapter breaks it is really a good readButI knew the bad was comingbad things always happen in Castle Rocklike crazy hungry monsters in a closet and old granny who thus predicts something foul is on the wayAndthen there's the ending OhMyGoshI like that King left us with these lyrics from an old folk song too I'm tellin you so you know I'm tellin you so you know I'm tellin you so you know Ole Blue's gone where the good dogs goAs for the movie had to check that out too It pretty much mirrors the novel except for one unexpected major difference that I thought a bit lameand won't reveal here

  10. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Cujo Stephen King Once upon a time not so long ago a monster came to the small town of Castle Rock MaineCujo used to be a big friendly dog lovable and loyal to his trinity The Man The Woman and The Boy and everyone around him and always did his best to not be a BAD DOG But that all ends on the day this nearly two hundred pound Saint Bernard makes the mistake of chasing a rabbit into a hidden underground cave setting off a tragic chain of events Now Cujo is no longer himself as he is slowly overcome by a growing sickness one that consumes his mind even as his once affable thoughts turn uncontrollably and inexorably to hatred and murder Cujo is about to become the center of a horrifying vortex that will inescapably draw in everyone around him—a relentless reign of terror fury and madness from which no one in Castle Rock will truly be safe تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و ششم ماه سپتامبر سال 2014میلادیعنوان کوجو؛ نویسنده استیفن کینگ ؛ مترجم مریم ملکوتی؛ تهران نشر قطره‏‫، 1390 ‏‫1391؛ در 460ص؛ چاپ دوم در سال 1392؛ ‬‬ شابک 9786001194091؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایالات متحده امریکا سده 20مکتاب «کوجو» در ژانر وحشت روان‌شناختی اثر «استیفن کینگ» است که نخستین بار در سال 1981میلادی منتشر شده استنقل نمونه متن کتاب کوجو روزی روزگاری در زمان های نه چندان دور ـ در سال 1970میلادی ـ هیولایی به شهر کوچک «کسل راک» در «مین» آمد و خدمتکار زنی به نام «آلمافرشت» و زن دیگری به نام «پولین توتیکر» را به قتل رساند؛ در سال 1971میلادی دانش آموز سال اول دبیرستانی به نام «شریل مودی» و باز در سال 1974میلادی دختر زیبایی به نام «کارول دانبرگر» و در سال 1975میلادی، معلمی به نام «اتارینگ گولد»، و در زمستان همان سال دانش آموز دبستانی به نام «ماری کیت هندراسن» را، به قتل رسانیداو گرگ آدم نما، دراکولا، غول یا موجودی بی نام و نشان از ناکجاآباد نبود، پاسبانی بود به نام «فرانک داد» که با مشکلات روحی و جسمی؛ دست و پنجه نرم میکرد؛ مردی به نام «جان اسمیت»، سرانجام توانست قاتل را، شناسایی کند، اما پیش از آنکه دستگیرش کنند، «فرانک داد» خودش را کشت؛ این موضوع همه را شوکه کرد، اما در آن شهر کوچک همه خوشحال بودند، هیولایی که آنجور خواب را از چشمها ربوده بود، سرانجام از بین رفته و اکنون کابوس شهر، با خود او در گورش مدفون شده بود؛ با اینحال در آن دوران، فارغ از خرافات، که بسیاری از والدین، نگران آسیبهای روانشناختی به فرزندانشان بودند، مادری یا شاید مادر بزرگی، جایی در «کسل راک» زندگی میکرد، که برای ساکت کردن بچه ها تهدیدشان میکرد، اگر