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How To Tame Your Human ➸ How To Tame Your Human Free ➮ Author Moku – Sterek“Maybe I should collect leaves and dump them in the closet” Derek asked his sister after the first restless and mostly sleepless night with Stilinski The werewolf had never shared his room w Sterek“Maybe I should Tame Your PDF/EPUB é collect leaves and dump them in the closet” Derek asked his sister after the first restless and mostly sleepless night with Stilinski The werewolf had never shared his room with anyone before not How To PDF/EPUB or even his siblings and he was uneasy knowing someone else was there now Especially when it was some weird brat who behaved like an animal and whose presence he could neither hear nor smell One time during To Tame Your PDF/EPUB Ä the night he had woken up to the sound of the closet door opening and only a few seconds later the brunette hovered over him at the end of the bed Admittedly Derek was proud that he had shown enough restraint to avoid instinctively attacking the boy during his silent freak out Luckily the werewolf was strong and there was nothing a puny human—no matter how feral—could do to him “I think he'd like leaves” Derek tried to reason Cora paused her game skeptically looking him up and down probably trying to figure out if he was serious “You know for his nest” “Derek he is not a real animal”WORDS complete.

10 thoughts on “How To Tame Your Human

  1. Lilia Ford Lilia Ford says:

    Long Derek POV angst fest I probably shouldn't have liked this so much the structure and writing are rough nb the use of the word brunette for Stiles 222 times Stiles can't speak for the entire first half and there is almost no on page sex but I couldn't put it down as in I read to 4am totally effing up my Tuesday I was fascinated by the long section on Stiles' recovery the way he nests in the closet how what the reader knows to be his personality peeps out in front of the clueless Hales the way Derek deals with his brattiness Oddly for such a long story some of the plotlines felt unfinished especially with the Argents and the True Alpha stuff But herein lies the secret of fanfiction addiction if I'm caught up enough in the story I just let that stuff go like so much critical detritus water under the bridge serenity now live in the Sterek moment blah blah blah Mostly I just relish a long story that can hold my interest No uestion this one did

  2. Rosa, really Rosa, really says:

    Well huhThis is the second fic I've read this week that's been so compulsively readable I'm going to say fuck off to it's many faults view spoilerokay it's repetitive uneven and too long hide spoiler

  3. Jenni Lea Jenni Lea says:

    Long fic is long But it was good It kept my attention the whole time even with the random and repetitive parts I just could not stop reading it Stiles doesn't even speak throughout the first half of the story yet he was still inherently Stiles It could have ended around 60 70% and I would have been fine with that Instead it went on and on and on But I still gobbled up the extra bits like it was a hot fudge sundae Lilia said it best Obligatory Sterek meme time

  4. Meep Meep says:

    Edit I'm upping this a star as I've just realised that english isn't the author's native language this is a long compelling fic and it doesn't show Just think that deserves some extra kudos An unusual Sterek fic in that Stiles is a feral foxy human and Derek is a Werewolf with issuesNot entirely sure on the role of humans in this society they appear secondary there's mentions of leashes and pets which made me raise a browThe story is very readable I enjoyed it up until the last 15% which is a very long 'then they did this' style ending and all tell Stiles was hyper cute and Derek an interesting messThere are flaws Stiles is 'the brunette' referred to that way a mind numbing 223 times or ' the younger' or ' boy' Derek is ' the dark haired man' which becomes ' the man' or ' the werewolf' and occasionally ' the beta' it's awkward and there's published authors I wont touch for the same crime A lot of misspeltwrong words which never effect my fanfic rating and hey author is writing in their second language It's not entirely linear but I often felt flashbacksinfo dumps were dispersed randomly through the fic as if the scenes were written and had to go somewhere Also sometimes a character would be included and I'd have no idea who she was in relation to this fic until a later info dump scene explained itEntirely personal reaction but while I like fics where the Hale pack is alive perhaps because it gives differernt family dynamics and poor Derek he has plenty of things to cause him manpain ; I don't like it when Mrs stilinski is alive because her loss is so much a part of Stiles and yeah also projecting here Some of the side characters weren't fleshed out Sheriff who I love barely spoke and Scott was all puppy agreeabilityWhile I saw the reason for a certain event to happen the time jump actually reduced it's effectiveness imo And there's no onpage sexin'And this is way too much analysis for a fanficIt's very long but I liked watching Stiles and Derek bond the differences in their personalities is always a draw It's a fresh angle and compelling to read With an edit this could be something greatSo yeah it's not perfect but I liked it a lot

  5. MLE MLE says:

    I really enjoyed this story and stayed up way to late reading it on night The premise is interesting and I loved seeing feral Derek and Stiles interact I also loved seeing Derek interact with his friends and family and I appreciated getting a view inside his head I think the author did a good job establishing his personality and character I also liked how the relationship developed between Stiles and Derek later on in the story It felt real with all the awkwardness and frailty of a real relationship I liked that it was about than the two of them getting together and I liked how big a part their families friends and other people plays It wasn't a relationship in isolation I did however wish that the author had chosen the darker path for some of the plot point Some of them felt a bit brushed off or explained away in a little too pat a manner for me I liked it but a little darkness would have been nice and given it a well rounded feeling for me

  6. Jennifer☠Pher☠ Jennifer☠Pher☠ says:

    This was really cool Long but cool It was a very interesting story and a completely original take on SterekI really need to write reviews when I finish the book

  7. Lori Lori says:

    45Awwwwloved this especially the first three uarters ish Went on a little bit long but was really enjoyable anyway

  8. ~Mindy Lynn~ ~Mindy Lynn~ says:

    This could have possibly been a solid 4 for me if not for the length of the story It just dragged on a bit It was also at first a bit confusing how the topics in the story changed without some kind of divider between the paragraphs But I still enjoyed the story I couldn't help making comparisons with this story to another one I recently read called Little Wild Animals which had some similarities Maybe that didn't help this story for me because I really enjoyed the other Still a good read for Sterek fans

  9. Pjm12 Pjm12 says:

    Very long very slow build Sterek Many angsty moments while Derek takes care of feralStiles and then as the reverse happensNice end pay off thankfully

  10. Day-thief Day-thief says:

    I'm not gonna rate this because I should have DNFed this as soon as I came across this sentence at the very beginning Derek turned his eyes to the human his hand tightly wrapped around the younger’s bicep while the boy kept on gnawing scratching and biting on his arm Soon 'the brunette' 'the blond' 'the werewolf' etc will make their appearance on every page too Nevertheless I kept on reading for some reason and almost every minute was painful Only myself to blame I guess If this stuff isn't bothering you go ahead If you know you get sucked into a story pretty uickly but can't stand this level of awkward writing stay away The plot itself isn't that exciting although FeralStiles is a nice change from the usual trope

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