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  1. justanya justanya says:

    5 spoiler free stars I loved every minute I spent getting to know Andy As I’ve stated in my review of Kevin Corrigan and Me Jere’M Fishback has solidified his place as an automatic buy author for me It took a mere three impressive novels read back to back to sweep me off my feet and convert me into an instant fan girl Fishback’s writing is so descriptive poignant and lush It's easy to lose yourself in the world he creates hanging on to every word of his MC's as they tell you about their personal journey I never find myself bored or restless anxiously skipping pages to get to the point of a story I'm a captivated reader perfectly content to go at the narrator's pace curious to know if this will be an HEA HFN or a bittersweet experience Of all the books I’ve read thus far Becoming Andy Hunsinger is hands down my favorite read Andy Hunsinger is a different breed in comparison to Fishback’s other MC’s that I've come across Every obstacle and challenge hurled in Andy’s way is dealt with deftly and courageously Let’s just say that Andy is that guy who is willing to put it all on the line despite the fact that he’s scared shitless while doing so There’s this admirable inner core of strength in Andy that is not present in most people Andy suffers from the same crippling thoughts of doubt and fear but what differentiates Andy from most is his drive and the unwavering belief in himself that there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving who you love and that in order to live a fulfilling happy life you have to pursue happiness at all cost while remaining true yourself your values and appreciating your self worth Can you tell I’m 100% head over heels in love with Andy?Andy Hunsinger was coming of age in a time 1976 to be exact when public figures in this case Anita Bryant made it their mission to vilify homosexuality and vigorously campaigned to restrict the uality of life for those individuals The homophobia was palpable Bryant’s unwarranted aggressive campaign lit a fire in Andy and this is the first time that Andy takes a stand against hate in front of the entire nation Revealing his true self to the world before he's even told his familyThere were repercussions that came Andy’s way as a result and Andy dealt with them with courage and elouence despite the fear he felt in his heart regarding his family friends and workplace I don’t want to give you the false impression that this is a political book it’s far from it and the Anita Bryant experience is a very small blip that is only worth mentioning because it solidifies Andy’s path to be true to himself regardless of what the world thinks There is so much in this book Andy’s path brushes on religion family values politics the military societal expectations and how all these spheres directly impact the uality of life gay people experience and combat Many succumb to the pressure but a few brave souls like Andy thrive and rise above hate despite these difficult obstacles I found myself crying a lot during this story mainly because it's so beautifully written endearing and heartbreaking in some scenes This is NOT your typical love story Oh yes there is def and HEA but you appreciate the HEA because of the epic journey Hunsinger experiences to achieve it Read this story I promise after you're done most of you will be very appreciative of the times you're currently living in comparison ARC provided for review at my discretion

  2. Veronica of V& Veronica of V& says:

    Andy Hunsinger uneuivocally recognizes that he's gay the summer before his senior year at Florida State University His hidden escapades with a closeted airman confirm this and when he returns to school in August of 1976 he seeks a small apartment for himself knowing he can't bring a man back to his room in the frathouseIt's not as difficult a transition as Andy first imagined He likes decorating his space and teaching himself to cook Now however he's lonely It's not like there's a lot of options for entertainment at this time He finds a gay friendly bar which he cruises and he sometimes has luck finding a one night guy but he truly desires a steady partner He thinks he does but when Andy joins a rally against bigoted Anita Bryant's Save The Children crusade Andy gets outed on local television He soon finds himself single again But he's not entirely alone He's met lots of gay men who've come out in this time and made allies who assist him in his life as he copes with the fall out of his public status His job as a caddie at a prominent Tallahassee golf club is at risk which would be a big financial blow for Andy Meanwhile he's making new friends and new allies by the day Still he worries about how his family will take the news And he wonders about a closeted friend Travis who's struggling with his family's decree that he remain celibateThis is a really interesting book It's told in an almost memoir fashion which generally bothers me but didn't in this case The cast of time is clear and the historic details are amazing I grew up in the 70s80s and could easily envision this story unfolding through the lens of my memories There are times because this felt memoir y when I was a little overwhelmed by asides and description but then the author looped all that fab detail into a point I hadn't expected and it made great sense I really liked how open honest and caring Andy was for all the isolation and personal despair he suffered He was never too busy to help a friend or too hurt to mend a relationshipI loved the slow unfolding of his love story with Travis These guys have had traumatic outings and Andy embraced himself with the help of his friends and family while Travis had a much different experience Andy's no stranger to violence and refuses to let another suffer if he has a means to help We experience about 18 months of Andy's life in the book and it's time well spent He's a character worth knowing and his story is remarkable in its commonness; it's approachable and interesting with curves that come just when the reader thinks Andy's finally got everything going in the right direction The resolution is what I'd call a HFN or Happy For Now ending though it was upbeat enough that I felt confident Andy and Travis would be alright on the other side of the page It's not a strict romance though More a coming outcoming of age story that has romantic elements and a uiet love story that only builds in the last uarter of the book That said I really enjoyed the story as a whole and admired Andy as a man and a character throughout I enjoyed his journey and recommend the book