رفتارشان مودبانه نباشد، «فرانک داد» آنها را با خود خواهد برد؛ وقتی بچه ها به پنجره های تاریک مینگریستند، و «فرانک داد» را، در پالتو بارانی سیاه وینیل براقش، مجسم میکردند، که آدمها را یکی پس از دیگری خفه میکند، سکوتی وهم انگیز اتاق را در بر میگرفت؛ «خودشه»، صدای مادر بزرگ را میشنوم، که در لابلای سر و صدای سوت وار باد داخل لوله بخاری، و صدای فین فین در قابلمه کهنه، بر روی شعله آتش، میگوید اون اومده، اگه بچه های خوبی نباشین، ممکنه بعد از اینکه همه خوابیدن، صورتشو پشت پنجره اتاقتون ببینین، یا ببینید، که نیمه شب با چهره ای خندان، از داخل کمدتان، به شما زل زده، یا تابلوی ایست اونو ببینین، که از جلو بچه ها رد میشه، و بالای سرش نگاه میداره، یا تیغی که باهاش خودشو کشت؛ پس ساکت باشین و صداتون در نیاد؛برای خیلیها پایان او به راستی پایان تلقی شد؛ اما هنوز کابوسهایی وجود داشت، هنوز کودکانی از وحشت خوابشان نمیبرد، و کسی به خانه ی خالی، که اکنون به عنوان خانه ی ارواح، شناخته میشد، پا نمیگذاشت؛ به هر حال اینها همه پدیده هایی گذرا، جنبه های جانبی و احتناب ناپذیر زنجیره ی قتلهای بی معنا و احمقانه بودند؛ پنج سال گذشت؛ هیولا رفته بود؛ هیولا مرده بود؛ «فرانک داد» در تابوت خود پوسیده، و خاک شده بود؛ اما هیولاها، گرگهای آدم نما، خون آشامها، غولها و موجودات سرزمینهای بینام ونشان هرگز نمیمیرند؛در تابستان سال 1980میلادی هیولا به «کسل راک» بازگشت؛ در ماه مه همانسال، «تد ترنتون» چهار ساله، کمی پس از نیمه شب از خواب بیدار شد تا به دستشویی برود؛ از تخت بیرون آمد، و خواب آلود به سمت نور مهتابی لنگه ی باز در رفت؛ شلوارش را پایین کشید و وقتی کارش در دستشویی تمام شد، سیفون را کشید، و به رختخوابش برگشت، و پتو را رویش کشید؛ در همین موقع بود، که هیولایی را در کمدش دید؛ هیولا نشسته بود و سرش در میان شانه های پهنش، یکوری قرار گرفته بود، و چشمهایش مانند کهربا میدرخشید؛ او موجودی بود، که نیمه گرگ و نیمه آدم به نظر میآمد؛ وقتی بلند شد، چشمهایش به سمت بالا چرخید، تا او را دنبال کند؛ موهایش سیخ در هوا، و صدای نفسش مانند سوز زمستانی در گلو به گوشش رسید؛ چشمهای دیوانه ای که میخندید، و پیام آور مرگی وحشتناک، و فریادهایی ناشنیدنی بود؛ صدای غرش خرخر مانندش را میشنید، و بوی مرگ را از او استشمام میکرد؛ «تد ترنتون» کوچک دستهایش را روی چشمهایش گذاشت، نفسش را حبس کرد و فریاد کشید؛از اتاقی دیگر صدای متعجب پدر، و بعد صدای وحشت انگیز مادر را شنید، که فریاد زد «چی بود؟»، صدای دویدنشان را شنید، اما همچنان در حالیکه به درون اتاق میآمدند، از لای انگشتانش دید که هیولا هنوز در کمد است و خرخر میکند، و به او این پیام وحشت آور را میدهد، که والدینش میآیند و بعد دوباره به اتاق خود باز میگردند و وقتی رفتند؛ چراغ اتاق روشن شد «ویک» و «دونا ترنتون» به سمت تختش دویدند، و از بالای صورت رنگ پریده، و چشمهای خیره اش، نگاه نگرانی را با هم رد و بدل کردند؛ مادرش با صدای بلند و پرخاش گونه گفت «ویک بهت گفتم که سه تا هات داگ زیادیش میکنه»؛ پدر روی تخت نشست و دستش را دور کمرش حلقه کرد، و از او علت فریادش را پرسید؛ «تد» جرئت کرد تا بار دیگر نگاهی به داخل کمدش بیندازد؛ هیولا رفته بود؛ به جای آن جانوری گرسنه روی دو کپه ی نابرابر پتو و روتختیهای زمستانی ایستاده بود، که «دونا» هنوز وقت پیدا نکرده بود، آنها را به طبقه ی سوم ببرد، و روی صندلی تلمبار شده بودند، و «تد» عادت داشت وقتی میخواست چیزی را از طبقه ی بالای کمد بردارد، روی آنها بایستد؛ به جای سر مثلثی