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Grace At Spirit Lake [Read] ➵ Grace At Spirit Lake By Colin Mustful – Along the wintry landscape of a pristine and hopeful frontier tragedy struck and strife followed Joseph Campbell is a thirty one year old mixed breed interpreter who finds himself helplessly intertwin Along the wintry landscape of a pristine and hopeful frontier tragedy struck and strife followed Joseph Campbell is a thirty one year Grace At Epub / old mixed breed interpreter who finds himself helplessly intertwined in the real life actions events and people of a harrowing but largely unknown struggle in the history of Minnesota Joseph grew up along the expanding western frontier and he developed an intimacy for the people and places along with a deep seated knowledge of the varying cultures and languages Following a massacre incited by Inkpaduta and the Wahpekute Indians in March of Joseph becomes torn between his duties as a US Interpreter and his deep understanding compassion and kinship ties for his Dakota brethren Joseph struggles desperately to uphold the rights of the Indians while at the same time seeking to capture and punish the guilty party All the while Joseph discovers a brooding conflict within himself that he longs to understand and finally overcome.

About the Author: Colin Mustful

Colin Mustful writes a uniue cross genre utilizing elements of fiction and nonfiction in order to tell compelling stories that inform and entertain  Grace At Epub / The author’s work focusses on the tragic and complicated history surrounding the largely unknown and misunderstood event of the US – Dakota War of   Using a variety of sources author Colin Mustful objectively considers this important part of.

4 thoughts on “Grace At Spirit Lake

  1. Jim Schooley Jim Schooley says:

    Very loosely based on actual events of historical conflicts I would say the over all work lacks polish and good editing I was very sad to see the amateur illustrations used in the book as they really did detract from the over all ualityPlot plausibility4Story telling uality 2Level of intrigue 2Difficulty to put down3total 27 out 0f 10

  2. Tracie Tracie says:

    This account of the 1857 massacre at Spirit Lake IA is told from the perspective of Antione Joseph Campbell Joseph had a uniue perspective of these historical events as a translator for the US government He had a view of both sides of the conflict with his heritage coming from both White and Native American parents The author uses historical accounts to tell the story from mostly Joseph's conflicted point of view I gave this 3 stars mostly because I found the recount confusing during the first half of the book By the second half though I was hooked I felt an urgency alongside Joseph to find a clear explanation of what happened and why

  3. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I've lived in Minnesota my entire life and never knew the history of what was done to the American Indians This book told the story in an interesting way while also providing much needed education about the early days in Minnesota Very well written

  4. Kelly Erdmann Kelly Erdmann says:

    Good read A story that I had never heard beforethis adds to my knowledge of the US Dakota war

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