  3. ButtonsMom2003 ButtonsMom2003 says:

    An interesting readThis is the first book I've read by Jere' M Fishback and I found it interesting I know that's not a terribly descriptive word to use when reviewing a book but I'm not sure how else to describe it I haven't read many other stories that were uite like Becoming Andy HunsingerMy go to reading is just about anything in the romance genre – from sweet to scorching When I read the synopsis of this story originally I didn't really know what to expect of the book just that it sounded interestingThe book reads like a diary or memoir of Andy Hungsinger's life and is narrated by him It is a very personal account of everything he goes through in 1976 after deciding to live his life as an openly gay man The story carries a content warning This book contains scenes of dubious consent and mentions of suicide Even though I knew it would be coming when I got to the section that contained the scenes of dubious consent I still had to stop reading for a few minutes It wasn't particularly graphic but it didn't take much imagination to know what was happening and I just wanted to shout to Andy – don't do it don't do itDuring most of the story I was thoroughly absorbed in it but there were a few times beyond the 60 percent point that I found my attention wandering This may just have been me and not the book at all I had to stop reading so I could get some sleep and I didn't really want to stop at that point Had I been able to read it straight through the last 40% may have kept my attention a little betterAll in all I found this book to be a very interesting and engrossing account of a young man's life as he discovered himself and began to live the life that made him happyAn advanced copy of this book was provided to me but my review was voluntary and not influenced by the authorReviewed for Xtreme Delusions dot com

  4. Jamie Deacon Jamie Deacon says:

    This was my first foray into the work of Jere' M Fishback but I'm sure it won't be my last What a compelling read this turned out to be part coming of age tale part romance I also completely fell in love with the protagonist Despite his flaws his tendency to sleep around and give his heart away too easily Andy won me over from the outset He stands up for his ideals with a strength even he didn't realize he possessed and this coupled with a genuine kindness had me rooting for him to find the happiness he deservedIn Florida 1975 homosexuality is frowned upon both by the law and society in general College student Andy Hunsinger therefore has no desire to announce his sexuality to the world He has so far kept it from his family and friends fearful of earning their disappointment or worse their disgust This all changes when Anita Bryant brings her homophobic Save Our Children campaign to Tallahassee Talked into joining a demonstration along with some fellow LGBT students Andy gives an interview to a television reporter outing himself in the most public manner possibleWith his secret out in the open Andy discovers the freedom that comes from being true to himself and his sexuality Of course there are some who condemn his lifestyle but he encounters just as many who are willing to embrace it who admire him for his courage For all Andy's comfort in his own skin however the one thing he longs for most remains elusive Love After a string of hookups he finds himself falling hard for his close friend Travis Yet with Travis struggling to reconcile being gay with his religious beliefs Andy could be destined for heartache'Becoming Andy Hunsinger' is an unusual book one of the uirkiest I've picked up in a while The plot has a fluidity about it with no definite structure no big climax at the end Surprisingly though this makes it no less captivating In fact the meandering style of the narrative the way one event flows into the next is reminiscent of real life so that the story read as much like an autobiography as a fictional account and I was entranced from start to finishWritten for Rainbow Book Reviews and Boys on the Brink

  5. Christina Wade - BFD Book Blog Christina Wade - BFD Book Blog says:

    this book was a little different than i was expectingit read very much like an autobiography or a memoir of andy although i believe it is a work of fiction the writing was good although at times the author was very verbose giving a lot of detail that i found myself skipping over it wasn't bad but it just seemed like too much there were several really great characters in the story and some not so great characters i especially loved biff and jake andy was pretty sure of his sexuality from an early age but it was confirmed over with a summer fling when he got to school he found a place to fit in with a few friends and really came into himself he continued to gain experience both sexual and emotional with men and became pretty promiscuous for a bit he ran through the gamut of emotions and experiences before he finally figured out not only who he was but what he wanted to do with his life i loved his relationship with his parents and brother they were very close and his family was very accepting of his sexual orientationtravis suffered a traumatic experience a few years before he met andy which shaped his desire to just be not actually live his family was extremely religious and frowned upon his sexuality going so far as to threaten to send him to therapy to make him straight he was not being true to himself in lifehe was doing everything his parents wanted of him by the end of the story he was closer to being true to himself but i think he still had a way to gooverall a very good read that i would definitely recommend

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Becoming Andy Hunsinger [Download] ✤ Becoming Andy Hunsinger Author Jere M. Fishback – It's 1976 and Anita Bryant's homophobic Save Our Children crusade rages through Florida When Andy Hunsinger a closeted gay college student joins in a demonstration protesting Bryant's appearance in Ta It's and Anita Bryant's homophobic Save Our Children crusade rages through Florida When Andy Hunsinger a closeted gay college student joins in a demonstration protesting Bryant's appearance in Tallahassee his straight boy image is shattered when he's outed by a TV news reporter In the months following Andy discovers just what it means Becoming Andy PDF/EPUB ² to be openly gay in a society that condemns love between two men Can Andy's friendship with Travis a devout Christian who's fighting his own sexual urges develop into something deeper.

  • Kindle Edition
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  • Becoming Andy Hunsinger
  • Jere M. Fishback
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  • 06 March 2014

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Jere' M Fishback is a former journalist and trial lawyer He writes novels novellas and short fiction He has also written a memoir Hydrangeas appearing in the Homegrown in Florida anthology published by University Press of Florida in Jere's novel Josef Jaeger won first place in the Young Adult category in the Becoming Andy PDF/EPUB ² international Rainbow Award competition And Jere's novel Tyler Bu.