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  • 15 July 2016

4 thoughts on “Trojan Wolf

  1. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    Actual rating 25Let me begin by saying that my rating of this book has nothing to do with either the story or the uality of the writing I've always had a hard time with short stories They tend to have that unfinished feel that leaves me unsatisfied Why keep reading them then? Well I was lucky enough to read a few fantastic short stories these last few months so I thought I might have outgrown my aversion to the format Silly little me The short stories I enjoyed so much were by Ilona Andrews Obviously they don't count I'd fall in love with cereal box blurb if it was written by the Andrews insert major eyeroll hereSo Trojan Wolf The story here was actually pretty good and very well written It was both intriguing and action packed I really liked Daya the main character It looks like she has the potential to become a great kick ass heroine and that's something I just can't resist The use of magic in a military setting is very cool so this should have been a fantastic read for me Unfortunately at 19 pages this reads like a chapter from a book than like an actual story You get to the last line and think to yourself okay where did the rest of the story go? Very frustrating to say the leastI'd actually love to read a full length novel about this world I'm pretty sure it would be a fantastic story especially with Daya as the female lead Gavran has written another short set in this world and although I'd love to read it to satisfy my curiosity I think I'll pass for now I'd hate to be disappointed againIf you enjoy both urban fantasydystopia and short stories then I'd definitely advise you to read Trojan Wolf I'm pretty sure you'll love it;o This short story is available for free here

  2. Aly (In Wonderland) Aly (In Wonderland) says:

    To read the full review CLICK MEA short story of just over twenty pages according to the copy on my iPad Gavran weaves a story of magic and mystery incredibly well It's action packed from beginning to end and constantly keeps you on your toes Although it's a fast easy read the reader is uickly sucked into the storyline and I for one am excited to find out about these soldiers the Trojan Wolf and their missions I was surprised to find that Gavran packed a lot of punches in such few pages there's magic charms warded weapons super fast super experienced killers and random twists and turns that catch you off guard Full review to come on 100% Rock

  3. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    Available for free here I enjoyed this story and am interested to read those that follow I did have a few issues however This story reads like a chapter in a book rather than a self contained short story I also think it could have used a bit explanation in places particularly about the group this team is a part of as well as about the individual members I just felt it wasn't as fleshed out as I would have likedBut overall I uite enjoyed it The setting and characters are interesting I just wanted to know The story is full of action and the women uite capable of holding their own in a fightI look forward to reading by this author

  4. K.N. K.N. says:

    This is a very action packed short story Lots of action is good However there is not a lot of explanation or world building to compliment all the action which left me less thrilled than I've been with Gavran's other short stories

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Trojan Wolf[Download] ➻ Trojan Wolf ✤ Tobias Gavran – In the fallen state of Washington lies a deserted city Olympia Empty buildings wait in the frost pillaged at the end of the 21st century back when the place tried to survive after the Dissolution of t In the fallen state of Washington lies a deserted city Olympia Empty buildings wait in the frost pillaged at the end of the st century back when the place tried to survive after the Dissolution of the Union The city is dead now and only a handful of elite soldiers have dared make their way through the wilderness to obey orders to retrieve something rare and precious in the heart of this accursed ruin.

About the Author: Tobias Gavran

Tobias Gavran is a now something French author with a knack for pasta and Fantasy His first book a thriller called Mort sur mesure was self published back in it was in French and you probably won't read it His first English book The Count's Son was self published in Someday in the future he might write but procrastination is a hell of a thing.