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The Physics of Theism [Reading] ➷ The Physics of Theism By Jeffrey Koperski – The Physics of Theism provides a timely critical analysis of the ways in which physics intertwines with religion Koperski brings clarity to a range of arguments including the fine tuning argument natu The Physics of Theism provides a timely critical analysis of the ways in which physics intertwines with religion Koperski brings clarity to The Physics PDF \ a range of arguments including the fine tuning argument naturalism the laws of nature and the controversy over Intelligent DesignA single author text providing unprecedented scope and depth of analysis of key issues within the Philosophy of Religion and the Philosophy of Science Critically analyses the ways in which physics is brought into play in matters of religion Self contained chapters allow readers to directly access specific areas of interest The area is one of considerable interest and this book is a timely and well conceived contribution to these debates Written by an accomplished scholar working in the philosophy of physics in a style that renders complex arguments accessible.

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  1. Lucas G. Lucas G. says:

    This book takes look at many important concepts in physics and evaluates what if any theological implications follow from them While much of the book therefore covers the standard arguments for the existence of God from Big Bang cosmology and cosmological fine tuning additional discussions take place regarding general science and religion overlap an evaluation of the realismantirealism debate and a thorough analysis of both physical and divine determinism in the context of relativity theory and uantum theory With that said Koperski didn't write this book to introduce any novel groundbreaking ideas into the discussion rather he wrote it as a guide for those wishing to navigate discussions regarding physics and theology with minimal personal commentary Having read dozens of books that cover these and similar topics I think it will be hard to find another book that includes a better overall discussion of how physics relates to theology For that reason I highly recommend this book Koperski somehow found a way to include deeper discussions of each topic than one would find in most introductory to intermediate texts yet he keeps each discussion highly accessible to those beginning to explore these uestions It is also worth noting that his treatment of the important uestions is so fair and balanced that I was never able to put my finger on what if any theological convictions Koperski himself held to in fact to get that answer I had to email him directly Ultimately I found myself to be far challenged in my considerations of alternative views than I expected to be which was a very pleasant surprise

  2. Mark Herring Mark Herring says:

    Koperski's book is a must read by anyone interested in the subject of faith and science The author takes the reader thought a bramble of physics that is comprehensible to anyone with some algebra and a passing familiar with basic physics The book looks at the various arguments for and against the existence of God base on current scientific knowledge ie can such and such be possible? Many different views are presented and Koperski is fair to all of them without revealing any blatant biases It is a slim book but the going is slow if your physics background is as elementary as my own Still I feel this is a must read and should be reuired of all theology majors

  3. Mills College Library Mills College Library says:

    2113 K832 2015

  4. Fin Moorhouse Fin Moorhouse says:

    Fairly balanced overview of the physics theology overlap Not as polemical es expected and some neat takes on well trodden arguments

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