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  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    This book which presents the individual works of two distinct late Victorian authors of supernatural fiction is a package deal and like most package deals it is hard to evaluateLouisa Baldwin better known as Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin's mother and Rudyard Kipling's aunt is not a very good writer Her ghost story plots are hackneyed their developments unoriginal and she narrates them in a style stuffed with unnecessary adjectives that tell the reader what to feel and when to be scared Her tone is that of a kindly grandmother who wishes to entertain the young children in her care with ghost stories but must continually assure them that all this stuff is nothing but make believe I have the feeling I would have liked the lady if I had met her but I have no wish to read anything else she has written ever The Real and the Counterfeit a story about a group of public school boys vacationing in a haunted abbey turned manor house is the best of a bad lotLettice Galbraith probably a pseudonym since nothing else whatsoever is known about her is something else entirely Her stories are well written filled with than a few terrors and an even greater amount of action and suspense She seems to understand the professions and milieu she writes about the clergy the law painters and their models horse racingand wastes few words in telling her taut tales The Case of Lady Lukestan The Trainer's Ghost and A Ghosts Revenge are all excellent ghost stories and I wouldn't minding reading them again 1 star for Louisa plus 3 stars for Lettice divided by 2 euals 2 stars

  2. XPHAIEA. XPHAIEA. says:

    Anthology comprising two volumes of ghost stories written by women at the turn of the centuryUltimately a rather mediocre and bland collection with Galbraith's offerings slightly engaging but still not particularly worthwhile

  3. G.R. G.R. says:

    Mrs Alfred Louisa Baldwin 1845–1925 was one of the remarkable daughters of Reverend George Browne MacDonald a Wesleyan Methodist Minister Her eldest sister Alice was the mother of Rudyard Kipling Another sister Georgiana married the artist Edward Burne Jones whilst her elder sister Agnes married another artist Edward John Poynter who painted the portrait of Louisa shown here Louisa married the industrialist Alfred Baldwin and their only son Stanley Baldwin went on to become the British Prime Minister Her lifelong interest in the supernatural began when she was just a child when she attempted to contact her sister during a séance She began writing novels for adults and books for children during the early years of her marriage but none of them did terribly well Her first supernatural tale ‘The Weird of the Walfords’ appeared in Longman’s Magazine in November 1889 and ‘The Shadow on the Blind’ was published in The Cornhill Magazine in September 1894 Mrs Baldwin published only one collection of supernatural tales and these days she is all but forgotten The Shadow on the Blind and Other Ghost Stories was first published by J M Dent Co in 1895 It contains 'The Shadow on the Blind' 'The Weird of the Walfords' 'The Un canny Bairn' 'Many Waters Cannot uench Love' 'How He Left the Hotel' 'The Real and the Counterfeit' 'My Next Door Neighbour' 'The Empty Picture Frame' and 'Sir Nigel Otterburn's Case'In 'The Shadow on the Blind' Mr Stackpoole a cheerful and energetic man of sixty years of age who likes to do up old houses takes a fancy to Harbledon Hall which has stood empty for seven years When the old sexton tries to warn him that the previous tenants left in a hurry 'as if they was running away from the plague' and that ghosts were at the bottom of things Stackpoole is not put off despite his wife experiencing a feeling of depressed foreboding Despite hearing tales of ghosts once he has taken on the house he is sure that no spectres will haunt its passages as he has installed electric lights and banished all dark corners where spooks may once have been thought to lurk But has he?The narrator of 'The Weird of the Walfords' Humphrey Walford of Walford Grange destroys a much hated oak bed that has served his family as deathbed for ten generations He is hell bent on its complete destruction but allows his carpenter Gillam to salvage two or three beautifully carved panels as long as he himself never has to set eyes on them again Then he locks up the hated death chamber and it remains so until a few years later when his new wife unaware of the room's history insists on using it as her sitting roomClick here to read the rest of the review

  4. Diane Diane says:

    Victorians seemed to have an insatiable appetite for anythingmacabre and out of the ordinary ghost stories and tales ofsupernatural occurrences rose to the height in popularity séancesand communing with the dead proved popular after dinner entertainmentsWordsworth mystery series is succeeding in bringing to light manyforgotten writers whose stories still have the power to grip LouisaBaldwin always had an interest in the supernatural and once attemptedas a child to contact her dead brother through a séanceSo many of the stories have elderly people of severe and cheerlessaspect opening rusted doors gloomy houses given eerie glows asthe hero arrives late at night in the middle of a thunderstormBaldwin's tales are well written but with none of them giving me the scare that I found in E Nesbit's book of tales of terror Amongher better stories were The Uncanny Bairn about a Scottish farmer'schild gifted with second sight Both The Shadow on the Blind andThe Real and the Counterfeit have the notion of ghosts being sneered at by disbelievers who feel that in these days of electriclighting ghosts are now a thing of the past poor blind foolsThe latter story is uite good about a practical joke gone horriblywrongLettice Galbraith is even obscure appearing on the literaryscene in 1893 she wrote a couple of collections in that year thestory The Blue Room also in this book in 1897 then vanishedHer stories are a lot meatier than Baldwin's although TheMissing Model is a let down a young woman appears at an artist'sstudio in time to be his inspiration for a painting he hopes willrestore his reputation but one gentleman in the crowd looks like he has seen a ghost On the other hand The Ghost in the Chairis a Faustian tale about a man who sells his soul to the Devil inreturn for his safety in an incoming business deal And In theSéance Room a really gritty story that has everything An unscrupulous mesmerist kills a former mistress so he can marry intosociety The only thing he believes in is the foolish gullibilityof society women but things take an uncanny turn and his wife usesthe powers he has taught her to get to the bottom of his ghastlysecret

  5. Jeff Hobbs Jeff Hobbs says:

    Read so farThe Shadow on the Blind The Weird of the Walfords The Uncanny Bairn Many Waters Cannot uench Love How He Left the Hotel 2The Real and the Counterfeit 3My Next door Neighbour The Empty Picture Frame Sir Nigel Otterburne's Case

  6. Jeff Adamson Jeff Adamson says:

    Victorian ghost stories are simply the best and this collection is excellent A really good collection of some classic Victorian ghost stories Several were new to me which is a real bonus

  7. Barbara Barbara says:

    This book contains some of the best ghost stories I read in a long time

  8. Richard Richard says:

    A useful reprint but on the whole the stories don't stray far from the Victorian traditions of the genre

  9. Nada Abdallah Nada Abdallah says:

    I hate classics and I hate old english as well

  10. Abir Abir says:

    kept me intertained and for the first time I cried when I finished a book

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