شکل یکوری جانوری شکارچی با آن حالت پرسشگرانه، خرس عروسکی خودش را دید، که بر روی پتوها قرار گرفته بود؛ به جای چشمهای کهربایی تهدیدآمیز چشمهای شیشه ای قهوه ای رنگ مهربان خرس عروسکی اش را دید؛پدرش دوباره پرسید «تدر چی شده؟» تد فریاد زد «توی کمدم یک هیولا بود» و بعد شروع به گریه کرد؛ مادرش کنارش نشست؛ او را در میان خود گرفتند، و به هر نحویکه میتوانستند، آرامش کردند؛ آنها در حقیقت وظیفه ی خود را به عنوان والدین انجام میدادند؛ برایش توضیح دادند که هیولایی وجود ندارد، واین موضوع کابوسی بیش نبوده است؛ مادرش توضیح داد گاهی سایه ها به نظر، مانند چیزهای ترسناک میآیند؛ چیزهای ترسناکی که در تلویزیون یا در کتابها نشان داده میشوند، و پدر دلداریش داد که هیچ مشکلی وجود ندارد، و هیچ چیز در خانه ی کوچکشان نمیتواند به او آسیبی برساند؛ تد سری به علامت تایید تکان داد، ولی میدانست که اینگونه نیست؛پدرش توضیح داد که چگونه در تاریکی دو کپه ی پتو مانند شانه های خمیده، و خرس عروسکی مانند سری یکوری به نظر میرسند، و لامپ دستشویی در چشمهای شیشه ای خرس عروسکی بازتاب مییابد، و مانند جانوری زنده به چشم میآید؛ سپس گفت «حالا نگاه کن، خوب به من نگاه کن تدر» تد به او نگاه کرد؛ پدر دو کپه ی پتو را برداشت، و آنها را در داخل کمد فرو برد؛ تد صدای به هم خوردن ملایم چوب رختیها را میشنید؛ به نظرش میرسید که دارند درباره ی پدرش به زبان خودشان با هم حرف میزنند؛ به نظرش جالب میآمد، و لبخند کمرنگی بر لبانش نشست؛ مادر لبخندش را دید، و لبخندی زد و آرام شد؛ پدر از کمد بیرون آمد، و خرس عروسکی را برداشت، و آن را در میان دستان تد قرار داد؛ بعد با تعظیمی که تد و مادر را به خنده انداخت، گفت «و حالا بهترین و آخرین قسمت کار صندلی»؛ در کمد را محکم بست و صندلی را جلوی در کمد گذاشت؛ وقتی به سمت تخت تد برمیگشت، لبخند بر لبانش بود، اما چشمهایش نگاهی جدی داشت؛ ـ خوب شد تد؟ تد گفت «بله» ولی بعد با ناراحتی گفت «اما پدر هیولا اونجا بود من واقعا دیدمش» پدر گفت «تو اونو تو ذهنت دیدی تد»؛ و با دست گرم و بزرگش موهای تد را نوازش کرد، و ادامه داد «اون هیولا نبود، هیولای واقعی وجود نداره و فقط در داستانها و ذهن تو میتونه وجود داشته باشه» او نگاهش را از پدر به سمت مادر برگرداند، و باز به پدر نگاه کرد، به چهره های بزرگ و دوست داشتنیشان؛ ـ راستی؟ مادرش گفت «بله، حالا ازت میخوام بری دستشویی بدو مرد بزرگ؛ پایان نقلتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 04051399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

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Cujo[Reading] ➶ Cujo ➽ Stephen King – THE ULTIMATE BEAST IS LOOSE AND STEPHEN KING IS SENDING HIM YOUR WAYA big friendly dog chases a rabbit into a hidden underground cave and stirs a sleeping evil crueler than death itself A terrified fo THE ULTIMATE BEAST IS LOOSE AND STEPHEN KING IS SENDING HIM YOUR WAYA big friendly dog chases a rabbit into a hidden underground cave and stirs a sleeping evil crueler than death itself A terrified four year old boy sees his bedroom closet door swing open untouched by human hands and screams at the unholy red eyes gleaming in the darkness the little Maine town of Castle Rock is about to be invaded by the most hideous menace ever to savage the flesh and devour the mindCujoback cover.

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